Did anyone else have trouble getting pregnant after getting Depo?

How many other people have had trouble getting pregnant after the Depo shot? I had one round of it right before I left the hospital after having my last baby, we’ve now been trying for over a year and a half, and I can’t get pregnant / keep having miscarriages.


6 months with my 1st child and 1 year with my 2nd child. It damaged my heart waiting around and hoping for that positive outcome. This stuff messes up our system. However I am still on the depo and plan on having no more children. My advice is to not think about it, it will come out positive when your system is ready.

Same here!! Had my daughter almost 4 years ago took the depo shot right after I had her for 3 months stopped and haven’t been able to get pregnant since :sob:

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I went on it in 1994 after getting married went off of it June of 95 after putting on almost 60pounds.
Well off it in June of 95 was pregnant by July of 95… They said 12-16 months before I could get pregnant.
lol it only took a month.
Worst thing I ever did was go on it…

I had my daughter in 2008 got my first dose before leaving the hospital was on til 2014 (very bad) I didn’t get pregnant til about 2018-2019 miscarried a few times & now I’m having a baby in 6 weeks. I definitely blame the depo.

I was lucky i guess because i was on it 8 1/2 years after i had my daughter because i couldn’t remember to take the pill every day, and my doctor asked me to stop taking the depo for at least a year she wanted to run some tests because of how bad it can be on your bones and other things. And i was only off of it maybe 2 months when i got pregnant with my now two year old.

A side effect of the depo is infertility. I was told.

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Nope I was on it since I was 15 and went off got pregnant. Make sure you take your prenatal pills and folic acid. They both worked for me. I was 33 when I had my daughter. I went off it was month got pregnant. It not case for everyone but for me it was fast. After you off depo make sure your taking both. I had no side effects either. When it came out I was Ginny pig. I would do both your prenatal vitamins and folic acid. Your hubby also can take folic acid to help boost. Good luck.

I had no issues when I got off of it. I use the nexplanon now. Median time to conception/ovulation is 10 months following the last injection.

Following! Me and the boyfriend had been trying to conceive again. I’ve had 3 doses of the depo shot

I was on the depo/pill (switched it regularly) from age 13-19 when I got pregnant with my first a month after receiving depo, had him November 2017, I was back on depo from December 2017 to august 2018 and then tried for 2 years (this year would have been 3) and got our first positive test July 2020 to miscarry, then a ruptured ectopic that damn near killed me I was minutes from death upon arrival at er October 2020. Then got our second positive at home test March 2021 and so far this pregnancy is going as it should but we stay very cautious and I stay very aware of my body paying super close attention for Amy kind of bad changes

Definitely regret it took me 2 years to get pregnant after taking 1 dose of the depo shot ! After I had my first I had 2 more back to back now I have a 5,4 & 2 the two years gap I had the skyla iud I took it off and got pregnant that same month !

Not to make things worse but my cuz in law was on depo for 9 years and stopped has been trying for yrs now and got checked and it made her infertile…

Have ur progesterone checked after u have a baby sometimes ur body don’t produce enough and u have to take supplements for the first 3 months because a baby can’t produce there own untill after 3 months which will cause u to miscarry

Took me 18 months to get pregnant with my first

Took me 3 years to conceive after the depo!

Take prenatal! I was on the depo shot, it did take me a several months to get pregnant with my daughter. Started taking prenatal, got pregnant in no time!

Took 1.5 years to Concieve my son after coming off it

Took me a year to even get a cycle back and another 2 years of trying.

Took over 2yrs to conceive with #2 after stopping depo, was definitely the depo too because I fell pregnant with 3rd & 4th from basically just looking at a :eggplant: :joy:

Worst birth control ever made me suicidal

Omg yes I had 4 miscarriages after the depo shot I was on it for 4 yrs , from 16 to 20 didnt get pregnant until 6 yrs later without having a miscarriage

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Couple months off it and am currently 40 +4 weeks

I was on it for over 10cyears, I then switched to the pill for 6 months to try and regulate my cycles. Then I went off the pill. Took us 6 months to get pregnant.

It took me about 5 years to get pregnant after coming off the depo , I wasn’t actively trying but I wasn’t doing anything to avoid it . My period was all out of whack for years too which probably didn’t help

Personally not had an issue I actually fell pregnant while on the depo and now have a nearly 4 year old, but a few people I know have struggled after being on it some only for a short time some for longer periods

I didn’t get a period for 2 years after my last depo shot. Wasn’t trying to get pregnant but fell pregnant about 3.5-4 years after my last shot.

It took about 2 or 3 years after I had the shot. I wasn’t actively trying to get pregnant though.

I had 1 dose and a bad reaction to depo. I got pregnant a year later. Not really trying to either.

I’ve got 5 children and each time I can if the depo it could a year before I became pregnant

I had it twice and it took me 18 months

I believe alot of people have trouble after depo. Some countries have banned it.

I was on it when I was in middle school til I turned 18… I’m 24 now with an almost 2 year old… I tried for almost 6 years before I got pregnant with my son after my first miscarriage… I miscarried again last year and have been trying ever since with no luck :frowning:

Had a baby at 16… Got the depo shot twice… I’m 42 and never been able to have a baby since… Heartbreaking

Took me 4 years to get pregnant

It took me about 2 years after being on the shot for 4 years.

Doesn’t sound related to depo you can get pregnant, your having miscarriages, you need to see a high risk doctor as soon as you find out your pregnant. Having a Miscarriage studies have found their not related.

Nope was on the deposit shot for 10 yrs decided to quit getting since I wasn’t in a relationship and I wasn’t worried about getting pregnant was off of it for a year and got pregnant

Took me 9 months just to get my periods back (with taking pills to help) & 2 years to conceive

I’ve heard it can take up to 2 years to conceive afterwards. Good luck sister :heart:

It took two years for my periods to come back then another year after that to get pregnant

I came off it in March 2020, went on the pill but fell pregnant in the September 2020

I was on it since November 2017 x

I came off it March 2016, had a miscarriage August 2016, fell pregnant with my rainbow March 2017 :blue_heart:

Has anyone lost weight after getting off of depo. And did your bleeding go back to normal or did you bleed out longer. I would bleed out for two month at a time that’s why I had to go on it
But want to get off to drop the weight

No, I was on it for 8 years, then got pregnant 2 months after stopping. If you’re actually interested in pregnancy rates post depo the data is available and your doctor can help you navigate it

I was on Depo for 13 years. I have 3 kids born during that time on Depo. It wasn’t until recently that my doctor advised me to get off of Depo because my bones are now more fragile. And that I have had 16 fractures in different places/different years when doc finally asked if I was on Depo. Put two and two together I’m finally off Depo. It’s my 2nd year off of Depo. (Depo gives different affects to different people; mine happens to be on the gain weight but lose bone growth? It’s still safe to use Depo for other people, just make sure that you take calcium while on Depo or it will probably follow in my steps of what happened after so many years of Depo)

Any form of birth control will delay pregnancy after getting off of it. You’re body is basically trying to relearn how to work on it’s own. It’s different for every woman on how quickly they can come back from it, and also how long you were on it. I had an aunt taking the pill for years, and it took several years to get pregnant again. As far as the miscarriages, you’re body is probably just not ready to carry a baby yet. But it’s always best to go to your doctor about it and ask every question in the book.


I was on deposits for years because I already had my children (all in their 20s) and just didn’t want my period anymore. Stopped it when I was 55. It had gotten me through menopause with no side effects of menopause.

I got pregnant while on depo had been on it for almost 3 years. I got pregnant on the pill. I got pregnant after having my tubes tied. My hear breaks for women who have difficulty conceiving. Prayers

My sis in law was on it for 5yrs after my nephew was born. Took 21yrs and many miscarriages to have another baby. It pretty much sterilized her.

I was on Depo for 3 years. 6 months after I went off of it my entire body hurt, bad enough to miss work, every time I ovulated. That happened for 4 months. A couple of months after that passed I finally conceived our son.

It affects everybody differently. I never had a period the entire time I was on Depo, but I know a woman th as t bleed constantly while using it. But I’ve never heard of permanent issues following getting off of it, so don’t lose hope just yet.

Nope! I was going to take a “3 month break” from the depo due to bleeding and what not… was still on the pill but needless to say the 3 months turned into a little over a year as I got pregnant during my “depo break”

I had 2 shots of the depo. I was off of it for two years and started trying with my husband. It took us almost a year to have a baby.


I was on Depo about 5 years. Then swapped to the pill. Got pregnant 6 months later. Had several miscarriages before I started on depo though.

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I had one dose of depo after giving birth to my son and had a miscarriage about 2 years later but I had a miscarriage before I got pregnant with my son too so I never thought they were related.


I was on depo for 3 years before we decided to try for another baby. After a year my PB put me on the the to help regulate my periods. I got pregnant shortly after that

I had my first depo shot before leaving the hospital after my oldest was born. It took seven years before I got pregnant again.

Had 4 kids depo from 16 to 20. Got pregnant at 21, depo again got off and pregnant at 23 and had twins at 25

It sometimes takes several years before your body readjusts after birth control. Talk to your doctor.


I got pregnant on the depo shot.


I got pregnant on the Depot. Didn’t know till I was almost 4 months along. Got pregnant on the NuvaRing, didn’t know for a few months either.

I was on depo for about six years. I missed a shot by about a week and got pregnant with my first daughter.

It took me 3 years after the drop shot and I only took one dose after my first kid was born

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Had a miscarriage when coming off twice. Took forever to get pregnant

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I was on depo for 10 years… i have been off for a little over 2 years and I am currently 28 weeks pregnant

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Well looking through the comments I need depo. I don’t want to ever give birth again.

11 years after stopping the shot I got pregnant. I was on depo for 3 years

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Although every one is different it can take 6-18 months to become pregnant

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There was a class action lawsuit against (at least one manufacturer) depo because it caused sterilization in people that had used it… this was a while back and idk what the results of the lawsuit were

I got pregnant on Depo lol

No i actually got pregnant on the shot

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They do tell you to wait at least a year after stopping the shot to get it all cleared out of your system, preferably two …and use condoms in the meantime. You are getting pregnant, just not holding it. Maybe something else going on. Talk to your ob/gyn

FYI don’t get the vaccine. That’s a no brainer for becoming infertile. Population control is their agenda. But any women who want to have a child in this night mare are not doing there research on what is coming our way. (Its not fair to the children)


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Do not get the shot I repeat don’t do it!!! I had 3 rounds of this horrible shot when I was 18!!! I didn’t get pregnant with a fullterm pregnancy till I was 25!!! Yes 25! It took me almost 7 years to be able to become pregnant without miscarriages! I have 3 scars from each shot as well and they hurt even 7 years later!!! Please don’t get the shot y’all it’s not worth the complications that happen way down the road! I was told I would NEVER have kids because of the shot I now have 2 babies but like I said it took 7 years!!!


Ive been using the depo shot since I was 16 now 33. Ive had 4 pregnancies, 3 that we’re successful during that time. It took almost a two to three years each time of not getting the injection before I would get pregnant. My three children are between 3 to 4 yrs apart for each one. Hope that helps

When I stopped depo it took me about a year to get pregnant each time.