Did you gain weight after a partial hysterotomy?

I had a hysterectomy about a year and a half ago. Still have my ovaries for natural hormones. But I was just curious if anyone like my situation gained a lot of weight after their partial hysterectomy. Just curious if it’s just me or any other woman. Thanks


I only gained about 10lbs after my hysterectomy but it all went to my mid section and I look 6 months pregnant :sob: it’s like the same bloat I would get while on my period only this time there is no period so it doesn’t go away when my period ends. This was 2 yrs ago. With a lot of hard work and diet changes I’ve lost 30lbs and counting but my belly will not shrink at all :sob:


Yes I had a hysterectomy when I was 30 didn’t gain any weight tho Iv gained a stone in this lockdown :flushed::worried:

Yes, I started gaining weight immediately and never stopped gaining it. I asked my Gynecologist about it and he told me my weight gain had nothing to do with my surgery!!


Oh yes. I have 1 ovary left everything else is gone. When I had hysterectomy I actually had a tumor so I ended up losing over 20 lbs, but it all came back and then some.
Not totally without some blame on my end, but i dont even eat 3 times a day :woman_shrugging:

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Please do more research I had a hysterectomy they left my cervix but I had a lot of complications after and still trying to recover from all of this

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Yes I gained about 30 pounds. It makes me feel better that I’m not the only one!!


Oh yes. I had the same thing done you did. I’ve gained about 100 lbs.


Oh yes. I was about 130lbs 2 years ago. Today, I weigh about 210. Almost all my weight is in my mid section.


Had a full hysterectomy in 1999 and gain 60 lbs. This year I have finally lost 50 of it.

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Yes I was about 160 before hysterectomy and got up to 220 i had it done in 2016

Had a oophorectomy which removed both ovaries, and cervix AND a hysterectomy and I put on like 100 pounds :pensive::sob:

I only gained a few pounds but my hips did spread significantly. I had to go up a size in pants.

Yes I gained quite a lot and find it hard to lose it

I did. Went from wearing a size 2 to a size 6 all in the mid section. Can’t get rid of it either. Menopause is terrible.


Had mine over 40 years ago, didn’t gain much weight, couple of pounds here and there.

It was never the same after that. I constantly work on it

I lost 20 or so pounds then gained back 30

I am about 10lbs heavier than my usual. But idk if that age or from that.

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Full hysterectomy but yes 30 pounds. Just lost 10 of it.

Yes, but then lost 50

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Yes LORDY and STILL tryna get it off

No never gained any weight

Its super common side effect and more so if you’re close to a menopausal age. If you were over weight before for some reason it also puts you at a high risk of weight gain

If you have all of the proper hormones you should not have a change in weight. Weight is gained when calories coming into your body are higher than the calories your body burns daily. Changes in lifestyle and eating habits after a surgery can definitely contribute to weight gain but the actually surgery would not have.

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No I weigh about the same.

I have one ovary left and I gained 35 pounds over a 3 year time span
My obgyn told me that some weight gain is 'normal"

I don’t understand how so many woman who have had hysterectomies don’t realize even if you still have your ovaries you still had a total hysterectomy.
Radical Hysterectomy usually done due to cervical cancer so the uterus, cervix, more cervix tissue and some vagina tissue is taken. Sometimes the ovaries and tubes are taken.
Partial/Subtotal Hysterectomy is just the Uterus.
Full/Total Hysterectomy is Uterus and Cervix
Removal of tubes is Salpingectomy
Removal of Ovaries is oophorectomy

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I gained over 100 lbs. Still have one ovary and still have so many symptoms. Mine was over 6 years ago and don’t eat like I did then and can’t lose it but like others Dr won’t believe me when I blame that surgery.


I had one about 10 years ago. I didn’t gain any weight after. But I’ve alway had trouble gaining even durning pregnancy. Everyone is different.

I just had one two weeks ago.
Everything removed but got to keep my ovaries.
Just curious how much pain should I be in ?
I have bad pain all day long.
I also have a autoimmune disease.
Thank you.

I had a complete hysterectomy in 2018…at that time I was 262…now I’m down to 119

I did not really gain but I had just had a baby six months prior. I did, however, have a really hard time losing weight and keeping it off. Its been 4 years and I am just starting to lose noticeable weight.

Women who have partial or radical hysterectomies have the same (or worse) struggles that women that go thru menopause have. Your body uses less calories to run on now because it’s not going thru the entire menstrual cycle anymore and that can lead to weight gain.

I had a hysterectomy in 2019. Removed everything except my ovaries. Originally I lost weight. Went down to 135lbs. My stomach was almost flat. Now a year & a half later I am up to 171lbs. & my belly now looks almost 6months pregnant again.

Mine was 11yrs ago since my partial hysterectomy i didn’t gain any weight but I worked 2 jobs and was a single mom of 3 crazy boys so I think thats how I kept the weight off lol

No I have not contrary I lost weight. Everyone is different. It has alot to do with metabolism and current activity level.

Yes, they say you get a Buddha belly after hysterectomy, and it’s true, unfortunately, not much you can do about it!


Nope… Maybe your typical 2 pounds here and there that come and go… It’s been 12 yrs I also had a partial one…

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O my gosh I lost 75lbs right after but only lasted 3 months and blew up my friend that’s a doctor said its my hormones

I hope I don’t gain I go for a full hysterectomy in 2 weeks and I’m scared shitless

I gained 100 lbs :disappointed: heaviest I’ve ever been and nothing I do helps me lose the weight

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I had mine almost a year ago now and haven’t gained any weight luckily

Yes, gained about 20 pounds after my partial.

I’ve lost weight but I still have the flab that came along with it.

I had a total hysterectomy in 2002. Yes, I found a “few” pounds after.

I had a hysterectomy when I was 34 but did not gain weight.

Yes its very common to gain wieght after surgery…dr says between 15 n 30 lbs.

Yes. Lost almost 60 lbs. Had a hysterectomy and gained every pound back

I had the same done weight fluctuated but since yeh I have lost 30 pounds

About 15 pounds but that could have also been the covid quarantine

I can’t get weight off and I was thin beforehand. Now I’m 70 pounds over.

Yes between that and pregnancy I gained 120lbs and can’t loose it😪

You shouldn’t gain weight if you still have ovaries

Yes I have had weight gain and I was just wondering if this was a thing

I lose every thing to cancer

I had a full one and gained a few pounds

At first I lost weight, but then i gained some.

I lost my uterus & gained alot of weight. Long story short I developed ovarian cancer & then lost everything else except 1 ovary working at about 75%…right after that surgery I dropped 82 pounds in less than 40 days!! I’ve found with all the women I know they gained weight after partials also…total is the best but will throw you into menopause!!

I did gain weight had totel hysterectomy

Haven’t gained any weight since i had mine

I just had a hysterectomy 5 weeks ago and have been back to work for 2 weeks now. I am wondering if anyone else has felt the intense tiredness that I am having. I literally go to work for 9 hours (on my feet the entire time) then come home, shower and sleep atleast 12 hrs but still feel exhausted when I wake up.

Had mine nineteen years ago
Put on some kilos
Joined a gym
Been going ever since
I going to be honest
I stopped and went
Covid 19 came on the scene, stopped
Im back there
Im still overweight by ten kilos

Why would you ask people that. Guestion that is very presonel

I lost for the first month(3 1/2 months out) and now gaining plus was heavy to begin with. Still have ovaries too. Also belly changed shape. Now have larger on top, never been pregnant so no comparison. I did have massive complications so I know that contributed to losing in the beginning

I did with menopause :pleading_face:

I was told I’d loose weight but gained a ton.

40 pda, complete one, no ovaries

I had a hysterectomy, have both tubes and ovaries gained about 15lbs and have had some other unexplained body changes.

No I actually lost weight almost 75 lbs after a complete hysterectomy and it took me 7 years to gain 55 of it back

Doesn’t the doctor discuss this with you before surgery? Haven’t had one but I guess it seems possible with hormone changes but seems every doctor should prepare you that this could happen.

I’ve known 2 woman who were tiny in my opinion that put on a bit of weight. They were so upset. I thought they still looked great though but you know woman & if we don’t like the way our body looks then no one else will tell us any different. Good luck.

Yes! I was skinny as a rail until my partial! Gained 60lbs after. Took me 2 years and a lot of work to shed it and now I have to really watch what I eat to maintain!

Yes I put weight on, lost through dieting got back to what I was, sorry to say through these last 18months I need to go back to a diet club when they open again.

Important update to ovaries kept for natural hormones…because the blood flow is cut off from them when the rest is removed…they will slowly shrink and stop producing the hormones…meaning that you will need some help with this.

I had a hysterectomy 8 years ago and started noticing changes in everything a couple years later. Anxiety, depression, weight gain, terrible sweating, not sleeping or feeling like I slept well but still exhausted. When I finally went off of off all medication for anxiety and depression because I felt I was in a good place, I was still exhausted. Went to my factory and talked about it, yes I had been before. He tested my hormones levels, gave me an estrogen patch and left. When the results came back…I had zero estrogen…
My family doctor was not my family doctor or surgeon at the time of my hysterectomy…so it was not his fault that I did not know this is how it works. I did my research prior to seeing him about the hysterectomy with ovaries left behind and went to him with the information I had found, asked him if this was a possibility.

Also, for those women who think getting bloodwork checked with your yearly physical includes hormones…it does not, this is something you must request.

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Yes! I was 24 and put on a ton of weight

I had full hysterectomy years ago. Put on lots of weight

Partial no. But when I had my full hysterectomy some. Then came lupus and med and oh yes.

I didn’t gain anything.

No weigh the same, had it done at age 34, but 1year later Overies stopped functioning.

My Dr explained to me that if I continue to eat and exercise as I had been doing before surgery, I would not gain any weight

Ask your doctor not f in f b wow u people are wierd