Do babies need to be swaddled?

Do babies need to be swaddled? I just gave birth but i feel like he hates being constrained…every time i swaddle him he screams…i take him out and he is fine…could there be something wrong with him?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Do babies need to be swaddled?

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No he’s fine, he just doesn’t like it!


I didn’t really swaddle my daughter. Some babies like it some babies don’t!

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I didnt swaddle either of my kids. Never.

My son hated it, so I never did

They don’t have to be swaddled, only 2 out my five liked to be swaddled! The others absolutely hated it!

Mine hated being swaddled. So we didn’t. He turned out fine.

I never swaddled my son and he is just fine. If he doesn’t like being swaddled then don’t swaddle momma that simple

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No they do not NEED to be swaddled.

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Both my babies hated being swaddled your his momma follow your instincts you know what’s best for your baby :heart:


My babies loves to be swaddled but at times they didn’t want to you could try figure something out how tightly he feels comfortable with :woman_shrugging: you’ll figure it out in time a routine
Congratulations :heart:


If he doesn’t like it don’t do it. My youngest hated being swaddled and would scream until you undid it. Even now at 9yrs old she doesn’t like to be wrapped tightly in a blanket. Every kid is different and your little is telling you that it’s not for them. Listen to them.


They don’t need to be swaddled, my son hated it too

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Try swaddling him under his arms, just up to the armpit, but leave his arms out. Sometimes babies don’t like to be constricted but they also like the comfort that a swaddle can bring.


They don’t HAVE to be, most of em just like it. I second the sleep sack suggestion.

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4/5 of mine hated it. 1 loved it! I will say, 2 of the others liked it for a very short period and as long as their arms weren’t swaddled down.

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The only reason I have ever heard to swaddle is because it reminds them of the womb I guess being confined but if your baby hates it it is most Definitely not A Need. I didn’t swaddle long at all with mine. Month max with my oldest 2 and with my youngest maybe a week he didn’t much care for it either and always got out so I stopped.

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My son hated it, my daughter loved it. Different things work for different babies


Not all babies like to be swaddled. My babies never liked it and they got too hot too fast. Babies can’t control their own temp like older children can. Maybe try a sleep sack with the arms free if you feel it’s too cold.


Swaddling is NOT a requirement :joy:
It’s just a trick that works for some babies


Just cause he doesn’t like to be swaddled doesn’t meant there is something wrong with him. Some babies don’t like to be confined and it’s totally fine. They like to move freely.

Yes an no. Most babies like it bc it reminds them of the womb an the warmth they had while in utero. But some babies are rebels and tend to like sprawling out an are naturally really warm so they don’t care to be wrapped. Babies don’t have to be swaddled it’s just better for them to be bc they can’t self regulate their body temp but if they’re not comfortable and seem to do better without it then so be it. It’s not like it’s written in stone.

My kids seemed to not like being swaddled either, so I tried a little bit at the beginning but gave it up once I realized they were perfectly content without it. I’m sure he’s fine :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Heehee my first hated it second needs it to sleep

My baby hated clothes and swaddled for the first 9 months. Some babies just don’t enjoy feeling smushed.


I don’t believe in swaddling…

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My middle child is a January baby and she couldn’t stand to be too hot :hot_face: got her in the freezing and snow snd bam just fine true winter baby there

I would suggest a sleep sack for temperature regulation but it allows the freedom of movement and not being restrained.


Swaddling didn’t work for my older 2 babies but my 2 month old won’t sleep without being swaddled

Mine hated it. When the nurse swaddled my baby, my baby still managed to pop an arm out. Each child is so different.

Don’t do it if he doesn’t like it. Every baby is different. Discover his likes and dislikes.


i never swaddled, not for any reason, just because i didn’t know that was a thing. and i always just had my baby on me. they slept on me, ate on me, looked at me on me lol … now that i am saying this, no wonder i felt crazy. maybe try swaddling lol and take a nap

No they dnt need 2 so if he doesnt like it dnt do it i had the same issue with my younger boys so i stopped doing it n they were fine

It’s okay mommy. My daughter had a love hate relationship with being swaddled but my son…. That boy wanted to be swaddled 24/7… lol all babies are different

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All babies are different. One of mine loved being swaddled, the other hated it and would scream like we were killing him everytime.

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Just dress him in warm footy onsie pajamas or whatever it’s called and lay him on his back with a paci…sound machines help too

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Sleep sacks are much safer

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Sleep sacks work great

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Maybe try a zip up sleep sack. Less confining but they get the warmth

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There’s nothing wrong with him he just doesn’t like it! Keep doing what you’re doing and you will figure out what works and doesn’t work :relaxed:


Do yourselves a favor and don’t swaddle if your baby doesn’t initially favor it. It’ll drive you and your significant other CRAZY!

My daughter hated it

My boys only liked being swaddled if I left their arms out lol

My daughter hated it!

I would wrap mine in a blanket but not tight at first… never really swaddled cuz they just looked too confined… didn’t want a baby taco lol

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Never swaddled any of my 3, they hated it

Some prefer little lightweight newborn hats instead.

My daughter and son hated being swaddled so they mainly slept in onesies or in just a diaper

No babies do not need to be swaddled. If you do choose to swaddle be aware that swaddling needs to stop at the first attempt to roll or at 8 weeks of age whichever comes first :heart:


Some like it …some don’t. Do what you baby needs. Don’t worry about normal. Your baby is fine.
No one is normal😂.
God bless and congratulations :tada:


Swaddling is for comfort and to help recreate the feeling of being in the womb. So if they don’t like it then it’s defeating the purpose.


My 3 boys hated being swaddled

My kids both hated being swaddled. We did it in the hospital and that’s it. Once home it was maybe a light blanket on top and that’s it

No never did either of mine. It’s a personal choice

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My oldest hated
Then one of my twins hated it

I never swaddled my babies, actually I was told not to swaddle Because it’s bad for the hips. I had a baby with hip dysp. Sleep sacks are where it’s at!

Every baby is different…


No there’s nothing rong with your baby. Some baby’s like being swaddled and some don’t like being swaddled
He’s fine he will grow out of it

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All 3 of my kids hated to be swaddled

Not swaddled but I wrapped my two they would always wake themselves up with there hands if I didn’t lol

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My two oldest didn’t like it and one twin does and one twin doesn’t I prefer not to but to each their own…

i tired a few swaddles cause my baby hated it. this was the only one he liked. otherwise we didnt swaddle

I didn’t swaddle my 2 and they lived and thrived. :woman_shrugging:

No. He’s fine. Some babies are movers & shakers.

There’s nothing wrong with him! My daughter didn’t like to be swaddled and always stuck her hands out

Nah he may not like the texture of the blankets or may just not like being constrained. Every baby I had was different.

My son hated the swaddle at 3 months so I stopped using them! It’s perfectly fine if you don’t swaddle! Just make sure they have the proper clothes for the temperature of the room they sleep in!

My girl hated it from the day she was born. Would just continually cry for hours when the nurses would wrap her, I’d come and unwrap pat her butt twice and she’d be out, lol

He’s a person with likes and dislikes. He probably is just a baby that doesn’t like being swaddled and that’s ok.

My oldest love to be swaddled and lay next to me. My youngest slept like a starfish and hated my bed. Each kid is different.

Nope my daughter absolutely hated it I’d tuck her with a baby blanket with her hands out

It’s normally a comfort to baby and stops their startle reflex but if it’s not that for your baby then don’t do it there’s nothing wrong with not swaddling :blush:

Both of my kids hated it.

Never once swaddled mine x

I didnt with my baby , but i kinda regret it lol cos he keeps his hands moving 24/7 and it was really hard to put him down in his bed without him being startled , 8 and a half months later now he wont even let his hand go under the blanker what so ever haha

Love to dream swaddles, they’re amazing :star_struck:

It’s a personal choice I swaddled one out of 3!

Nope I used the sleep suit like sleeping bags

No, they don’t have to be. My daughter hated being swaddled. She didn’t like her arms confined. My son on the other hand loved it.

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My daughter hated being swaddled and she really didn’t like blankets either. She was always a warm baby, so she would just get too hot when I tried to swaddle her. Some babies just don’t like being confined. I don’t blame them for wanting to be free after being crammed up for months though


No not at all, both my kids were never swaddled, they moved too much, they both hated being wrapped up

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My first loved it and I swear I did it for a year. My second hated it so I never did

My oldest absolutely HATED being swaddled from day one. So nope nothing is wrong with baby :relaxed: baby is enjoying freedom lol

Lots of babies don’t like being swaddled and that’s okay!

He’s a free spirit let that baby kick his legs and swing his arms. Love it.

My boy hated swaddles but I believe it is because his whole life, even now, he has always been on the warmer temperature side and sweats in his sleep.

Both my kids loved being swaddled in the hospital. The second they were home I could never swaddle them again. They both hated it. If you want to try something for extra warmth you can’t do sleep sacks with the arm holes so he’s not restrained but my kids hated them too. There’s nothing wrong with him. Some babies would just prefer to be snuggled up with you then snuggled in a blanket.

No. He just doesn’t like being swaddled. It’s ok.

No, if the baby doesn’t like it or isn’t comfortable then don’t swaddle

I tried swaddling and my son hated it… so after he was 4 days old ( it was a Hassel the first 4 days trying to keep him swaddled) I stopped. Also I’m curious if it was your pediatrician that told you you had to swaddle??? I never was told by anyone that I HAD to swaddle him… they taught me when he was born in the hospital and said if I wanted to I could swaddle. Never have I heard it was a mandatory thing. It’s your baby, you raise him the way you want and you dress him, comfort him, feed him. Ect the way that you think is right! Parenting doesn’t come with a book sweetheart because every child is different as well as every parent!! There is definitely nothing wrong with your baby! I’m sure he is a adorable, precious baby boy and don’t let anyone ever make you feel like there is something wrong with him or with you and your choices as his mamma!!! You got this!! Congratulations pn your baby boy

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They don’t need to some baby’s like it some don’t my eldest loved being swaddled my youngest could take it or leave it

We have 4 kids we swaddled all of them but our last one I made a comment t to my husband the other day that at week old is the only one we have never wrapped like a burrito and out little one is fine

I never swaddled my 2nd. X

No my daughter only liked it if we left her arms out she hated having her arms stuck in it, maybe try it that way

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My son hated it from the time he was born. He could get himself out of it as soon as he was swaddled. I actually had a nurse come in and get on me about him needing to be swaddled. I told her…I swaddled him and he got out of it. She finally saw him do it and said….I guess some babies just aren’t meant to be swaddled. If he doesn’t like it, don’t do it. My son is now 10 and perfectly fine without being swaddled as a baby.

Theres nothing wrong with him other than he doesn’t like being swaddled. Neither of my kids liked it either and none of my grandchildren .

Both my babies hate being swaddled. I still try with my son cause his arms and hands wake him up when he moves them but when he’s swaddled he fights to get his arms out everytime and still won’t sleep