Did anyone spot at 20 weeks?

Hi mommas! I’m looking for some success stories. I am 20 weeks pregnant and started spotting. I called my OBGYN, and her nurse told me about “20-week spotting”. She said to relax and lay down, and if it gets worse, go to the ER. But I was wondering if anyone has dealt with this before?


My sister in law spotted all through as she had an irritable cervix but baby born fine and healthy x


I spotted all thru my pregnancy. Some women even still have a period. If it comes with cramps and heavy bleeding then there should be something to worry about.


I spotted through my entire pregnancy with my second he is 12 now. Lots of rest keep your feet up maybe a soak in the tub. No lifting an try your best to stay off your feet.

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With my son I full on period like bled for two weeks it was due to an injured cervix he is now a very wild healthy 2 yr old

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I had gushes of blood a few times with my 1st baby. My doctor said it was normal and my sweet baby was born 8 lbs healthy.
:footprints: Try to stay off your feet & relax :green_heart:

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I spotted on and off with my daughter from 8 weeks. My cervix started effacing at 19 weeks and I was put on pelvic rest. At around 30 weeks I was put on modified bed rest (no work, no heavy lifting but I could still do most daily activities) I went into labor at 33+6 and they stopped it to give me steroids for baby’s lungs. I delivered at 34+4.

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I did but it was from doing too much! It was a good reminder for me to slow down and remember that I was pregnant! I even had some heavier bleeding in my third trimester and passed large clots… I went on to have a very healthy boy at 39 weeks naturally

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It happened to me, what I can tell you, go to the ER as soon as possible and they will let you know what to do. I had placenta previa and cervix issues.
I had my baby at 27 weeks 6 days, he is in the NICU now but doing well.


Have you had sex in the last few days ?

I spotted throughout my entire pregnancy with my daughter and had a healthy delivery (8lbs13oz). It truly depends on the person and circumstances. I went to the ER the first couple of times, but my cervix is just a bleeder. If you’re concerned, it’s always better to be safe than sorry!

I spotted in all my pregnancies, however I do have a Mullerian abnormality, so that is no rare and very common in women like me.

All three of my pregnancies! They are all fine and healthy. Still scares the crap out of you when it happens. :pensive::heart:

I bleed heavy for 20 weeks straight.

I had a hematoma on my placenta which caused bleeding

I started bleeding at 17 wks , found out i have placenta previa … Had another bleed at 18 weeks and then just spotting for another week or 2 … Im now 25wks and 5 days and im being monitored closely because ive had another big bleed … Crossing fingers it all stops or he will be getting delivered

With my 2nd I ended up with a full placenta previa. I bled from 14-33 weeks… Like FULL blown bleeding

With my daughter I spotted for the 25 weeks, more like had a full period it was strange

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Did you have intercourse recently??? Stop. I Would go to the emergency room if I were you.:woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging::ok_hand:

I bleed for 3 days the day after my 20 week ultrasound. I spent 1 night in the hospital and it was uncertain if I was going to be able keep the pregnancy. But she was fine and the rest of my pregnancy was uncomplicated. It was terrifying.

Yes, from 19w-21w
I delivered had a healthy baby at 38w


If you have intercourse it could be normal but if your starting to have like period cramps or any back pain I would def get checked… I would honestly get checked just to be on the safe side but it could be totally normal drink lots of water and rest but I’d def get checked out just to be safe :purple_heart:

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Tbh I wouldn’t listen to anyone’s advice even those who said they did. I’d get checked for my own piece of mind you can never be to careful


Yes all the way to 30 weeks had a torn placenta was told to be very careful had to be checked every 2 weeks to make sure fluid was still at level it needed to be

I spotted from 20weeks onwards.was worried sick. Had gorgeous healthy boy…Only if you have pain or heavier bleeding should you be concerned. Doesn’t hurt to confide in your midwife, or GP. Good luck sweetie.

When I was pregnant with my first I had periods and blood clots. But I gave birth to a healthy 9 pound boy. :heart:

I’ve never dealt with this, but keep your head up momma! Listen to the doctors but most importantly listen to your body! You got this :muscle:t2::purple_heart:

Do you have a low laying placenta?

If you had sex recently, it could just be your cervix. When pregnant the cervix is more sensitive and blood vessels are more easily damaged which causes bleeding that can look like spotting.

I had a major bleeding episode at 28 weeks but i had placenta previa i was hospitalized until i had to have a c section at 34 weeks

When I was 3 months I spotted one day. An it scared me baby was OK. I did go get checked out.

If you had sex you can sometimes spot.

I had major placenta prévia diagnosed at 20 weeks. Bleed at 28 weeks , hospital for a week then again at 32 weeks. Had section scheduled and managed to hold on til 37. He was perfectly healthy the hold time!

I had a bleed once a month while pregnant, my daughters fine. But it always needs checked out

My 4th baby I had placenta previa and yes I did. He was something that I had to stop being intimate, lifting pretty much anything because I could have hemorrhaged out if the placenta detached. I ended up in the hospital for 6 weeks at the end to keep him in on bed rest. Ended up having him at 34 weeks

I did with my second!! Rushed to the hospital… it was nothing said I was fine and sent me back home… he’s 11 now!! :blue_heart:

I bled off and on with my 2nd for months and gave birth to a healthy 9.4 pound baby. A little spotting can be completely normal. I never had a drop with my first but every pregnancy is different

I had heavy bleeding at 16 weeks with my twins! Currently 28 weeks and they are doing great! I am on bed rest tho, so take it easy, lots of rest, no heavy lifting!

Light brown spotting yes. Apparently its hormones and normal.

I had unexplained bleeding right at 20 weeks and went to labor and delivery and they did an ultrasound and I have complete placenta previa. Please be careful when bleeding no matter how much it is. Sending good vibes your way and good luck. :heart:

I spotted around that time and everything was fine. Good luck!!!

I did and dr. gave me a shot of some kind. It was almost 40 yrs ago so don’t remember what it was.

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I did also, but it was almost 40 years ago as well. I too received shots to help hold the pregnancy.