Do I have a right to keep my son from my dad?

I have a question about custody during the quarantine, do you think the dad can take his rights and enforce them during quarantine? I have quit my job as an essential worker and have stopped leaving the house. He and his girlfriend are essential workers, hotels, and liquor stores. Do I have the right to keep my child away?


I’d say yes. Keep your children safe!

I don’t belive so they have the right to try and provide a safe home also

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I don’t think so, but maybe try discussing your concerns?


No it would be contempt…


From what I was told no u still have to follow custody agreement. But that could vary from state to state.

No, you don’t. Unless you have proof he and his girlfriend are exposed.

Absolutely not. You would be in contempt of court. Custody exchanges are deemed “essential”


No you don’t have a right. You must still adhere to your court order.

You would be better off speaking with your child’s father and coming to an agreement together. If you have a court ordered custody arrangement and he wants to see his child during his time, you have to allow it or you will be in contempt of court.


In my state they are enforcing custody agreements but it may differ by state


You must still follow your custodial agreement or you will be held in contempt.

No you do not. It is still considered custodial interference.

No you are still obligated to follow court orders

If there is a specific court order in place, no. You have to follow the custody agreement. But he has to follow it as well.

In what country is a liquor store an essential, that’s fucking stuuuupid…

No I don’t believe so, the quarantine where I’m at specifically says on the order you have to meet for custody/visitation encounters.

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Would you allow dad to not return the child after his scheduled visitation? Can we not use compassion and common sense to answer our own questions anymore?


No…although will everything going on you have a fighting chance as thr courts will understand
But i would def be trying to do facetime with dad as much as possible ! If dad refuses you really have a good case

if you have a court order, then he has to see him. if not then yes you technically can keep him from his dad. but imagine if you were in opposite situations and he tried keeping him away from you. just make sure he’s taking all the precautions to keep your son safe

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Ask yourself this. Would you want him to get your son away from you? If your answer is no, then you shouldn’t even be asking a question like that at all.


Why would you quit your job? How are you going to pay your bills?


Nope!!! If you so you will beheld in contempt !!! Said excuse to keep child away from there father . To quit your job is just ridiculous. I’ve worked for hospitals for years , been into contact with WAY worse !!! This is just plain stupid and there is a reason why this is all happening


No you don’t have a right to do that :woman_facepalming:

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Nope. They can show up with the cops during their placement time and they can enforce him taking his child.

Follow the court order… Trying talking to your ex about your concerns.

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Here in fl we have a case were mom is doing the same… court hearing is in Tuesday… go ahead try it but he can still take u to court

No but you could talk to him about it.

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If there’s a court order it is still in effect. Meaning you cannot just decide to not let his father see him.
Just because you were able to quit your essential job and not drown in bills doesn’t mean everyone else is that lucky so its completely unrealistic to hold others to that standard.

depends on what country. in south africa curently my son is not going to his dad until after lockdown and that is the governments rules at the moment

I would talk to him and ask him to do it for the child’s well being. He can have him once everything dies down.

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No. You will be held in contempt

I am but that’s for a million other reasons on too of everything

Sad that he wouldn’t want his child safe with you and FaceTime with him when he can! Put his son first!

Maybe she had to quit her job because she cant find child care? Smh

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No. You can’t keep a child from their parent.
I am an essential worker & so is my ex & his wife. We made the decision to keep our son home with me. Less contact with people. His dad talks to him a couple times a day & FaceTime. Try talking with your ex. Make something work

It is against the law.


Maybe you should call family court and ask them


You have a right to keep your child safe but you can’t keep the kid AWAY from their dad. My daughter’s father is an essential worker since his town is up there in infections we TALKED and he decided it wasn’t safe, since I’m immune compromised BUT they video chat whenever one of them asks, as well as weekly video chats if nothing else. Because of this, I’ve set up messenger kids so now they really can talk whenever they want to. It’s 2020, they can still bond and have their connection without the risk of exposure. Talk to him and figure out a safe game plan. However, if you’re not even open to that, then I don’t think Corona is your real issue.


It’s really horrific how people are using this as an excuse to violate custody and visitation orders…I could NEVER!!! Let these babies visit their other parent.sheeesh.


I think the first question is if you actually have a legal custody agreement. If you do, call someone in your state courthouses to find out if the state is saying legal custody agreements are enforced. If you only have a verbal agreement, you have the right to keep your child…is it the right thing? Probably not if you won’t even discuss it with the child’s father. So you should discuss it with him and see how he feels. Children have died from this. Two babies in the USA already. No one is immune. No one is 100% safe from dying.

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It a civil matter. Plus it would take a cop showing up and you saying no. Plus you can say no if it for health reasons.

Why put the child in the middle. Be nice and follow the rules. Is this want them to remember that the 2 of you can’t play nice and put the past behind.

Nope quarantine doesn’t give the right to withhold visitation

They say no legally. At the same time courts are closed for non-urgent buisness right now. So he can’t do anything about it. Do what you feel is best for your kids & the community. Don’t completely cut him off. Allow FaceTime.

NO!!! You still have to follow court orders. Keep things as normal as possible for the kid(s).

Not completely true! My boys step mom was just in this situation with her ex and they had court via Zoom with their lawyers and he lost! Everything went back to the parent plan!

I am currently keeping my children home with me
I talk to my lawyer
and she told me that my reason that I have is really
And a lot of parents are doing this
She also told me as long as you’re doing your part keeping the parent in the picture like doing phone calls and FaceTime that the judge is not
Going to look down on you and the chances of anyone getting a court hearing right now over something that’s not really serious is not really happening

But its important for both parents to be in the pictures so even if you do have a good reason
I strongly recommend offering the other parent FaceTime and phone calls and if they don’t do it then that’s on them
but at least you can sleep good at night knowing that you offered :grimacing:


Good parenting skills if you’re asking strangers :woman_facepalming:

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People are saying if you have an order you have to follow it. Read over your states EO. In my state the governor’s order says not to leave your home to visit family or friends. The governor’s order outweighs a court order. Even if yours doesn’t say that if courts are closed to non-urgent cases, which I believe most are then what’s he going to do? Keep your children safe!

No. You cant keep them.

Noooooooo. Nothin gives you the right the keep your son from his father! If the roles were reversed, how would you feel if he was keeping your son from you?!?!? I can’t stand reading so much stuff like this. :rage: :rage: :rage:


If you dont want your kids going back and forth take your kid to their fathers and leave them there. YOU be the one that goes weeks on end without seeing them.


My ex and I agreed that he would stay with me until this is over. They talk on the phone, the PS4, and will probably video chat. There are so many ways to communicate without putty anyone at risk for the virus


Keep things normal for the kid, obviously he will have to make sure that the kid is safe but he must see his kid

I mean everyone is bitching about how kids shouldn’t be playing outside but yet they are going to allow custody during this time wtf is wrong with this society.

Child shouldn’t be going back & forth . Bet neither parent would ever forgive them self if the child caught virus & died . I would rather know my child was safe than prove I might have a right . Please do video chat . Good luck & be safe .


Nope. You do not have the right to keep a good parent away from their child

It’s such a hard choice between keeping our kids safe and/or trying to keep things as normal as possible for them. I decided to keep my 9 year old home and away from dad’s and grandma’s but also I talked with them both and we all agreed it’s for the best. As long as you are doing it for the right reasons and not to just be on a power Trip to hurt the other parent. I plan to allow ALOT of extra time for them once the scare is over. Hope this helps.

What a sorry excuse to play your child as a pawn.


Communicate with him. If he agrees then its fine. But if he doesn’t agree and you refuse visitations he can take you back to court for withholding visitations.

Firstly. It’s your child. You have primary custody…kids aren’t going to school. There’s a reason they aren’t. To keep them safe. Our opinion doesn’t matter. It. Is. Your. Child.

My state’s governor came right out and said that parenting plans needed to be followed.

depends on what state because a lot of the states are saying the stay At home order does not effect a court ordered custody order now if you have a court order for his dad to have him every so often you could get in trouble for breaking that agreement

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I think you do. Safety first

If your only intent is to keep your child safe AND you TRULY believe your child would be at greater risk with the other parent, follow your gut instinct as a mother for your child’s safety.
If it’s in any way to use this situation to your advantage and you know your child would be just as safe or safer then stick to arrangement.
I as a mother would rather face any legal ramifications then risk safety of my child .
Document everything. All calls and computer visits ect… If father is local allow and plan window visits ect… even tic tac toe thu window or storie time ect…
If father will complete a 14 day self quarantine and will not be going to and from work or others in house then let child go after 14 day quarantine .

Do what you think is best for your son