Do I have to pump and dump?

I am a breastfeeding mother and I had one small margarita last night at around 9pm. I pumped at 10:45 and currently have it separated in my fridge. Should I dump it? I keep hearing mixed things! Also, I don’t pump during the night, but first thing in the morning… Is my morning supply okay as well? Thanks!! :slightly_smiling_face:


Breast milk only contains as much as your blood. As long as you’re sober enough to drive you’re good to breastfeed. No need to pump and dump.


You do not need to pump and dump.

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No need to pump and dump. Your body has a way of working the alcohol out. It goes by your weight. Usually an hour and a half per drink

If you can drive you can breastfeed. That’s what my lactation consultant told me!

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My doctor told me it’s ok to have 1 glass of anything to drink either beer wine a mixed drink every now and then it helps give more milk supply and won’t hurt the baby

You can buy test strips for breast milk if you’re ever concerned.

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One will b fine it’s in your blood as soon ad u feel tipsy u cant feed baby 1 will be just fine n pump n dump is a myth in its in your blood. An hour after a drink u should be just fine :f

If your cautious to use it for feeding, you can always put it in bath water.


Never ever dump it unless you’re black out drunk.

I would call ask a nurse or even walgreens pharmasist can answer that

Don’t pump and dump. One drink is fine. The milk is still ok to feed

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One? Nah you’re good.

As your bac goes down so does the content in your milk.

I have a drink and still nurse. I always give one hour between feedings for each drink. You drink three drinks wait 3 hours, 1 drink 1 hour.

You’re fine. If I am going to have one alcoholic beverage, I try to drink it while I am doing my last feeding of the evening with baby. That way by the morning or even middle of the night feeding it has cleared my system. It’s my favorite little trick:)

Breastmilk does separate when in the fridge, just stir it a bit. Only one drink your fine. If your concerned about it there are test strips you can find at wamart and target that you can use.

When in doubt dump it out! My motto for ANYTHING you think might not be good, few things as valuable as your families health!

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There’s more alcohol in a cup of orange juice than there will be in your milk

A lactation consultant told my daughter, pump before you drink. If you have 1 drink to wait 3 hours to feed or pump again. If you are going to have more then 1 drink then you need to pump and dump. With the one drink you should be fine.

Yes dump it but you don’t have to pump and dump just wait 2 hours from the time you stop drinking until you nurse again