Did anyone get pregnant after getting a tubal?

I have had my tubes tied since I was 26. Haven’t had any issues.

I’m curious how any woman gets a tubal that early in life in our culture.

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I had a tubal ligation a month after my daughter was born in 2014. They promised I would never get pregnant. A couple years later I went through my first miscarriage. Now that I had a hysterectomy… no more babies or miscarriages!

I got my tubes tied at 22. Eight years later still no baby. I heard if its gonna happen its gonna happen within ten years. Idk I’ve heard of women having babies 15 plus years after. Just depends I think.

Yep I did 3 years later I’m pregnant 14 weeks along

Got mine tied in 1999 and in 2013 I got pregnant with TWINS…

I had a tubal at 19 the Dr who done mine has passed.

I’m 36 with 4 kids 2 years to 17 years my doctor wouldn’t even consider tubal ligation she said you still have a chance of getting pregnant so may as well be less drastic and just take a pill

I’ve heard from a few people/places/online lol that we as women need to be over 25, be married, have at least one girl and one boy, your husband has to ‘agree’ that he doesn’t want more kids and then go head with it. Which is outrageous, i just turned 25, single momma of 2 boys (17 months apart) and I shall be considering a tubal, currently have the Mirena IUD.

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Nope- no more babies here. I had it done almost 12 yrs ago after my 3rd baby.

No one will do it that young. Once you are 30 they will.
But as getting pregnant again, rare, but can happen

I was 21 after having my 4th kid now 37 and thank God no more since

I’m 32 and I had the Essure procedure done about 7 years ago, and I’m not gonna lie, sometimes I wish I could have another baby. Not sure your situation. If you’re debating a tubal but not sure or if you’ve had a tubal and now want a baby. If you haven’t had a tubal, just be positive it’s what you want before you do it.

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For those asking I’m 26 and my doctors offered me a tubal with this pregnancy I go to wellspan obgyn

I was 24 (I’m 28 now) when I had my tubal. So far there’s been no sign of another mini human possibly taking shape in there anywhere.
Though each month right before Shark Week I get incredibly strong pregnancy symptoms for a couple days then everything proceeds as normal.

I’m 22 and had a tubal ligation after my 2nd baby. My doctor removed my tubes completely so there’s no chance of getting pregnant.

I had a tubal in 1988 and got pregnant in 1989. It does happen.

I got mine done at 24 which was 23 years ago and I’ve never had an issue :blush:

My mom had her tubes tied and she didn’t get pregnant after that.