Could a full moon put someone into labor?

I’m 39+1 and still haven’t lost mucus plug, only dialated 1/2 cm on Wednesday, and have been having contractions on and off all day… will this full moon tonight bring on my baby?! This is also my first child!


I would go to the dr or er

The baby will come when baby is ready :grinning: the full moon plays no part in it


You can hope and dream. But I carried all 3 of mine through full moons. I was 40+4, 40, and 40+4 with each of my pregnancies.

I was 1/2cm dilated for 2wks with both my kids. Good luck girl.
U will lose it when its time.

I’m 39 weeks today I already lost my mucus plug last week and dilated at 4cm still no baby

Don’t go to the ER at 1/2 cm I was dialated at 1/2 for weeks. Walk walk walk. Bounce on an excersize ball, have sex, eat spicy food google how to go into labor and dialate. Walking is best :slight_smile:

This happened to me 2 weeks later lol
Sorry mumma bubba will come when ready
Walk stairs don’t push yourself but labour at home as long as your comfortable as it’s so boring and uncomfortable sitting in a hospital

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I sat at 4cm for 3 weeks and went to 42 weeks lol soooo… that said, get some spicy food and have lots of sex!

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I was 39 weeks and at 2cm… 2 days later I was in labor. I lost my plug an hour before she was born, and my water didn’t break until I was pushing. My labor was also 3 hours long. It could be time!

I’m almost 39 weeks. Haven’t lost my mucus plug yet and im 1cm dialated and have been for weeks now. Been experiencing lots of pelvic pressure and lower back pain. Went to the ER and nothing. Good luck !

Dilation and mucus plug really aren’t determining factors for anything

Get to walking :blush: it definitely helps

Bless it… my baby stayed in a week over due… And I walked 3 miles on night of the full moon… all I got from it was sore legs. Baby won’t come til it’s ready

A lot of women never notice the mucus plug release and you can be dilated for weeks before labor actually starts. 1 to 4 takes the longest
5 to 10 goes quick. Contractions are also normal at the end of the pregnancy but they aren’t going to admit you in the hospital until you’re consistently having contractions 7 to 5 minutes apart…

My baby came on on a full moon so maybe. Goodluck

I was dilated at 1cm when I was 39 weeks, but never dilated more than that until they induced me at almost 42 weeks.

I hadn’t dilated at all… then at 36 weeks on New Years eve 17 years ago my water broke

Im hoping on this full moon too… Lol… Just got back from a long day of walking at the zoo…

I’m 37+3 and dilated to a 4 1/2-5 as of last night. Been having contractions for a few hours, now about 4-5 mins apart. Hoping full moon brings mine on as well!

I’m 34 weeks 3 days. I’m currently in the hospital. Was having contractions for 5 days now. Haven’t dialated past 4 cms yet

I didn’t loose my mucus plug until an hour before going to hospital

Lost my mucus plug around 35-36 weeks and was dilated 1cm from 36 weeks. Still had to be induced at 41+5 with my son