Did anyone elses baby walk before they crawled?

Did anybody else’s infant walk before crawling? My son is almost 8mo and refuses to even consider it. Tummy time has been a fight since he was born. I’ve interacted with toys and helped him into position and everything else under the sun. We have a lady that comes every week and assists with everything. She mentioned just getting him a walker and letting him take off. I have no issues with letting him walk first. He’s ready to and who am I to hold him back? I’m curious. Doing research on why crawling is so important, has anybody had the same thing happen but have their infant turn out alright as far as their motor skills, coordination, and upper body strength? I’m a new mom and while I have tons of experience being a nanny, I guess I’ve never ran into this.

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My first son never crawled, just got up and started walking around 12m.
Same for my second son, except he crawled for a day or two then decided on walking. Both are happy and healthy with no issues!

I feel like this is what my daughter will do

Mine started walking at like 7 or 8 months. He’d only crawl to get to something to pull himself up on and then hold onto the wall or whatever he could to walk lol. I’ve heard that crawling is important for reading. Idk how true it is but my son did struggle learning to read. He was also in kinder when covid hit which I’m sure aided in his difficulty.

I walked before I crawled at 7 mos. I’m fine…

My oldest had a fine motor skill Delay she needed some physical therapy for.
She basically crawled for a month and walked by 10months.
Her dr said it doesn’t always happen, but it can cause some kids to not get enough of the strength built up in there shoulders and arms.

Mine never crawled. Went straight to cruising. Couldn’t walk if they didn’t have something to hold onto until after a year old but was cruising at nine months. Didn’t bother with a walker either.

My daughter started crawling at 10 months, standing 11-12 months then officially walking 14 months. My daughter was the same way.

Sorry not relatable but…How do you post questions on here?

My second one half crawled on his tush for like 3 days before he just got up and walked he army crawled for a long time where he like dragged himself along with his arms but no actual crawling before walking. I didnt think anything of it actually …hes 15 now and still perfect he isnt my fat fat like he use to be when he was a baby but still perfect