Did you regret not having a baby shower?

I’m not having a baby shower and it kinda makes me sad when I think about it because I hate this entire pregnancy. I’ve been alone and I feel like celebrating it is just a joke. Has anyone else not had a shower and regretted it?


No, always thankful for what was received. I needed any and all help I could get. It helped me not resent due to being able to have things for baby the I originally resented for because I couldnt afford on my own.

You could also have a baby shower after you have ur baby! If you do regret not having one before there’s always after when you feel emotionally better

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If your feeling sad about it then have one

Why do you hate your pregnancy


I didn’t have 1…i regret not having those memories. And the gifts would have really helped. We are fine tho. most close friends got me a gift and just gave it to me randomly…also lots of handmedowns from a family friend. W

We had our showers after they were born. We got awesome gifts and everyone loved having the baby around.

I had one the first time. My second I didn’t. Don’t regret it.

I had a shower for my first born but not with the other two. No, I don’t regret it.

I regretted not having one with my other kids so I am determined to have one with this pregnancy, especially since it’s my last.

I didn’t have one with either of my other 2 kids…this one is no different.

Girl, you need to have one! Once that baby is born, you will change your mind about everything. It’s the greatest blessing.


I didn’t have one and I didn’t care after lmao

My baby shower with my son was over the top and expensive and only a couple people showed up so it was a waste of money and food. I didn’t have a baby shower with my daughter. I don’t regret it. Saved myself from getting my feelings hurt and saved all that money too.

yes … i had one for my first daughter and my son but not my youngest daughter and i regret it to this day (shes now 12)

That’s a life inside you and it deserves to be celebrated. You might feel alone but your baby has you and you have your baby, so you’re not alone. You have to try to look at your pregnancy positive and a blessing. Have a baby shower and celebrate the life growing inside you. Best of luck mama. :heart::heart:

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I would definitely have one for your first… the gifts help tremendously. I had my son 3 months ago and have yet to buy any new wipes or clothes for him.

Also the memories of that day will be something you and your child can look back on in the future as well…

I’ve had showers with both my babies, and they were not worth it. BUT I’ll have one for my next because even though itll probably be the same outcome I still want to celebrate my baby like I did my others.

My first shower sucked :sob: and I didn’t have a second one because I was afraid no one would come

I didn’t have one for any of my kids. It did kind of suck, but only because I was completely jealous of everyone else who had one…plus, all the free baby stuff that they would get, because I had to pay for everything for my kids myself. Basically, it upset me because of my own selfishness. Not saying that it effects anyone else that way, only saying that is my own personal experience and thoughts I had.

I didnt have a baby shower with either of my babies, because I just didnt have enough friends that would go. I’m sad when I think about it not because of the items I didnt get as gifts, but because I dont have those memories that I made.

I think you should have one ! Every baby deserves to be celebrated! You are bringing a beautiful life into this world :heart:

I did have one for my first, and was grateful for the things received. I will likely not have one for my second, as I’ve always heard that you only have one for the first, anyway. Another idea is a sprinkle, or diaper and wipes party. You will definitely need all of the diapers and wipes that you can get, and the price adds up if you’re buying them all on your own. Another option is to make an announcement and leave gifts optional. That way no one feels obligated, and you don’t have to feel guilty for asking for things, because you’re not. I hated being pregnant with my first, as well. So far my second has been easier. Whatever you decide will be fine. All the best to you!

I didn’t get the chance to have one. I didn’t have a very good pregnancy because I didn’t find out until I was already 8 months along. I never even got an ultrasound picture. My first doctors appointment I was in labor and had him that day. I would definitely have a shower if I were you because the people you care about are celebrating you and your child. Every time I see someone on Facebook having a baby shower I feel so bitter and so robbed :\ and I hate myself for feeling that way over something that is supposed to be a happy time for my friend or acquaintance. You and baby deserve to be celebrated :sparkling_heart:

I had one and it got thrown in my face by my husbands family. So it’s completely up to you.

I didn’t have a regular baby shower…we had a cookout and just had a good time with family and friends.

I never had one with any of my 5, but then again i was 16 with my first and any “friends” i had stopped talking to me because i was pregnant…
i didnt care tho and never really thought about it or them

In my father opinion (lol) A baby shower isn’t just about getting gifts or getting together just to eat or have a fancy gender reveal whatever what have you, with that said it’s great to involve all the fun stuff but in my opinion it’s more of a time for the mother, and other mothers in the family and freinds/family to enjoy and celebrate another beautiful thing. You can hate your pregnancy I feel most women do but always enjoy being able to create an grow a human inside you human body. That’s amazing and more an more women only wish to go threw everything you hate about it but will never have a chance

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Did I regret having a baby shower? No.

I dont have any real friends here so I’m not having one. I’ve been alone this pregnancy as well…7 months here and it’s been a terrible pregnancy. My 1st one was easier. I am bummed about it, but it is ok. I understand how you feel.

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I’ve had two kids and never had one hasn’t really been an issue

Is good to have because when you give birth you are going to see those picture of the baby shower and you going to love it ,they are nice memories

I didn’t have a baby shower because I was in the army and away from my friends and family. I actually didn’t care, nor do I have any regret.

I think you’ll regret it more and feel more helpless than you already do if you don’t have one. The items typically received at showers are extremely helpful. Maybe have one and you’ll have a more positive outlook on what’s to come.

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Maybe keep it small like close friends and/or family if you are having second thoughts. You dont have to have a huge shower just a nice small luncheon.

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I didn’t have one and honestly i have no regret

Yes, I’ve had 3 babies and no baby shower, I still get sad about it, made it feel like no one cared about my pregnancies.

I didn’t for my third i did for my first two but im such an Antisocial person that most people who came were for my bf and not me. So this year I just went out to dinner with family

It’s completely up to you… I have four kids and never wanted bBy showers and I don’t regret it

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Four kids, not a single baby shower! No regrets :woman_shrugging:t2: it would have been nice to get free stuff but it’s also nice knowing we got what we needed ourselves - were big on not asking for “help” so it was an “us” thing to do lol

I had one for my first. Thrown by my sister. Fantastic. Debated…but had one for my second where my sisinlaw threw it and I paid to have it CATERED ($250) nobody came… Literally like 4 family members. Currently about to have my 3rd shower this weekend (my friends talked me into it) and now im throwing it myself and have the feeling only a few people (family and friends) will show up. My friends who basically begged me to let them throw it backed out. So I ordered a taco bar and told people to come for the food. So we’ll see how it turns out. I tried cancelling this one twice now but my few family members begged me to still have it so wr csn atleast visit. And hey… We get good ass tacos :slight_smile: so whatever. So I guess do what you feel. Maybe just have a small lunch?

I loved having and throwing showers too,at the very least let folks know ,in my experience ppl come out of the woodwork with baby stuff !

I didn’t have one and I couldn’t give a shit !! Just a sad excuse to beg for presents in my opinion :woman_shrugging:t2:

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I didnt have a baby shower and I dont regret it. Just because I was exhausted from working all the time and I already had everything. And we hadn’t even been in this new area for a even a year.

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Yes. I didnt have one with either of my babies since all of our family is across the country.

How alone are you? I feel like a lot of people say or feel very alone but really have a lot of people in their corner…maybe just not that one person who you really want there…but take a second look and see who really is…I bet there’s someone…maybe focusing on the positives and celebrating even just a little will make you feel a bit better about things… after all you should be happy… no matter what the circumstance your baby is a fresh soul entering this world and will be thrilled to see you and love you unconditionally no matter what…that’s something to celebrate💗

A friend threw one for me and nobody showed. I’m sorry you’re having a rough time, hoping it gets better for you.


FYI people, you’re not supposed to throw yourself a baby shower. It’s supposed to be done for you by someone else, when you do it yourself it just looks like you’re begging for things because you had a baby and expect everyone to buy stuff for it.


Have a sip and see. That way you can show off baby and see family/friends.


I didn’t and regret it. Do it. :slight_smile: might make you feel better.

Yes, but I felt so embarrassed because everyone in my family was engaged or married before having kids, my child’s father wasn’t there and I had only two friends at the time.
I promised myself the next time I would, I don’t know watching the baby showers or gender reveals on Facebook always makes me envious.

I had a arrival party with my 3rd. I didn’t feel like having a baby shower nor did I want every single person at the hospital after the labor. So it was kinda like a baby shower since we people brought gifts. Maybe you might want to do that :blush:

I am on my 5th. No showers. It doesn’t bother me one way or the other really.

I didn’t have any baby showers for any of my children and I regret it not for the gifts but it made me feel like I was alone and no one was there for me just my partner x

Why don’t your friends give you a baby shower? I had two and they were a lot of fun. I have 4 kids. It’s about celebrating life.

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Are u happy about having the baby? Are you happy to be having a child? Do u have any friends or family around?
You do whatever you want, but to me, a baby shower is a nice way to get together with some people you love, and also get some stuff for baby that u need.

It’s nice because you get things you’re going to need

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I’ve had 5 babies and never had a baby shower. I wanted one especially for my first. But I feel it’s something people are supposed to do for you. Usually a mother arranges this. I wasn’t going to do one myself:(

I thought bout canceling mine due to not having alot of money for it but I knew I would regret it if I didn’t my friends and family are helping me pay for it alot of people told me they would come think about your baby and what it needs :purple_heart::purple_heart:

4 kids here no showers either

I did not have one and I do regret it. My last trimester was tough, so I did not feel up to it.

Both my children were born early and just before their showers. At first I was disappointed but now I’m happy I didn’t have to deal with the hassle.

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WTF is a baby shower? :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Have a welcome baby party after you have the baby

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Where I’m from ppl always have a huge celebration exactly 9 days after babies are born

I had two because one was a girl and one was a boy. This time around I don’t plan on having one. Planning a party can be stressful.

I didn’t because my partner thought they were stupid and ‘American’ (and I had a hideous pregnancy). I regretted it. Have the shower if it’s your first especially.

We had a welcoming get together for baby instead of a pre-birth shower. People dropped in to say hi and bought a present (they didn’t have to). Family got to meet the baby.

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I have 3 and never had a baby shower. It’s fine.


Never had one didnt care

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I loved my babyshower, I got so many things I needed but the love was the most amazing part. It is definitely one of the best days of my life.

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I didn’t have the money to pay for one with my second pregnancy. I wish I did have one. My son deserved to be celebrated. And I love cake soooo💁 I missed out on that lol

I didn’t have a baby shower and I was okay with that. I managed to work when I was pregnant to buy blankets and a second hand cot, stroller, bassinet and baby clothes. I didn’t buy heaps of clothes for my baby because I knew he would out grow them very quickly. I had 3 sons and not one time did I have a baby shower because I didn’t want to have one. I was able to pass on my baby gear to a friend of mine. I had a baby shower for her and we gave her what we had and she appreciated it. So I don’t regret not having one but I am lucky to pass on my baby gear to another mum who needed it.

If you dont want to have a baby shower or just dont have the time and energy, tell everyone you would rather them bring the gift when they come visit in the hospital after having the baby. Itll give you even more to look forward to that day and you wont have to do any planning!

I am an introvert, so I definitely don’t regret that we only had one with the first of my 3.

I’m sorry that you feel this way and I hope no one in particular is making you feel this way but unless you’re planning to give your baby up for adoption (absolutely NO JUDGEMENT) I would advise you to have a baby shower. Pregnancy is very rough and if you’re doing this all alone, it’s that much tougher. But perhaps a baby shower might be what you need to get excited and welcome this little miracle into your life. I had one for each of my daughters and I’m grateful my MIL and SIL threw the first and my husband threw the second for me. I had several pregnancy losses so to me it’s not at all about a registry and getting presents, it’s about celebrating this life we’re welcoming with arms wide open. It doesn’t have to be pintrest elaborate, it can be simple and minimal. Much more MY style. Food, cake, games for the kids, and just overall a feeling of love for this child who will soon be with us. I’m not big on parties and socializing but for this I make an exception. Especially since my own mother pretends nothing is happening and avoids any kind of acknowledgement of any event that can celebrate me. I make sure to ALWAYS celebrate my children, make sure they feel loved and wanted.
If you’re having a hard time because you’re alone, this may help you. That aside I do advise that you mention to your doctor how you feel. Depression can hit during pregnancy and you can get help to get you through this so you’re not so miserable, for YOU.
Good luck, I wish you the best.


I went into premature labour on my birthday at 33+0 weeks. Never got to organise one.

My thoughts on baby showers are, they are party’s to celebrate gender and to bring your baby gifts. Too embarrassing for me having 1. No regrets here. If your pregnancy isn’t going good I dont think a baby shower will make it seem better. Your babys birth will be a celebration day and will make all the hate turn to loves.

I was about to. I started planning one for my first daughter, but got busy with work that I forgot about it. I almost regret not celebrating my daughter.

then one day I was out with my grandpa, cause I was staying with them, and love going places with them. so I was out with my grandpa, going here and there, my grandpa called grandma to see if they were ready at home, they said no, and we went home later. I was surprised by a baby shower. My SIL finished planning it for me, cause she used some ideas I thought of and the colors I wanted.

I didn’t with either of my kids, no regrets, I’m actually glad I didn’t lol
I think they’re just not for me :woman_shrugging:

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I personally never regretted it. I got everything I wanted and needed for myself. Some people that wanted too still bought things for baby. I’m not much of a people person and it seemed much easier that way. I only regretted the shower I had lol

This is my first and I’m not having one. I’m totally fine with it, socializing isn’t my thing and I hate to be the center of attention. Hubby is fine with whatever I want.

If someone throws you one go! I didn’t have a very big baby shower only a couple friends and a couple of my husband’s family came… I do not speak to any of my family… It was small and sweet! If you are spending money to throw it and not many attending I would opt out and spend the money on things you need for baby!

Alone by family and friends? Or the child’s father. Get some act right and fix your emotional health. Because all you are doing is affecting your child negatively. You cannot control him but you can celebrate the fact that a blessing is within you. Celebrate the fact you are on a journey where you will eventually have a friend you created and one who can care for you in your older years. Celebrate that what so many are getting treatments for, are mourning for you have. Celebrate your life shower or not. Do not stay sunken or depressed serk help counseling

I regret not throwing one for myself. It was a bummer and I feel like my baby really missed out,and I’ve struggled getting all of the things he needs his first year.

Nope, but to be honest I was exhausted and very sick so I wouldn’t have enjoyed myself

If the pregnancy is hard on you, then don’t feel bad you didn’t have one. Some of my family and closest friends didn’t show to mine so it was a little hurtful but I’m grateful to the ones that did show. Sometimes they don’t always go as planned and to have added stress while you’re having a hard time with pregnancy would’ve made it harder.

Don’t need shower, just be proud to have a child, it’s a gift from God. You were blessed.

I didn’t have a shower with my second baby and I regretted it bigtime. That’s not to say you couldn’t still do it, potluck style where everyone brought their own food contributions, but dont feel bad if you dont have one. It doesnt have to be someone else that puts it on, that’s just what society has told you.

Your friends and family want to give a special gift to your baby, don’t deny them to do something special. We all love to shop for a new baby. The gifts you do get will be a big help. Baby items are expensive and it will really help.

Maybe it will give you something to enjoy and the ppl who love you will help lift your spirits.

Don’t have a celebration, have a preparation shower! Even though you’re not excited, this baby is coming and will need the stuff people will give you.

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A dose of reality. Have that baby shower. You’re gonna need all the baby stuff. I never had one for any of mine and it was hard to get prepared. That’s why I hosted n paid for my grandbabies baby shower. Not being happy about your blessing is another issue and I pray once you look into the eyes of your babe nothing else will matter!

I did not want a shower and my MIL did. I did it for her. I prefer buying my own stuff. You will not regret it.

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This made me so sad to read :cry:.


I also think that people put to much effort into these silly parties and the reveal parties these days. I do not understand the need for showers for every kid or for big birthdays for every birthday or for reveal parties . Waste way to much money on people that really do not care anyways

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My family threw me a surprise shower for my first baby and my coworkers had one planned as well. I was at the surprise shower with my family but my son was born early…3 days before the planned shower. I think you should at least do a lunch thing with a few people closest to you. It may help make you happier and feel more at ease with having the baby.

I wanted a baby shower for my oldest but nope never happened :sob::sob::sob::sob:

My youngest I had a baby shower but everything got changed last minute so I had no choice but to do everything myself thankfully family & close friends still showed up & I ended up getting lots of baby gifts

Having a new baby should be a blessing & be celebrated whether you do yourself or someone else do it for you

You don’t throw your own baby shower. Someone else throws it for you because it doesn’t make any sense to spend your own money on a baby shower just to ask for people to bring gifts the baby needs.

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Um back when I had kids you only had a shower for the first one not all of them there is no need to have one for each kid.