Could my daughters lip injury cause her to drool?

Hi all! My daughter fell a few days ago and busted her lip and we took her in and they said everything was fine and that it should heal on its own. Well now she’s drooling so much and I don’t know why? Has anyone experienced anything like this?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Could my daughters lip injury cause her to drool?

Uh yeah lol. Being your lips close your mouth.


Should heal in three or four days you can always put a cold cloth on it 
Try some soft food she might get a little more Drooling

I mean, if your worried, go to the ER or urgent care

How old is she? Is it extremely swollen? If it swollen of course she will droll a lot as lips is what closes ur mouth

Either her lip or she may have a sore throat.

Sore throats in babies can cause them to drool because they don’t want to swallow.

Age, tho?
Is she also teething?

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Probably due to swelling. If her lip is cut or bruised inside extra saliva will be produced to help clean the wound and aide healing. Plenty fluids and maybe some lip salve or a little vasaline to stop her lips drying out and bursting open again.


How old is she? Depending on age maybe shes teething? Did you ask your family dr? Maybe jaw hurts? Can she talk? Can you ask het what hurts?

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I mean why post on here instead of taking her in? Are people this daft?