Covid and babies

We have already saw a doctor Just looking for similar stories and advice.

I have a 3yr old , 16 month old , and a two month old. Myself my partner and my 3yo are all Covid positive. Everyone in the home has been exposed for days now or about a week. I was the first positive on the 22nd with symptoms starting the 20/21st. The older boys share a room and play together a lot while the baby is with us in our room. The two month old has not yet had his 2 month shots and was supposed to Aug 30th but cannot now just incase he gets sick. My 16mo was also supposed to get his 15mo shots aswell but can’t due to the same reasoning.

My question is what do I do now? None of us have masks. I have been Lysol spraying everything and wiping things down. I’m terrified of my 16mo and my 2mo getting it but it’s almost inevitable. My three year old has asthma and had bad double pneumonia in July so I’m also extremely worried about him. I don’t think I can go to the hospital with him if I’m Covid positive aswell if he needs to go in. 16mo also has asthma and wheezing when they get sick. This whole thing has me so shook up I don’t know what to do. I just wanna cuddle my babies because they will mostly get it anyways but then I feel guilty like I have it to them and it’s my fault. I just keep looking at their sweet little faces and they don’t deserve to be sick.:sob: What do I do