Do babies need to be swaddled?

No you don’t have to swaddle him if you don’t want to

My son hated it from birth, he was never swaddled

Ye if you don’t swaddle him he will be took :rofl:

Nah, mine didn’t like it. You’re learning your baby.

no my youngest absolutely hated it x she still kicks covers off now & shes 6 :rofl:x

no my youngest absolutely hated it x she still kicks covers off now & shes 6 :rofl:x

No my son hated it to

My son hated it if it was too loose, but loved it otherwise.

Some babies do love it but others do not not, it is all about preference of the baby and how it comforts them…

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They don’t need to but it helps most babies sleep better as startle reflex wakes them often. People have been doing it for centuries

All babies are different, some like to be swaddled and some don’t :woman_shrugging:

Mine hated swaddles too so I never swaddled him

No, my son absolutely hated his arms tucked into the swaddle.

Nope it’s not necessary

My babies both loved being swaddled. Wouldn’t sleep if they weren’t. I think it is based on the baby. Just like everything all babies are different.

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Swaddling also helps prevent SIDS

Depends on the baby, if they like it or not. Both of mine never liked it.

All three of my kids hated lol

Nothing wrong with him. My firstborn was like this.

My two children never liked it just depends on the baby :woman_shrugging:t2:

My daughter hated it lol!!!

No. Some babies completely hate it. You are also not a bad Mom if you’re baby hates being cuddled either

I used baby sleeping bags to keep mine safe and prevent blankets over the face. They were happy just waving and kicking away.

My daughter didn’t like being swaddled. She always got out of it. The nurse at the hospital had put her in a swaddle and said she won’t get out of this…well she did :joy::joy: We never bothered because she obviously did T want it, we did use sleep sacks, which she didn’t mind because her arms were free.

It helps baby from doing all the sudden spasm movement they do, if I dont swaddle those movements would actually wake them up and they would cry often. Thats why I was told to swaddle.


My oldest HATED being swaddled— but my youngest still loves it and he’s 2… he wants to be a burrito at bed time lol

My daughter absolutely hated swaddling. Every chance she had she broke free.

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I never swaddled mine

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My daughter loved it as a baby, but my son I’d 10 weeks old and he hates being swaddled. He likes to be able to kick his legs about and move his arms about. He’s always wiggling about, even in his sleep. If baby don’t like it, don’t do it, there is nothing wrong. Some babies like it and other don’t.

My daughter hated it she loved to kick and move a lot

All 3 of my children did not like

I used to use the “love to dream” swaddle

Keeps arms on natural upright position, only swaddle that worked for us

I have 4 kids and have never swaddled them.

My daughter hated to be swaddled

I never swaddled mine

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I never swaddled mine

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Never did this with either of mine. One summer baby and she hated being hot lol. One winter baby abd he hated being constrained lol.

some babies do & some don’t. If you baby scream when this is done, why continue doing it??? We only do it in the hospital because, babies are only dressed in a undershirt& diaper, & they need to stay warm, If a mother wants to dress her baby, we never had a problem with that, But if going back to the nursery , we have always asked them to remove the clothing,

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Babies don’t need to be swaddled.
Most babies are swaddled for Thier own comfort, but not all babies are the same and that’s ok.

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Some like it some dont. My oldest didnt like it, my youngest liked it with one arm out. I would say keep trying different ways and see if it works but it if doesnt its not a big deal. Its really just to help them not wake up from their arms jerking around.


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M0re Info.

I’d be the one who hates being swaddled…

One of my children loved it the other one hated it. Always do what’s best for you and the baby don’t listen to what anyone else has to say; you know your baby best

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My daughter hated it !!

My baby loved being swaddled by everyone but me I swear :joy: In the hospital the nurses are pros, he slept so well. Get home and I tried and he was not having it. I have always been terrible at it though. :tipping_hand_woman: some babies love it, some hate it I think.

Maybe you are doing it too tight? But no, you don’t need to swaddle and if he hates it then don’t do it lol

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3 of my children liked be swaddled and my fourth likes feeling free, follow your instincts mama your doing great :slightly_smiling_face:

Some love it some dont i guess theyre all different. Only swaddled my eldest for 4 or 5 myhs but my youngest loved it she was swaddled most of the time till she was like 9 mths lol

Some babies like it some don’t. You do what make yourself and the baby happy.

My first son LOVED bei being swaddled. He was born premature so the hospital pretty much kept him swaddled until he got big enough to come home. (I had preeclampsia, c section at 28 weeks) He pretty much HAD to be swaddled or he wouldn’t be happy, until he grew out of it. My second (and last lol) hated it. Absolutely hated it after the first month home. He was born term, not that has anything to do with it.

Mine weren’t swaddled. Some are just born independent. Lol. My daughter also hated any type of lights on in her room at bed time. Took me a while to realize that. 18 years later…nothing has changed. Very independent. Hates lights in room when trying to sleep and I’m pretty sure if I tried to swaddle her she would have a fit lol


I had 2 that hated being swaddled and my third loved it. All babies are different and they don’t NEED to be swaddled :slightly_smiling_face:

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My babies never really liked it, plus it’s another thing you’ll have to transition them out of once they start rolling.

My baby was swaddled the 5 days we were in the hospital but once I came home, I just wrapped a blanket around her to keep her warm. (She was too small for preemie clothes)

I never swaddled my kids, my grandson either. :heartpulse:

my two hated it. you don’t have to swaddle them

Every baby is different
Do what makes them happy and comfortable

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My daughter absolutely hated a swaddle, she’d wiggle loose every time. Now at 5 years old, she wraps her blanket around herself and says she’s a burrito. :tipping_hand_woman:

If he doesn’t like it then don’t do it. It’s actually just for comfort and to make the baby feel secure but if he doesn’t enjoy it no reason to do it

Mine hated being swaddled and he’s fine. Don’t overthink it.

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You just gotta find the way they want you to do it.
My daughter liked to have her hands up by her face. Would scream otherwise

My daughter loved it, especially when she was gassy, but if she hadn’t, I wouldn’t have done it.

No … babies don’t need to be swaddled…

I have 5 and haven’t ever been great at swaddling. They didn’t seem to like it after the first couple days anyways.

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All my kids hated being swaddled. So nope…nothing wrong with your baby he just don’t like it. And they don’t have to be swaddled.

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Both my sons hated it. It’s not needed either. The point of it is to make them feel safe and secure like they were in the womb when you aren’t holding them. It’s not necessary. There’s also some stuff I’ve read about how it’s not as good as people think it is. Anyways all that to say no it’s not necessary and your baby is fine for not liking it.

No my children hated being swaddled as well so I never did it

Didn’t swaddle either of mine

It helps to sooth them even if at first it’s tough. There are different kinds of swaddles too.

Swaddle is just to make them feel like still in womb but some once realize they can stretch don’t like it

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There is no reason that a baby NEEDS to be swaddled. Most just like it because it makes them feel secure like they are back in the womb, but it’s not necessary, especially if your baby doesn’t like it.


Some baby’s just don’t like it

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2 kids and I didn’t swaddle them they hated it

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I have never swaddled a baby and they’ve been just fine without it

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My girls screamed too they are both very tall and love to spread out even now lol. No need to keep them swaddled up if they don’t like it.

No…they don’t have to be swaddled lol

Both of my kids hated it so we didn’t bother.

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Probably just doesn’t like it nothing wrong I’m sure

All babies are different. I never did.

Mine didn’t. Even from the first he would burst out of his swaddling. Not every baby is a like.

nope. mine never liked it

Swaddling isn’t necessary.
Not every child likes it.

My baby hated it. Also would only sleep on my chest for the first two months.

Babies are different might not it

i only swaddled at bedtime to prevent those jerky movements babies do that wake them up…if you feel like your baby doesn’t like it then follow your gut… doesn’t mean anything is wrong with him either…all babies are different…hitting developmental milestones is what you want to watch for…otherwise let him free!!!

Nope I didn’t swaddle any of my kids

Nope my
Kids hated it

I’ve had 5 kids, only 1 of the 5 needed to be swaddled. The rest hated it.

Most like it, others dont.

My daughter wouldn’t stop crying if you swaddled her she didn’t want it some baby’s just like thier space she also had baby blankets in her crib and so did my son everyone and baby is different just do what works for you

Never swaddled either of my babies. Some like it some don’t. Just helps the ones that like it sleep better I think. My two slept great without it.

My oldest despised it my youngest loved it. He’s fine, just not a fan lol

Babies only need their diapers change and to be fed.

Nope, it’s not necessary. Neither of mine liked it at all.

I always swaddled my second kid below the shoulders and left his arms out. He would kick himself awake if not but he hated his arms swaddled

My oldest would not swaddle. She despised it so I never did it and never even attempted with my youngest.

Nope mine did better with skin to skin

No…who really likes too be confined…tied up in a blanket…not me.

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Sometimes they just don’t like it. 2 of my 4 didn’t care for it.