Do I have to tell a job that I am pregnant?

I have an interview today. I really wanna get this job. Do I have to tell them I’m pregnant or not?


No! If you’re not showing, don’t disclose!!

You don’t have to, & if you do they can’t discriminate

you don’t have to!!! i would recommend you don’t until later

No. They can not use your pregnancy as an excuse not to hire you.

You dont have yo tell them

Im debating with the same question. My deal is that i wouldnt want to leave then " hanging" when im due or stuff :expressionless:

You don’t have to say anything about being pregnant until you are hired. And they’re not allowed to ask either.


Dont tell them. They could try to make up some dumb excuse not to hire you.


Ahhh idk they will find out soon so why not just tell them …

If you want the job and you are not showing then no. But if they ask you if you have children, then you need to disclose that you are expecting.

Depends on if you’re showing or not. If you’re not, I would keep it to myself, especially if you think you could make it past your 90 days.


Nope you don’t have to tell them. I didn’t tell them until after I received a tenative offer for my job.

If you’re going to be showing or needing to take time off for an appointment within your probation period (typically around 60-90 days) I would be upfront and honest. If they find out within your probation period that you knew at the time of hire they might fire you (which is legal, as they can fire you for no reason during your probation period) even in a non “at-will” state. Honesty is the best policy

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I’ve always been honest when applying for jobs because I want to work for someone who understands that I have kids and that they come first. I’ve always told employers when I was a single mom that if my daughter needs to get picked up from school or daycare or if she’s sick that I am her only caregiver. I’ve never been denied a job. If you go into it hiding things, a lot of employers don’t like that.

You don’t have to tell them

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Legally a pregnancy shouldnt be a factor…but if you think you can get by w/o disclosing. .i wouldnt.

Well when I went in for a job I told them I was pregnant I got hired on the spot didn’t even finish filling out my application haha it was in a small factory sadly lost that child but got pregnant right after I got a raise n promotion n sadly daycare is to expensive I am now a stay at home mom TBH if they don’t ask it’s not their business but if they ask then b honest

No you don’t have to tell them.

My mom always said it’s bad luck to tell anyone in the first trimester.


Nope! Not until after you already got your first paycheck I say lol.

You should. You have to prepare them for all your doctor visits and not to mention, FMLA, maturity leave. It’s not by law you have to say anything. A woman with respect for the work industry should say something. By the time you get to be like 6 months pregnant, you’re rocking swollen feet, you’re tired, you won’t be able to lift heavy things and or be a good Asit to the team you’re now working with. Honestly is the best policy

I waited until I was at my job for a month. Then I told them I was pregnant. Worst mistake ever. My boss crossed the line and even had a pastor come in to talk to me about adoption. I left when I was about 6 months pregnant because she was constantly bringing up,adoption because I was single.

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No, I would not. Although it is illegal to discriminate due to pregnancy, many still do and use other excuses for not hiring. I didn’t disclose to a previous employer until after being there awhile and was told point blank, “had we known you were pregnant we probably wouldn’t have hired you”.


I wouldn’t right away. It wont hurt to hold off a little while.

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I’m 13 weeks so not really showing just yet. I’ll be working 4pm-11pm so I wouldn’t have to worry about taking time off for appointments. I’ll be doing home care my patient is strictly in bed full time. I’ve been a caregiver for many years so it’s nothing new to me.


If they dont ask then dont tell

You don’t have to but it would be the smart n wise thing to do.

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Yes!!if you get hurt…what’s going to happen if they have to administer meds that will harm baby

Depends. I personally would but I’ve never been turned down a job because I was pregnant. Walmart hired me at 34 weeks pregnant.

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You don’t have to, & if you do they can’t discriminate

Depends how far along you are. I believe you’re supposed to disclose 15 weeks prior to starting Mat leave.

They’re legally not allowed to ask if you are even if it’s very noticeable. And they can’t discriminate for being pregnant either in the hiring process. However, in my interview I was offered a job and when they wanted to put me in a supervisor position, I declined because I was already 7 months pregnant at the time and didnt want to leave them 6 wks without a supervisor. Now, I wish I wouldve just taken the position anyways because Im topped out at less than what the supervisor position started out at

You should, yes so that way they will know that some days you will have to go to appointments and that you will need maternity leave once baby is born.

I would wait until you start showing and let them know. I waited with my son. I told them after i was there 3 months when I began showing and let them know I just found out. And they went with it and I worked there for over a year before I found a better job.

I was told most wont hire pregnant due to insurance reasons…your a liability…your not allowed insurance through most any work place for at least 90 days if you were to be hurt or injured in those 90 days…it could have serious issues with the company financially most places wont risk it…most won’t hire n be able to offer maternity leave either…most places require 1 yr of service before your able to get the benefits of maternity leave…but theres alot of reasons they will feed you on why they wont hire you
…some places work with you…i however found out i was pregnant…got called for an interview…got the job in the week before starting had my first ob appointment to find out how far i was i was assuming 6 weeks maybe…nope i was 15 weeks and 4 days pregnant and just got a job…i went ahead and went and done my job and waited a few weeks before telling anyone.