Could my child have an eating disorder?

Has anyone had a child with eating disorder (not hardly eating) around age 11 or so? Didn’t start when born. Or even a feeding or g tube for this? Please tell me what got your child eating! Signed one worried mama!


If at anytime your worried about your kids health. Seek a professional. Family doctor, counselor etc, sure Facebook is full of people with tons of knowledge and experience but every situation is different. Eating disorders are no joke and nobody on Facebook is going to be able to distinguish if its a true eating disorder. Best of luck Mama


My son was diagnosed with ARFID. He would restrict his food intake, skip meals for days on end and when he did eat, he would only eat certain things. To this day there are things he won’t eat bc of texture. If you’re worried , get him to an eating disorder clinic for an eval or talk to his pediatrician

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I am reading The Opposite of Butterfly Hunting by Evanna Lynch and she had anorexia at 11 years old.

Recommend seeking medical opinion on this rather than a FB page. Hopefully she gets some help.


Yes she could have an eating disorder. You can’t force her to eat. Take her to a counselor

What makes you think it’s a disorder? That’s what they thought about my daughter after further testing found out she had something wrong

Take her to psychiatrist for help. I have binge eating disoder