Custody/child support

Can you please post anonymously:

Going to court with my exhusband/baby daddy…. My daughters are 15&16. We were supposed to have 50/50 custody based on an order from 10 +years ago. The 50/50 arrangement really only lasted for a year or two. So basically for the last 7-8 years it’s been more like 75/25 (me having the kids 75% of the time). Long story short; we were getting along well so I let it go. But in 2021 my oldest started dating a young man that has a different skin color than her and her father does not agree with that…. She tried to introduce them but it didn’t go well. Both of the girls decided that as long as their father was not willing to accept that, they did not want to see him. They have not seen their father in over a year. In that time he has texted them on holidays and birthdays. He still refuses to be accepting of their right to choose who they date. Additionally he blames me because “I allow them to date outside their race”. I’ve suggested they try counseling to talk through this with a neutral party but he refuses. Both girls are now seeing a therapist to help them cope.

Because our initial custody agreement was 50/50 we agreed to no child support. I have always provided health insurance and he was supposed to pay uncovered medical expenses (copays etc…) most of the time I have to pay upfront and he was supposed to reimburse me but he never did. So I filed a show cause for all of the back medical expenses (multiple copayments and braces) totaling $4k. I’ve also filed for child support. The judge ordered he pay the medical expenses and a monthly child support amount of $840/month using sole custody guidelines bc he has not been seeing them. This was in November and he filed an appeal. We go back to court in May….

I really just want to know what others have experienced with child support appeals? Like what are the odds a judge is going to say something different given the situation?? His attorney has subpoenaed my entire life… bank records, credit cards, 401- everything. It really has me stressed out, I just want what’s fair and don’t feel like I’ve ever been unreasonable. But I’m so tired of getting screwed.