Did anyone struggle to get pregnant after Mirena?

Has anyone had issue getting pregnant after being on Mirena? I was on mirena right after my son was born, and he’s now 8. I’ve been trying for 3 months, even using ovulation tests, and trackers and no luck.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Did anyone struggle to get pregnant after Mirena?

It took me about 3 years to get pregnant after having mine taken out.

After my first. I had the mirena put in and had it for 5 years then got it taken out. The doctor said it could take up to a year to become pregnant again. But I got pregnant 4 weeks after getting it taken out wasn’t expecting it to happen so fast since I was told it could take up to a year to happen.

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I had mine put in right after my 1st child . Kept it for 5 years had it removed was pregnant 3 months later. Had a 2nd one put in after my 2nd child. Had it removed 6 years later was pregnant 4 months later.

Took me 8 months lol

Took me 2 years after mine was taken out

Your odds of getting pregnant every month are around 15 to 25 percent. Don’t worry until you hit a one year mark without any success.

Go for a papsmeer :rofl: I had it done and then found out to my suprise that I was pregnant after 6 weeks

I became infertile after the IUD, I wanted one more after my baby girl, but had MANY problems with the mirena and after being ripped out and other things, I’ve tried and tried to get pregnant even went to a clinic and they can’t find a fertile egg, and every attempt to fertilize an embryo I don’t work or last

Yes took me almost 3 years after I had in

Key words in your post… 3 months…
Give it a good year of regular love making… If you don’t get prego… Go talk to your doctor…


I got pregnant in like a week after getting mine out

It took me 3 years and 2 miscarriages beforeI was able to successfully carry my little one to term

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I got it put in 2011 after my daughter was born I got it taken out in 2015 I wanted another baby. 2016 I had a miscarriage, then in 2020 I had ectopic pregnancy and now I’m 32 weeks with a baby girl. All the times in-between were no protection at all.

Took mine out was pregnant two months later , if u are worried u should speak to a professional X

I got pregnant 4mths after mine was removed

Usually takes about a yr from what I’ve read and heard, but everyone’s body is different!

For most people it takes longer than 3 months to try. In fact drs won’t even really test you for anything until you’ve been actively trying for a year. Talk to your dr to clear your mind, but you’re probably fine, just keep trying.

Yes took me almost a year after getting it removed to get pregnant. Then I had back to back miscarriages

After my first one (had it 5yrs.) 7-8 months not trying/not preventing. Gotten a 2nd one in 2019. had it out in March 2021… pregnant by May 2021. (My 3rd and 4th babies are 3yrs and 2 days apart)… took me two year to get pregnant after the shot with my first baby. (Back in 2008)…

I had it for 5 years. I got it taken out in February of 2014. We immediately started trying to get pregnant. I did not get a positive pregnancy test until August of 2014.

I got pregnant a year after having mine removed.

I was told the hormones in Mirena can linger and last about a year. I had a early miscarriage after having Mirena removed and it did take a year to conceive a successful pregnancy.

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It took me about 8 months to get pregnant after taking mine out. Most doctors say if you try longer than 12 months when tracking ovulation you may want to see a fertility doctor.

Yes bit mine grew into my uterus id have your dr do ultrasound make sure yours didn’t damage. It also takes full yr before your body is back cycling normal

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My best friend was on it for years like 10 I wanna say. She had it taken out when she decided to try with her current husband. It took her about 4 months. She started to get worried cause she was younger with her first 2 I told her it will take time as your older. But she’s now had 2 babies about a year apart. I believe she’s back on it again.

I had it in for 4 years, had it taken out and became pregnant 3 months after removal.

I am currently trying… my little guy is 5 year old and had it taken out 1 1/2 ago still haven’t gotten pregnant

I had it back in 2007 after I had my son . I had nothing but problems with it from bleeding for 11 months straight to constant yeast infections after I got it out. I started getting signs and symptoms of PCOS. I couldn’t get a dr to confirm I had it and could not get a dr to put me on the proper medications to help get my body regular again. For 13 years, I tried several diets, took pills Drs prescribed to me, and not for the lack of trying, we could not get pregnant, and my cycles would not regulate. Fast forward to march of last year . I lost my vision found a new dr went in and was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and pcos my Dr put me on metformin a high blood pressure pill and birth control. My husband pushed me to get healthy. We walked rode bikes and were constantly outside keeping busy. I lost 60 pounds in 3 months. On July 19th, 7 days before my sons 14th birthday, we found out we were pregnant. A huge, very unexpected surprise. We are currently 35 weeks today with a healthy baby girl. We will be meeting in 2 short weeks via c section.

I had mirena twice back to back for a total of 8 years had it removed 2 years ago and used timing and withdrawal methods the first year after to try to allow my body to get back to normal. The next year we didn’t exactly try but we didn’t take any precautions to prevent pregnancy and I we just found out we are expecting.

It may take some time after for your hormones and maybe your body to adjust. Don’t stress about it not happening yet treat your body well with healthy foods, proper vitamins and rest (when you can!) and it will likely happen. Best of luck!

My first one I had got pregnant right away. My second took 5 years to get pregnant again. And even longer for a viable pregnancy. I will never get one again. Went to fertility clinic they said nothing is wrong with me or husband. Obviously something w as up.

None at all and I tried about 9 months after having it removed. I had been on some form of BC for about 15 years leading up also. Everyone is different, don’t be too hard on yourself. Try not to stress too much, as that can make it harder too.

It takes an average couple 6-8 months to get pregnant, even with absolutely perfect timing and everything. 3 months is nothing.

Not to mention it takes a few months for your body to regulate and go back to cycling once you stop birth control. Give your body enough time or you’ll end up with a blighted ovum.

Give it time.

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Took 6 months. He’s 2 months old now

I got mine out and got pregnant weeks later . Mine was embedded and I had surgery so even my doctor was shocked I got pregnant so fast .

I had it for 6 years ( took a year to get my doctor to take the damn thing out ) didn’t try and get pregnant for a couple years after. But once we started to try I got pregnant right away.
My sister had hers removed and she’s had all sorts of complications trying to get pregnant.

It can take a healthy couple up to a year to conceive. It doesn’t always happen right away. Give it some time! Stressing about it is gonna make it harder for you, just have fun and enjoy yourselves. It’ll happen!


I know a few people, myself included that have had a hard time with getting pregnant afterwards, even those trying to get pregnant years after having it removed.

I had it for 10 years had it taken out got pregnant 13 months later ended in a miscarriage then got pregnant again 23 months later and now have a healthy 6 1/2 week old baby .

I got pregnant about 6 months after I had it removed

It took my almost a year after removal of mine. (9mo). I also never had a period when I had it so it took a while for my periods to get regular again.

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It can take a while after any contraception as its fake hormones being put into the body took me two yests after the pill

It’s normal! It took me around 8.5 months to get pregnant after I had the Mirena removed

It took a few months, then I had a miscarriage the first pregnancy. But I have had 2 healthy children after.

Took mine out got pregnant twice within a few months. Miscarriage not thought to be mirena related

I used a specific app with my son (my second) & I swear it worked like a charm the 1st time.

3 months? Really…be happy it’s not years you’ve been trying :roll_eyes:

I had it after my first for 6 years and when I went to take it out becajse we were
Going to try the doctor told me not to stress if it didn’t happen right away he said he said it usually takes a little
For your period to start
Back up and then get regular and that could take about 6 months he was shocked when I called a Month later to book my firsT prenatal apt and said he had never seen anyone get pregnant so fast after taking it out

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Took us 4 months of actively trying, skipped one month in there

Wow, thanks for sharing ladies, I have a hard time conceiving just on my own, but didn’t realize Mirena maybe had an effect as well. I was over here blaming myself :woozy_face::broken_heart::heavy_heart_exclamation::see_no_evil:

I fell pregnant 7 months after having my mirena out after having it for 8 years

A year is pretty normal to try. Also if I’m not sure about which hormones are in but it can take some time for your body to adjust to being off if it. 3 months while I know seems like forever and is devastating every time it’s negative isn’t very long at all. Take some prenatals, work on being healthy and track ovulation. It just with tests but get o know your bodies signs of actual ovulation. Also the percentage of getting pregnant every month is quite low. Less than 25% every month doing everything “right”. And you don’t mention if your partner has any issues. They could have male infertility. You don’t know yet. Enjoy this time of trying and when it hits about a year check in with your doctor.

Took me 4 years to get pregnant after Mirena