Company Christmas Party

I worked for a company for about 7 months meet a lot of great people and made a lot of friends. My old boss and (1 ex co-worker are BFF’s) I had to leave this job position due to having a child with a chronic health condition and needing to be home to care for her. My ex-boss and this BFF were upset and mad at me for leaving they deleted me off FB etc. Well my friend (ex coworker) she still works for this company invited me to be her plus one at the company Christmas party. She says everyone misses me and I wasn’t able to say goodbye to all.The issue is I feel that my old boss and her bff would be rude to me or awkward towards me. Should I go? I didn’t leave this company on bad terms and I’m still re-hirable in the future. I’ve been asked via text and FB by others old coworkers that still work there if I will be attending and they’d be so happy to see me. So again my question is should I go or not?

I would go. If you run into them just be polite, there’s no need to start something at a party. I would just say hi, if it feels uncomfortable then continue on your way and go talk to the ones who said they’d be there that miss you