Do I have a right to feel left out by my husbands family?

you should voice your feelings to him and see what he says about it. That is not right. My ex’s family did the same to me. They all went to Disney World but the only way I could go is if I paid my own way. So I would not let my daughter go with them. She was only 5 years old and I knew they would not bring her back if she got sick or too upset, because she had never been away from us before. They did not spend that much time with her so she really did not feel that comfortable around them.

My husband would of said if she not invited then I’m not going but I would of told him go because I don’t get along with his family anyway so it wouldn’t of bothered me, why go where you’re not welcome

You should be able to express yourself to your husband about how you feel. My husbands family are all shit. I try to keep my mouth shut on certain things just for his sake. But told my husband now it’s affecting our daughter. I will open my mouth and they won’t like it lol

I am with you there… your husband should speak up… Let his parents know how unfair this is, and he really needs to pass on the trip if you are not included… The kids should be excluded since they are not family…

I don’t know all the details, but there are times I actually encourage my husband to spend time and do things with our kids, with his family, WITHOUT me.

My husband wouldn’t go, but he also said his family wouldn’t do that. He brought up the point that I was already invited to a family get together for after covid.

But I’m also going to a family reunion on my side and I wouldn’t handle that if my husband isn’t welcome then neither Am I.

But big question you got to ask yourself is. Was it on purpose? Sure it sucked to be left out but it could’ve been unintentional or simply think you didn’t want to go. I don’t want to judge others without knowing intentions

I think my $1500.00 and I can go somewhere I would like to go - (or
Pretend to do.) There must something or someplace you’d like to do just talk all about your “thing” that you enjoyed while they were gone and, “Finally gave me the time to do it”.,can hardly wait for your next trip, so I can do my thing again “

My husband would have asked me if it was okay if he goes. I am a city girl so a fishing trip is not my thing. But if he wanted me to go with him I would. You need to tell him this upsets you. Otherwise you are gonna let it stew and you are gonna get angrier about it. Shame on the in-laws


He should step up on your behalf. If his parents are paying for his friends to go but not you that is a clear statement. He would rather have them there than you. And that is crappy of him and them.


First off , what type of relationship do you have with your in-laws… and then you and your husband should be able to discuss this without any argument. Express yourself to your husband.


My Husband would not go either if I wasn’t welcome that’s so wrong! We would go on a trip by ourselves!

Sounds like maybe they got taken advantage of and they know you won’t? Could be the other way but if they are paying that much for each person I wonder if they over committed? But, it doesn’t exactly cost that much extra just to feed you and room in the same room as your husband? More to the story right?

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He needs to know how you feel and he should speak up to his parents. If they can pay for friends of a son then they can also do that for their daughter in law.

Let them be maybe it’s a guy thing.or maybe you are.not welcome your husband should have the last say all or none.

I think it’s wrong to do that to you. Although your husband would love to go. He should stand up for you. I would be hurt to


Um… They are paying for the friends but not you…? You have a right to be upset. Just not sure who you need to blame. Him or the parents. Also I’m not sure you need to say anything about it ether.

You’ve read between the lines & it says your in-laws don’t care for you for some reason,I’d be hurt & upset as you are,sorry.

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Is this supposed to be guys only? My husband takes our kids for guys only weekend, I love it!! I do my own thing… if they are paying for another wife or gf than I would be more upset.

My husband would literally tell his family that he’s not going without me. And not because I would tell him too, either.

Is it just a guys trip? If so then I could understand that but if its a trip where the whole family is going then yeah I would be upset too because you are part of that family.

You talk to him and ask why couldn’t you go …maybe he doesn’t want you to go this might be his alone time and stuff

My husband would not go if I had to pay my own way but everybody else got the trip paid for

I just asked my husband and he said no way he would go.

Is it just a guys trip or are other ladies going, besides his mom?!

My husband wouldn’t even bother to go with them. It’s US or no one! :woman_shrugging:t3:


My husband would have paid my way and said my wife. I want her to go. What’s wrong don’t you LIKE MY WIFE. MY WIFE LIKE YOU WHAT’S GOIN ON HERE.

Is this a guy’s fishing trip?

Girls weekend at the beach or mountains.

Why pay for his friends first and not his wife!

You should tell him how you feel!! Just the way you explain it to us!! It’s not right

Sounds like a boys only thing. If it were everyone and not just boys then yeah I would be mad.

I have lived with my inlaws never inviting me. They woul visit us in other states and purposfully leave for activities before I would get home from work. Now 27 years later my husband takes vacations without me. He said it was complaining saying I didnt like being left behind and said he will never take me on vacation again. It will only get worse if he doesnt stick with you in the begining. I am living proof.

Are there other wives or woman going?? If it’s all guys… Nah let it go…

LET HIM GO! This is NOT the end of the world! You need to learn when to pick your battles - this is NOT one of them.

Oh hell no id throw a fit


He should not go if you don’t go!


My husband would say no if my wife can’t go I’m not going end of story!

Truth .you are being is wrong on their part .

Let it go. Encourage him to have a great time and you make plans for yourself as well. The parents cannot possibly pay for everyone of their kid$ + their partners, married or not. Also, they may just wanna spend time with their kids. You’re feeling envious and that’s ok. I’m envious of ppl who live in Hawaii and ppl who are retired. :blush:
And BTW, there are no RIGHTS involved here.


I would feel intentionally excluded as well!

Plan a romantic trip for you two the same week

Mine wouldn’t go if I couldn’t go

HE should refuse to go unless they pay your way too .

You are being left out and as bad as it sounds the parents don’t suppose to buy you the trip ticket though, it does have to come out of your pocket and husband should help you out. It’s messed up because he can go without you and not feel bad about it. Also they could of told you before time to give you a chance to save for the trip. :disappointed:

Go away with your friends or visit your family.

Wait, husband? Not boyfriend? Y’all are married and they don’t include you guys as one? :thinking: you have every right to have your feelings hurt. Has this been addressed and talked about? That’s really not considerate for him to just let you not be included either :thinking:


My husband would never go. F them.

The Grandparents are paying for grandsons 2 friends? That’s an issue. Look, if you can afford 6 ppl, you can certainly afford a 7th or subtract the friends and make it a family only trip.

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Being married to my husband for 19 yrs I think my feelings would be hurt , but also take the time to enjoy yourself let him go and have fun and you make your own plans to relax, book you a spa day , go get a massage, your hair done, nails done …call your girls see if they want to hang out and watch movies or play board games , cards, go to the bingo , do some gambling, book a hotel to hang out at just for the fun of it, go swimming at the hotel order room service , do something , keep yourself busy so you wont have time to be mad or upset or have your feelings hurt for long …enjoy yourself

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Oh Hell no…
Sounds like they maybe saying they don’t like you in an ugly ass way…that is so RUDE…I would come out and ask…What’s up…or ask your husband to find out why you “can’t go”…it’s not as if you are 6 years old and being told you “can’t go”
…to me…I am a grown ass woman and I will go where I want to go…if i have to pay out of my own pocket I will…sounds like a bunch of BS to me.

Fuck that. That is wrong dude

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Wow. Mess up fam sad

Consider that a blessing

Sounds like your in-laws are grade A Assholes. If they can include their other son’s friends, they should definitely have included you!

He better think hard

My feelings would be hurt


If you haven’t shared with him your feelings on this, he may not realize you are feeling this way. And if he does know you feel this way I wouldn’t be waiting for him when he comes back. Family should include you before his friends period.

Is it possible that the family doesn’t know you like to fish so didn’t think you would want to go? I still think the invite should have been offered.
Just playing devils advocate here.

I’d be talking with my husband to share what I was going through mentally and emotionally about it then go from there. Good luck with everything!!


You have every right to feel this way. How can it be a family fishing trip if you are not there too. That is rude to invite the child’s friends but not you. You should express your feelings to your husband. You teach people how to treat you by what you accept and what you don’t allow. Everytime you ignore that feeling that is killing you you will die a little inside until there is nothing but a hollow shell left. Please allow yourself to be heard.

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If he knows you feel this way, and is going anyway, you have bigger problems than this. Good luck.


Your husband should Definitely have your back here. If he doesn’t thats what I would be addressing


fishing trip with at least 5 male… hmm for what it sounds like it is a man’s trip. you’re not a man. and why would it cost one person 1500 to go fishing :roll_eyes:… let your husband have a good time with his son, friend’s and his dad… you’re overreacting and that’s prob why they didn’t invite you anyways. plus kids usually don’t pay for their own way :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Just causality say darliing while your fishini might book into spa resort for weekend ok

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Have you even spoken with your husband and told him how you feel?

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Is it just for him and his friends

Have you tried talking to your husband on how you feel about it?

Are you into fishing? I would love the break. I feel like we don’t know the details.

It’s sounds like a guys trip. You shouldn’t feel offended. Enjoy the time alone.

Yea I’d be upset too! Especially since their paying for your sons friends to go!

Take your 1500 do a couple of spa days enjoy

Do something fun for yourself!! Screw them!

He should tell them he can’t go without you

his son’s momma or another hoe is definitively going trust me and he knows it too thats why he’s not pushing them for u to go. i’d keep an eye open like the cats

My husband wouldn’t go if I wasn’t invited same for me I wouldn’t go if my Husband wasn’t invited on a family trip but if I turned it down and didn’t want to go when the trip was planned at the time then that’s different.

Personally, I wouldn’t pay $1500 to go on a trip that I wasn’t invited on or wanted on. With that hanging over the trip, it would probably be miserable. As for your husband, just talk to him. Let him know how you feel. Let him know that your glad he’s getting to go but your hurt because you weren’t invited. Spend that money pampering yourself and doing something for you.


If it’s a guy trip, then take a trip with some friends yourself or Enjoy the alone time. But, one thing I know for sure is that you need to speak with your spouse and not here. Communication will always be the key to a successful marriage.

Does anyone else have to pay, or just you? I would definitely ask that question. And, even if my husband really wanted to go, I would feel some kind if way because he was SO excited to go WITHOUT me. And, since you are married, if he wants you to go, he should help you come up with the 1500.

It happens. I don’t have anything to do with my husbands family. It started out as how they were towards me. Now, it’s my own choice. I’m surely not going to worry myself over it and in most cases, it’s their loss. I treat others how they treat me. Now they get to feel what it’s like to lose out on special things.

I know the feeling well. I pretty much raised my husband’s daughter as I did my own. Was always there to pick up the pieces because of how horrible her mother and sister treated her. Until her wedding . I was the only one that was not allowed to have my hair done with the rest of the parents & bridal party. and when she thanked all the parents for everything they’ve done for her, again I was the only one who did not get a thank you. Im not mad, im so hurt the pain never goes away. But in the end I got her point and will leave her alone. I now focus on my children and grandchildren. So be strong, don’t get mad, just be smart!!! I know what I did for her!! I’ve Moved on!!!

My husband would tell his family that if I don’t get to go he’s not going either

Paying for friends to go but NOT daughter in law? Husband should have asked why

If he goes you go, if he stays you stay

My husband wouldn’t even go

My husband wouldn’t go without me …

No its not ok. Talk to him about it and you should and need to go. Yall are married. And have as much fun as you can.

Yes that’s disrespectful to you

If he loves you, he wouldn’t go without you. He would put a stop to it now. God bless you.