Do I deserve better? Am I asking too much?

My husband and I have been through a lot. Married for 11 years and at one point we were separated for a couple of months because we honestly didn’t love each other and always fought. I looked to my friends to be there for me emotionally because he never was. Now that we are in a good place and working on our marriage, he still isn’t there for me the way I need. I deal with high anxiety and depression and need him to show he cares. I no longer have the outlet for friends due to circumstances but it’s slowly putting a wedge between us. He says he just isn’t that guy to do nice things or romantic things, doesn’t express his feelings for me. I have to pull it out of him…I probably overly express my feelings because I want that back from him and I have expressed what I need but I’m not going to get it. I love him and want our marriage to work but this is hard for me not feeling loved by him. What should I do?

You cannot make someone love you. <3