Could I freeze glass jars with baby food in them?

Hi mama’s I want to make my baby’s own puree, but I’ve asked another mama to keep her glass bottles from the puree she gives her baby and I was wondering if I could freeze the glass bottles with the puree? And how do I sterilizer the bottles? In the oven or a baby bottle sterilizer. :grin::baby_bottle::see_no_evil:

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You could boil them to sterilize them.

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Personally it’s best not to freeze jars. I did puree’s for my son and I froze them in silicone freezer trays and just took out what I needed as and when.


If you’re going to be freezing in glass only fill 1/2-3/4 full to allow any liquid room to expand as it freezes. It’s better to freeze in an ice cube trays and then store in vacuum sealed bags to preserve freshness and prevent freezer burn.


Glass shouldnt be frozen…just to be safe. They could chip or crack. U can get proper silicone things that u can place in the freezer…and then u just pop out the frozen food and thaw it on the stove.

Use freezer trays, ice cube trays. Then after can put them in a freezer bag with name and date most are good frozen for 3 months. I use these from Amazon that work well. Or if you h as d any breastmilk storage bags they work amazing as well

When I made ours that’s not what I did. I made enough purée for at least 2 weeks, froze in ice trays and then transferred to freezer bags and marked with date made and date they would expire.


I used to boil my bottles until my daughter was about 6 months! And now I currently freeze baby purée in a ice cube tray. Once it’s frozen I pop them out and put them into a freeze zip lock bag :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m not sure about freezing glass, it’s kind of sensitive to extreme temp changes. (It could shatter) I’d try freezing in something specifically made to be freezer safe.

I made my own baby food and put it in ice cube trays and froze it. They were perfect sized portions.

I froze my in ice cube trays and then put them in zip lock freezer bags. Each cube is 1oz

There should be inexpensive BPA free plastic containers you can pick up for cheap at your local grocery store in the infant/toddler section.

Freezing glass is not a good idea.

Its also not an effective method for safe storage. Canning (preserving food in a glass jar) usually involves a pressure cooker in order to seal properly.

Get some small rubbermaid food containers or something. Thats what i used. And tot sterilize you can boil them.