Did anyone bleed at the beginning of your pregnancy?

Looking for anyone who has bled beginning of their pregnancy! The last week I started getting random heartburn. Only time in my life I have had heartburn was when I was 3 weeks pregnant with my baby girl. Well I got my period a few days early this month which made me think at first it could be early on spotting which I had with both my kids. Well my bleeding is more towards a medium flow and I’m having cramping as well. Anyone else have an actual period and still be pregnant? I just can’t get over this random heartburn and why I have it now.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Did anyone bleed at the beginning of your pregnancy?

I did with my first pregnancy up untill 6 mths she is a happy healthy 14 year old

Everyone is different and heartburn while being pregnant usually means baby will have alot of hair also mine had hiccups while I was pregnant and Yes I could feel it inside me that was My second born but I was also allergic to being pregnant 15 case in Indiana and I had hives all over me and had to have meds the whole time that was My first born

I had lots of spotting throughout both my pregnancies with normal healthy deliveries and babies

I had my period for for the first 3months with my son

If it’s heavier than spotting it could be a chemical pregnancy which is when you lose the pregnancy before your next period and may never even know you were pregnant, it’s just like an abnormal period. I have had two and only knew because i get very early pregnancy symptoms. You could have also ovulated late which can result in a light period because your body doesn’t fully realize it’s pregnant yet. I’d suggest doing a pregnancy test now and then again after the bleeding stops and that will give you a good indication of what’s going on.

My second born. I was on depo and had a period every month for the first 5 months. I didn’t even realize I was pregnant. I was working full time and going to school full time along with having a 1year old at-home. No weight gain or morning sickness and then bam one morning i woke up and felt just completely exhausted. Next day I was sick and went to doctor to find out I was pregnant 5 months prego.

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I had my period for the first 3 months of my pregnancy but we are all different so I’d call the doc just to check.

When I had my first pregnancy in 2007 I did however I ended up miscarrying at 13/14 weeks

Everyone is different and handles everything differently. So what some people have went thru you might not, or vise versa, so if your concerned just call your doctor and get checked out. It will put your mind at ease.

1st 4 months, had know idea I was pregnant. Never morning sickness

I had tender nipples, cramping and a “light” period (which required a pad) for the first 3 months. My daughter is 25yrs old!

Yup, I didn’t even know I was pregnant because I was still having “periods.” Full bleeding and cramping as per a normal period. Now have a happy healthy 8 year old.
Take a test for sure!

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Yes spotting is normal but get checked out just in case

I bled heavily with my youngest throughout my entire pregnancy. The first time started around 9 weeks, it was about the same as a heavy period. The doctor told me sometimes it just happens. It happened again at 14 and 16 weeks, so I was put on strict bed rest. He was healthy and born (induction) at 39 weeks.

Yes I did and she was carried full term and is a perfectly healthy 5 year old now.

I had my period for the first 3 months of my pregnancy with my first and my third pregnancy I bled for 2 months

I bled the whole time

I had regular normal periods for the first 6 months. First time I got sent for an emergancy scan as I was flying a few days later. Son was born full term, normal delivery and is now 28. Obviously get checked over by the Dr but try not to stress

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I bled a lot when I was pregnant with my first. Dr told me my placenta was lower than normal but everything was fine.

If you’re experiencing a period the. You’re most likely not pregnant or have miscarried. Contact your doctors so they can check your ok. GL I did have bleeding in the first trimester with my oldests pregnancy. I lost their twin.

I did just a little bit " & was ok for rest of time "

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Yes you can bleed while pregent but it’s not an actual period. Sounds like you are just having your period. If you are concerned go to your Dr or take a test.

I bled so much at 7 weeks I was hospitalised. Ended up being subchorionic haematoma. My baby was totally fine .

Need to check with your Doctor. :pray:

Sounds like you’re not pregnant and just got your period early.

My cousin just did and was put on bed rest and weekly testing. Steroid shots for baby.

Sounds like a period. Bleeding is definitely not a sign of pregnancy. Any bleeding or spotting during pregnancy needs to be taken care of by a doctor. Also as we get older our bodies change. You may just get heartburn from time to time now.

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This is something you need to be talking to a doctor about not random people on facebook.

I did for 4 pregnancies. The first 2 we’re miscarriages. When I went to the hospital the 3rd time expecting another miscarriage they found an yolk sac but no embryo. Followed up with my OB. He found her HB!!! She’s almost 10. No explanation of why I was bleeding or why the hospital couldn’t find her. The 4th was right after my daughter was born. I didn’t have a period between pregnancies. So the OB said it was “left over blood” from the previous pregnancies. The embryo was forcing it out. My advise to you is first find out if you are pregnant. If you are then schedule an appointment with your OB ASAP or go to the ER. It could be a healthy pregnancy or miscarriage.

I spotted for the first 2 months of pregnancy I’m now 35 weeks

My third pregnancy I had three periods. No clue that I was pregnant

Yes I did for 3rd pregnancy. I passed a blood clot from 4 week to 12 week it was scary. It was 1 clot a week sometimes 2. Just ho to uour doctor if you’re scared. I lived at mines. Thankfully he is a very healthy and very active 3 year old.