Do I have a right to be upset?

Me and my husband have been going through rough times lately. We lost our home, our vehicle. we’ve been trying to start back over we had to stay with his mom for ONE MonthWe had to temporarily move in with his mom. And now, his mom Is repeating a lot of private conversations THAT WE HAD Before We Moved IN him and I have had. There is literally no one else in the world that would know these convos but him and I. I don’t know how to feel. I feel violated. These were Inmate conversations… We had a blow up tonight because she once again repeated something else we said in our private house with him and I there. the worst part is, he denies telling her, when I know it was him… no one else would know what was said but him and I…? I am so heartbroken because he repeated things no look should know about our personal lives. I adversity hate her and I don’t know if my anger is placed in the right place now if he your her. Shouldn’t I be mad with him??

Seperate yourselves from her for a while! She needs to go live without you and find other topics to use a conversational entertainment for the public. Meanwhile you can focus on getting your life back together and getting on more solid ground. just take some time off from her (and that means BOTH of you!).