Could I still possibly be pregnant?

Fellow mommas. So I had a baby in late November. So my six-week mark would have been around the first week of January. My boyfriend and I had sex just short (days) of my six-week mark. Well, I went in on January 21st to get my birth control. My pregnancy test came back negative. But is it possible I could be pregnant, and it was just too early to tell? I don’t necessarily think I am, just a concern of possibility. Thanks!


Thats almost 2 full months ago im pretty sure you’d be able to tell if you were…


I knew by my six week check up that I was preggo…


Yea it’s possible but you would most likely know by now if you were.

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Go get a test that’s only way to know.

Go buy a test or go to the DR’s for a blood test.

Considering it’s March now, you’d already know if you’re pregnant or not. I’d test again to make sure but considering that was almost two months ago I’m gonna say no


If you have sex, there is a chance you could get pregnant unless you already are. Always.


It literally takes 12 weeks for my body to register a pregnancy. It could be if your body is like mine 🤷

Congratulations welcome to my life my son’s are 12 months and 4 days lol


Hell ya u can girl ur fertile as fuck right now haha

Yes you could be because it happened to me

Education is important, everyone.
I’m sorry, but that’s 2 months ago. You have to know that the answer is no. Not to mention their test said no.