Did a membrane sweep work for you?

Was wondering the success rate for other mom’s on having a membrane sweep. Had my 2nd one today at 38+ 3 weeks.

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Never heard of that procedure.

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Had mine done at 38 weeks went into labor almost immediately had it done 1200pm had my daughter at 212am

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I had 3 seperates one in the same pregnancy and it didn’t work for me.

Yes had it with the lady 2 babies. They were born within 24 hours

Used to be called “stripping your membranes”. Had one with my first child and my last child. (My water broke on my second child so not needed) Helped put me in labor as I was overdue each time!

I had one done at almost 40 weeks and was cramping that day than I started having small contractions. By the end of the night they were consistent and stronger. I gave birth at 3 or 4 that morning.

I had one 4 days before my due date to hopefully prevent him from coming on either of his brothers birthdays (he was due on June 3 and I already had a June 1 and June 2 baby). I had him with in 12 hours of the sweep. However the dr did tell me it isnt a guarantee. It only works if your body is already in the process of going into labor (usually within 36 hrs if I remember correctly).

Had it done with my second child out of 3. I believe it works. But so does castor oil. Quickly.

Yes!! Within the week for me

Had a sweep with my first, she came 4 days later, had a sweep with my second, he came 4 days later lol

Nope. All 3 went overdue (induced 11 days over, induced 3 days over, spontaneously 10 days over(

I had it done and went into labor less then 24 hours later.

Had a sweep lost my plug next day 2 days after did another sweep started labor 12 hrs later and 5.5 hours of labor baby was here.

I just learned something

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Had a sweep with my first and she came the next day

2 of mine I went into labor 12 hours later.

My 2nd came the day after my sweep

Yup! Within 48 hours with my second!

It worked for me with my older kids but with my younger ones it didnt. I honestly think the obs didnt do it right with my younger 2. I think they just attempted it to shut me up. It worked almost instantly with my older kids

my first one…no, was induced at 41 weeks…cant say yet as I’m 31 weeks

Yes,I was 40 weeks and 4 days, it was a Wednesday went in for a check up was gonna get induced that weekend. Got my membrane swept, woke up at 4:30 am Thursday with contractions had the baby the next day.

Yes I went into labor the next day

Yup got it done at 10 am by 9pm I was in labor!

I did the sweep at 41 weeks and my labor started the same day

My sister had a sweep she went into labor that night

Worked for both my babies! 38w5d with first and 39w2d with number 2. Both babies were born less than 24 hours later

I had mine done once with my last and it worked I went into labor the next morning

Yep. He came the next day

I had one done but it didn’t work. Ended up being induced after my due date

What?! Mine won’t touch me until 39 weeks!:face_with_symbols_over_mouth: and I’ve been in and out of l&d with contractions for over a month!

Sorry if I sound dumb but what Is a membrane sweep??..

It worked the 3rd time. 1st was at 38w, nothing. 2nd was at 40w, nothing. 3rd was at 40w 2d, I was in labor walking out of the office, had my daughter the next day lol

I had it done twice with my youngest and it didn’t work. I was induced at 40 weeks and 5days.

I had it done 6 times and never did anything. My son finally came on his own at 41 weeks and 2 days.

It didn’t do anything at all for me

It worked for me, within 24hrs I had my second baby. Was 38 weeks and a day

I’ve had two with my two youngest and went into labor the same day

Nope I had 2 neither of them worked

Had one with my first and he came 2 days later. My 2nd was born the next day.

Yes, with my second, got it done and 24 hours later he was born.

I’m getting one done on Monday @ 38 weeks.
I delivered my daughter via induction @ 41 weeks. So I would says hers didn’t work lol
But I have a different ob now so we shall see the difference

No. I was induced a week after my membrane sweep.

Worked for me within 72 hrs

I’ve heard other moms tell me it worked within 24 hours. It took about a week for my daughter to come after I had mine.

I had membrane sweep 3 days before my due date and went into labor 4 hours later.

Worked for me. I had mine swept at 930pm gave birth at 249am

Why keep doing it. Ur not 40 weeks. Let baby cook. When it is there time to come they will.


4 pregnancies and it never worked for me. I had to be induced 3 of the 4 for going past due dates :frowning:

I had contractions all day long the day they did it but it didn’t put me into labor…

It did not work for me.

Yes but it hurt sooo much

Yes! Within 24 hours!

Just had one done Tuesday and I’m insanely frustrated I haven’t gone into labor yet :sob:

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It didn’t work for me with my first. I’ll be saying no to it if it’s offered for this one

The two I had with my first pregnancy did nothing, with my second pregnancy I went into labour like a half hour after the sweep.

I got a second sweep done the afternoon before my induction and it definitely put me into labor but it was slow. I was only about a 1/2 cm more dilated than the day before

I had one with my last pregnancy and it worked 12 hours later with this pregnancy I had one on Tuesday and hasn’t worked as of yet fingers crossed it works before Monday otherwise I’ll be induced. Good luck lady!

Yup worked for me bubs was born little over 12 hrs later. Go for a good walk that’s what I did (as ordered from midwife) and that helped to.

Had mine done at 40 weeks. Got induced at 41 weeks

Yes! I had one at 40+1 and went into labor that evening.

I had it with both of my previous pregnancies and both times I was in labor within 6 hours and my baby was born within 12 hours. I’m 36 weeks pregnant now and plan on having it done this pregnancy too.

I had one done & the next day I had my sweet baby.

I honestly don’t even know bc my doctor did a membrane sweep and then started me on pitocin 2 hours later

I had it done twice and nothing! Baby was 9 days late

When I had mine I went into labor before leaving office

Nope…she was still 2 weeks late. And it hurt!

I had this done at 38 weeks. I started leaking fluid. Went in and was sent home 3x. Eventually had an emergency c section. My son died 27 hours later. Autopsy said every organ in his body had amniotic fluid. His lungs were filled with it. He basically drowned slowly. Christian would have been 15 in April.

Plz be careful and pay attention to your body!!

Yep I had one Monday n Wed the day the dr said I was n labor

I got it done Wednesday at 3pm and had my daughter at 6:59am Friday. I was 80% effaced and 3 cm dilated so I think it all depends on your body.

I’m sure, like every woman, it varies but i got a membrane sweep with my second baby, after having an epidural with my first, and i went into labor the next day. (I also had a homebirth with no meds and after laboring for about 45 minutes my midwide broke my water and i had my little guy 15 minutes later). The sweep hurts and feel like they’re putting their whole arm inside you…ah the joys of pregnancy, i sure miss it haha.

I had one and it didn’t work.

Nope only made me spot

I had 2 with my 2nd, they didn’t work. I went over due. My 3rd I had one 3 times, and I still went over due, BUT this time my water broke? & I had such an easy painless, fast labor and delivery. I drank the red raspberry leaf tea, drank lots of smoothies with mangos and pineapple, and lots of yoga ball exercises and walking. Not sure what played it’s part

Honestly, I wouldn’t bother. They hurt and even the midwives can’t guarantee it’ll work. I’d never have another one. Waste of time.

No didn’t work for me, extremely painful and ended up accidentally creating a tear that lead to my waters leaking, terrible long labour that ended in an emergency c-section. Baby will come when baby is ready is my advice :purple_heart:

I had one done two days later baby was out

I had one at 40weeks and 41 weeks and they both didn’t work, I ended up being induced.

Never had it done til my pregnancy with my daughter. I had to be induced with both my boys and so i had it done thinking it would keep that from happening. Had it done twice and nothing came of it except my plug coming out and lots of pain. Won’t be doing it this time. I’ll just wait.

Nope. Had it done with 3 of my 4 kids with 2 of them it was done twice. Was still induced with all four. Wasn’t worth the extreme discomfort and pain.

First one, 40w5d. Had it done and water broke that night. Second one, had it done 39w, water broke later that evening. On my third pregnancy and got it done yesterday at 38w2d. Nothing yet so well see!


I had it done with my oldest two and I really didn’t even realize he was doing it. It wasn’t anymore uncomfortable than a regular pap. It worked flawlessly both times. Within a few hours I was in labor and they were both easy labor and deliveries.

Had it done twice while being induced with my oldest and it didn’t work. Ended up having an emergency c-section.

Worked for me the one time I had it done but I was already past the due date…I have 3 boys and they were all past the due date though too… my second son is who I had it done with and it wasn’t until I was 10 days past the due date. I had skipped the induction and they had told me if I did that they would want me to come the following day for an appointment so I did. She stripped the membrane and I started having contractions in the car on the way home… that was about 11:30 am and he was born naturally that evening at 6:30… I was very adamant with my boys that I didn’t need to be induced to get them to come out. They’d come when they were ready! :joy::joy:

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They did one for my first without my permission and it did nothing. They wanted to do one for my second but I said no and she came one week early. Too much pain for me :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:

My dr accidentally popped my water during mine, for my first pregnancy. Luckily I was 39 weeks, but I had my daughter the next day <3

Had this done with my middle child was in labor 2 hrs later🤣. Had it done to avoid an induction with pitocin

I had it done with both of my babies. Didn’t do much other than cause some spotting & cramping.

Got it swept one afternoon, went back the next afternoon and asked them to break my water. They did and my son was born 4 hours later.

All it did was start horrible labor pains with my first and i had them for 2 more days before she finally admitted me to the hospital and she came out.

No. It was just incredibly painful. I declined any mention of it with my other two pregnancies.

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With my 2nd I was 2 days past due. Did a sweep. Walked the mall for 6 hrs, had a foot massage to encourage contractions, spicey food and doing lunges in my kitchen. My water broke after I went to bed for an hour!

Had it done 3 times with my last pregnancy, only thing it accomplished was making me bleed.

No - this last pregnancy nothing worked but being induced… I still went past my due date

So you are almost 39 weeks. Pregnancy is exactly 280 days. So the END of 40 weeks. I think it works better when it’s done when someone is 40 weeks or more. Worked for my daughter. Went into labor within 24 hours. She was scheduled to be unduced that Monday so the previous Thursday at the Doctor appointment I told her to get that done and it worked. No inducing necessary!

Only had it done with my first. Got them stripped at 9am on a Friday. Was in labor all day but too far apart. 430 in the morning went in dilated to 3 but didn’t progress. Went back Monday to demand being tested for preeclampsia since that’s what the nurses though when I was there Saturday morning, but didn’t test me. Was induced that day. However the membrane strip put me in instant labor.

Totally I had one and my son was born 3 hours later. I went straight into labour after having one
I think it depends though. Baby will only come when you here ready. I think I was ready and the sweep just got things rolling.

I had it done with my two previous pregnancies at like 36ish weeks. Had my first son at 37 weeks and my second son at 39 weeks. My current nurse said it was a coincidence and that they weren’t giving me one with my current pregnancy unless I hit 40 weeks bc they don’t actually work. So I guess we’ll find out in two months if I’ll need one lol.

Brought on harder contractions but not labor. Still had to be induced

It worked for my third baby not the first and the second one I just had lots of sex and I am now waiting for my 4th to arrive 4 more weeks and I won’t do anything but wait. I am walking a lot and lots of sex. Good luck every pregnancy is different.