Clearblue was positive but first response was negative: Thoughts?

Question. I took a pregnancy test ( clear blue ) Friday, it came back pregnant. I took another Saturday because I always take multiple, and it came back negative. Along with three other negative tests. ( all first response ) What would you do??


Get the cheap $0.88 ones from Walmart and wait a week to retest


Call your doctor and explain the situation, they’ll do testing yo confirm for sure if you are or aren’t pregnant

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Wait a week… go in the morning, buy one from Dollar tree


Pink dye is always more reliable than blue dye. Also, don’t use the digital ones. The ‘2 line’ ones are much more sensitive.


Definitely call your doctor. I took about 10 pregnancy tests and every single one came back negative and about a week later I ended up at the hospital and they did a pregnancy test and it came back positive.


Make sure you use first morning urine too. Don’t test mid day


Could be a chemical. FR is way more sensitive than clear blue. I’d say it was a false positive which I know are rare but sounds like it

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Well if clear blue says positive, then you’re definitely pregnant. The first response might be a faint line and you’re thinking it’s negative. I would definitely go to your doctor though and get a blood test though

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Go to the Dr. This can mean you have other things going on

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Get a first response. They are more accurate. Also, get some cheap tests from walmart. The .88 ones. They are good.

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Call your doctor :woman_shrugging:

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First response said negative for me 2x and clear blue positive 2x and I ended up being pregnant. Call doctor and make appt. to know for sure

I got a negative early with both of my pregnancies. It’s possible that the two brands use different amounts of the hormone detector. Go get another and test first thing in the morning when your concentration is higher.

Greetings: Just keep on making out. It will all work out.

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False positives are a lot more rare than false negatives.


Health dept or dr. Office would be my choice

If your making hotdogs, don’t be so surprised if your up the stump.

Dr office blood test


That’s why I go with the ones with words :joy:

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Wait a week or so and take another test …or make a appointment with your obgyn to be on the safe side .

Make an appointment with the doctor


I only trust digital tests!
With my pregnancy my first one didn’t work… I thought it was a faulty test but turned out my hormones were externally high and broke the test lol.
Next test was a positive!
I don’t trust the double line tests, only the ones with words

I’ve always been told, you can get a false negative, never a false positive.


Go get a blood test… Could be a false positive could be too small for the others to pick up… Better safe than sorry

My OB told me that you can get a lot of false negatives, but a positive is usually a positive.

Clinic some do free test

The cheap ones is the way to go . Every time i bought one that cost more the 8 bucks always came back negative. But the dollar ones always was right

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Blood test at doctors office.

Make an appointment with your doctor. Always test your urine first thing in the morning but always been told a positive is usually a positive. Good luck x

Wait, take another and if you’re still unsure call your doctor.

Call your doc get blood work or ultra sound

Call your dr but usually when that happens you’re just getting a false positive or could be a chemical pregnancy

A false positive is very rare.


I took the digital one that physically said pregnant or not pregnant with my daughter. It said not pregnant , the very next day I took a cheap dollar store one and it was positive and now I have a 5 year old :woman_shrugging:… those things are tricky

If it reads positive at all you are pregnant!!! False negatives are common a false positive is very very rare. Congratulations!!!

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The first was the only one to pick up the hcg hormones early probably… For the other ones you took its probably to early to detect… False positives are rare…

Call the doctor to get blood work! However I think you are pregnant! Going to agree with many comments here False Positive is rare!

I’ve gotten 2 false positives on CB when we were TTC and that’s why I refuse blue dye tests (dye runs are common). Get a dollar store test, I don’t know why but they’ve never failed me regardless of the price :woman_shrugging:t2:


Blue dye tests tend to have baddd evap lines. I’d retest in the morning with pink dye

Check in with your doctor to be sure.


Prenatal vitamins. Get some :grin:

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If it was clear blue with blue dye they always have a second line and give a false positive, always use pink dye.


False positives don’t happen too often… get blood work!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I only read positive on one urine test. The other 3I took were negative. Get the blood test. I was for sure pregnant

Make an appointment with your OB.

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Wait it out and just pray. Do the rest again in a few days. Don’t take any stress

Blue dye tests are notorious for false lines and evaps. I’d wait a few more days and test with a pink dye. The $.88 ones from walmart work great!

Are you taking the first responses with pee that is taken at the same time as you did when you got the positive with the clear blue?
I ask because when I was pregnant with my first I got a negative after a positive because my urine was watered down.

Get bloodwork done. I had 4-5 negatives. Including the test in the doctors office and I was totally pregnant.

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I took 6-8 clearblue and 1 was negative but turned positive and I went to Dr and was 6 weeks an 4 days and now I’m 9 weeks and 4 days. I’d take another clearblue to see.

I have six kids and have always used the dollar store test. If it’s positive, it’s positive. If you’re worried about false negative, you could always go to the doctor and have them do a blood test to check.


I’d steer clear of blue dye they are known for false positives I’d use pink dye


I would wait a few more days then take another. Use first morning pee

Wait a week and test again

I was three weeks and took a pink dye one in the afternoon and was faintly positive. Then i waited about 5-10 minutes and was dark positive

You can have a false negative but you can never have a false positive

First response never worked for me for some reason but other tests did. Maybe its a brand thing

Are these even real questions or??..:thinking:🤷🤦


Go get a blood test if in doubt.

Blue dye tests are notorious for evaps. Never trust a blue dye test. It was probably just an evap and the pink dye tests were the actual result.


It’s probably negative (now). You may have been pregnant when you tested positive and if HCG levels fall and continually fall; you’ll continue to test negative.

I second using the dollar store brand.


I always use the dollar store ones… and usually will pee on 2 at a time to make sure. But if you got a positive follow by a negative I would call for a blood test ASAP to make sure


Either it was a chemical pregnancy or a false positive because of an evap line. Blue dye are terrible… def trust the pink. Dollar store pink ones are good.

It took until 10 weeks for any pregnancy test to show my pregnancy. My hormones were low and not getting picked up, even in blood work. If you got a positive I would think you are. Go get blood work


I’ve got a false positive with a digital clear blue test once, I took 2 more tests (different kinds) within a few hours after the positive and they were both negative, I wasn’t pregnant. My doctor told me it possible to get one false positive, but not 3 so I always take 3 tests to be sure.

Dollar tree, tells you in less than a min and have been RIGHT for me EVERY time, I have two kids but did multiple tests for each kid lol


Negatives a lot but like rare for false positive definitely pregnant js

Go to the dr. The negatives could be false.

I done a clear blue last week came back negative, Done 3 first response’s yesterday & they all came back positive straight away, Turns out I’m 7 weeks.

Dollat tree preg test is just as good


I was told from planned parenthood that false positives are rare…

All of my first response tests I took were negative but the clear blue and off brand were positive now i have a healthy 9 month old baby boy

Go to doctor and only take tests in the morning with your first pee

Buy the cheap test from dollar tree or dollar general. They work the best :woman_shrugging:t2: pregnant with baby #5 and I’ve always gotten a positive result on the first day of my missed period

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There are a lot of variables. It could have been an evap. Or you could be really early (that happened with my daughter). Try in a few days, first morning.

If the clear blue was a dye test and not a digital it CAN throw a false positive. Blue dye tests are notorious for false positives. I stopped using them. I’ve had 3 false positives in a clear blue dye test. My favorite, most reliable tests are the little amazon dipstick tests. You can get a bunch for less than $10


Cheap tests from the dollar store are just fine. In fact, when the nurse at the doc’s office does a dipstick test, it’s something like a dollar store test. Stop wasting money on more expensive tests.

Both of my first response were negative, all 5 of my dollar store ones were positive.

I only use dollar store or first response. So far they’ve both been right every time :woman_shrugging:. The best place to be sure is to go to the doctor and have them take one from blood.

Everyone says that the blue dye tests always say positive.Wait a couple days and retest.

I first used the dollar store ones and they were positive tried the first response a day later and they both was negative. Turns out I was just literally like bearly 3 weeks so the positive was accurate just too soon for the others to pick it up!!! Lol

I use the under $1 tests at Walmart and they always were accurate

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I mean you could go to the dr and get a test there…I’ve always been of the mindset to just wait it out though. Either you’ll get your period back or not eventually.

I would honestly go to the doctor especially if the first one said positive. I had the same issue in past pregnancy and after I went to doctor they confirmed by blood test that I was pregnant but it ended up not being a viable pregnancy thats why the other pregnancy tests came up negative because the hcg hormone was starting to deplete.

Always take them early in am like when u first wake up. I had this problem I had a feeling I was pregnant I literally took 20 test all neg but one. But go to doctor.

It’s more common to have a false negative than a false positive… Wait and test again…

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I read a while ago that certain tests only have the strength to capture positives if your HGC levels are at a certain point. This might be the case? I’d definitely schedule an apt with your OB just to make sure. Blood tests will tell for sure.

I hate red dye test. They are messy and very hard to read.