Did anyone have bladder issues after giving birth?

Does anybody have any problems with like bladder issues after pregnancy??? I like leak a little bit of urine every now and then and I have to wear panty liners everyday. My daughter is 1 1/2 years old and I figure it would’ve went away by now but it hasn’t. Probably tmi but it’s everyday, but it’s very very little amount to where it’s not noticeable but I can tell. I can just be standing there and it happen.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Did anyone have bladder issues after giving birth?

Very common and you can do exercises to strengthen the muscles.

Do those kegals daily

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After three kids this is my norm

Normal welcome to mother hood lol

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4 kids in and yes,I have bladder issues. I also carried 2 babies that were over 9lbs each. I’m currently waiting to be seen

You will forever pee now after laughing very hard or sneezing lol it’s normal.

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Look into pelvic floor dysfunction.

Every comment here is saying it’s normal: it’s not. Please see someone. In later stages it can cause low back pain, frequent urination, and painful sex.

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Kegel weights. I’ve had three babies & my bladder never leaks.

Sometimes your bladder drops during birth. Kegel exercises will help strengthen it back up

Mom of 5, you learn to live with it sadly :disappointed_relieved::joy::joy:


Yes its very normal it happens to me

Kegels will help from what some friends have told me. I am the odd one who doesn’t have any pelvic issues after all of my pregnancies and births.

After 3 kids this is normal for me. I just had a consult with a urologist Friday and setting up an exam with a surgeon to discuss getting a bladder sling to help with my issues

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Even doing kegals every day, sometimes when I cough or sneeze I Def pee a little.

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Completely normal but the amount varies.
Doing kegals (2-3 sets of 20) can help but it may not go away completely.
If you’re bothered or think it’s serious, see a Dr. You know your body best.

For the one who said “It’s not normal”, I had numerous tests done & 3 Dr’s, including 2 specialists, told me there’s was no infection & no damage or issues. It was common after childbirth & to do kegals.

Get some knix undies. Washable and you don’t have to wear pads.

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You might need a bladder sling talk to gyno urologist about issues but if you are planning on having more kids you might want to wait for this until you’re done having kids

I pee every time I sneeze and sometimes when I cough. Normal after pregnancy.

3 kids later and I have bad mom bladder. I can’t laugh, cough or sneeze and once the pee hits me I gotta get to a toilet quick or else. There is no more holding it for me!!

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Find a pelvic floor therapist .

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Poor pelvic floor muscles

It’s not normal to leak constantly. It can be fixed. See a Pelvic floor therapist

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Yep and my youngest is about to be 10

Wait till you sneeze and pee


Talk to your gyno they will help. They will do a test to see how much you leak. Even after pregnancy it’s not ok

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Lol very normal. I only laugh because I find it weird that someone doesn’t know that. There’s exercises you can do to help strengthen pelvic muscles. You’ll be fine :blush:

Yes, very normal. Kegel exercises will help get everything shaped up again.

My youngest is nearly 15 and I still pee on occasion if I laugh, sneeze or cough (stress incontinence basically lol).

Building Resilience Physical Therapy and Wellness LLC can help

Should be doing kegals (Google it if you don’t know what they are or how to do them) all year round whether pregnant or not as your bladder gets weaker with age. Trust me they work

Kegels help …if you breastfeed it helps too

i have had 3 kids and my bladder fell, i need surgery but with all this covid crap and i am high risk i cant see that happening any time soon

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Try kegel exercises and when you go pee kinda squat over the toilet and try to squeeze everything thing out. You can also stop peeing mid stream and hold it for a few to help work those muscles.

My youngest was born 7 years ago, and this STILL happens to me.
Even if I just went pee, if someone comes around a corner and scares me, or I sneeze more than one time in a row, I’ll still pee a little. It’s annoying but after nearly a decade I’m used to it lol and so is my family, like when they see me running to the bathroom they know to get the hell out of my way​:rofl::rofl:


Try a pelvic floor exerciser. I have the perifit and I noticed a difference right away.
I have a lower back injury that was making me feel like everything was sinking and causing leaking issues.

Very normal. Kegels exercise helps

You need to do pelvic floor exercises

Do your kegals it helps alot

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Totally normal. I have the same.

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Same goes for my and I’m 11 mths post birth. But between children it happened also. Including sneezing or coughing is bad

Kegals are your best friend. I wish I would have done them after 6 kids over a 18 yr span I ended up last year having a hysterectomy and they fixed my bladder problems.

This is very common! Honestly though, there is a lot of advice here that I wouldn’t trust without talking to a pelvic floor physio first. Doing kegals without being properly assessed first can do more harm then good. Look for a pelvic floor physio in your area and have an assessment done :slight_smile: they’ll fix you up!


Yes, i have bladder issues too after having my youngest child. I think the combo of being pregnant at age 41 and pushing for over 2 plus hours with a foley catheter in place did me in. The issue has gotten better over time, but i still have serious urgency problems and on occasion i have an accident :confused:

Yep 16yrs later I can cough, laugh, sneeze I pee some.


Yup. 3 kids and no bladder control

Very common problem which can resolve itself but sometimes requires help from physio /surgery. Please don’t suffer in silence or be embarrassed to mention it to the Dr. Sometimes exercises are not enough on their own. Thankfully we no longer have to suffer for the rest of our lives. Get it sorted out now or it will get worse with age.

This happened to me after my hysterectomy and started hormones last year. It helped some but not 100%. It has worsened over the past 15 years to a little to a lot more need to wear pads daily.

My daughter is 12 years old and this still happens. Unfortunately I feel like it never goes away no matter how many kegal exercises you do.

Pelvic floor physical therapy will fix that

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Super common, but you don’t have to tolerate it! Pelvic floor therapy is a great place to start!

Yes and every time I sneeze or cough real hard

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Jumping on a rebounder helped me

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Normal. I pee when i sneeze or laugh too hard. Pelvic floor exercises might help

My kids ruined my bladder and I’m 51.