Co parenting schedule

I’m needing advice please post in confidence on

A couple things dad went away and has now come back around and we have moved to a different state to better our life. We were not together when he did go away well fast forward to now… visitation is a little Bit rocky due to he was gone for a while not just for months he again like I said has come back and our child is now in sports getting older with more priorities my question is how do you guys split visitation when your child is in sports that you pay for and training that comes with it not only that but school all year long… his woman has kids as well and our kids are on different breaks with school different sports schedules as well… I’m ok with him missing like a week of training but am I out of line by not wanting him to miss much more then that? I need some sort of direction we are trying best to keep it out of court but some days he gets angry and I’m just over it to be honest :weary::weary::weary: he doesn’t have a valid License we live 5 hours away from eachother his girlfriend and I meet half way whenever our schedules match but I’m at loss as to what to do or suggest.