Do you force your child to go to their grandparents?

I see so many grandparents’ posts on here. I’m curious, do you force your child to go to their grandparent’s house? I was NEVER one to just drop my child off with family. Outside working hours (she’s in daycare- only option for childcare), she was always with me - I felt I missed so much during the week. She’s four now, and any time I ask if she wants to go there, she says, “only if you stay with me” she doesn’t want me to just drop her off there, which I don’t think my in-laws enjoy my dad does though! But, if she’s saying she’d rather stay home/do something her and I, which we do fun stuff all the time, I feel bad saying too bad. Don’t get me wrong; I want her with me, but I see so many posts that seem like the grandparents have the kids all the time. And I’m the oddball out. Do you work full time? How do you give one on one time if you do? I feel Monday-Friday is so rushed that on weekends I can actually enjoy our time together and do fun stuff. No one is asking for her on the weekends, so I guess I’ll just keep doing my thing and enjoy our time. I know soon she’ll be busy with friends and too cool for me, so I’m trying to soak it all in!


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Do you force your child to go to their grandparents?

I don’t force My children to go to anyone’s house. Not even their fathers


No, my kids ask to go to their grandparents. I hate asking my parents to watch my kids, I always feel some type of guilt so I rarely ask.


I wouldn’t force my kid to go to anyone’s house alone if they asked me not too. Period.


My 2 of my grand children ask to stay with us at least once a week sometimes more.

I don’t force my kids to go anywhere they don’t want to go.

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Well my son is totally the opposite, he cries to go see his grandparents (my parents)and that’s one thing i does all the time…he see them as much as he wants…

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Our grand daughter stayed with us every Saturday night over night until recently. Her mama got pregnant with baby brother and everything changed. She wanted to be at home. She’d come over and be with us until bath was over and then wanted to go home. We are honoring her wishes and will keep doing so until she wants to stay overnight again.


I would NEVER force my kids to stay anywhere my kids are 8,6,4 and not once in there lives have they stayed at there grandparents/ freinds house

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If I child doesn’t feel ok being alone with anyone believe them not saying anything is happening but that’s a big sign. But I have always had my kids with me just because I feel like they’re my responsibility and I should be with them

My grankids love to come see me

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My kids dont have to go anywhere they dont want to, except school lol

I would never want my daughter to feel scared or uncomfortable, or that she wants me to be with her and I am not, when she is at someone’s house (including friends or family). If my daughter doesn’t want to go to someone’s house I am not going to force her. :woman_shrugging:


When my child was younger he was very clingy to me, but I would send him to his mamaws while I worked some days there were times he didn’t want to go, but always had a good time when he was there it was more just the leaving me thing. Now that he’s older he loves going and asks to go, he goes twice a week. I work from home so he is with me 24/7 otherwise so maybe that’s why I enjoy that time to myself, especially now that he’s happy to go.


I didnt ever spend time with any of my grandparents and I have made a real effort to spend a lot of time with my grandson. I usually keep him overnight one night a week and keep him for a few hours on the weekends. I think the more people who love a child, then the better.

I was always jealous of kids who got to go on vacations with their grandparents or just over to grannies for the weekend.


My MIL watches my son 2 days a week while I work full time, he goes to daycare 2 days a week and we keep him over the weekend and on Fridays, he’s 3 and he does ask to go see the grandparents and we do but they don’t have him all of the time

Never forced my kids but they constantly wanted to go over . Now I’m a grandma and he’s always wanting to be with grandma and papa . I always feel bad if I can’t take him which is hardly ever but still breaks my heart .

I feel the more you bring them around the more comfortable they will be. Visit more with the children so they can build more of a relationship with the grandparents. Thats honestly what i feel is wrong is the lack of relationship.


My kids see my mum regularly (twice a week minimum) but they dont usually spent nights. Which is fine, eldest has school, youngest is a home-body… They’ll willingly go on their own for visits or to be babysat though! They love Nanna. My eldest used to spend nights with his great grandparents but thats not happened in about 3 years now… ypubgezt never has… they still work alot. We all visit together but they dont have the time off work to babysit.

I grew up with no living grandparents so I feel like we see my kids grandparents plenty :thinking:
I also have my sister’s and a few good friends who will babysit if we ever need.

I don’t force mine to stay anywhere unless I HAVE to (doctors appointment or some other type of cannot-miss-it appointment). We actually had a situation this past weekend where my oldest was staying with my sister and my youngest was staying with my mom, it was supposed to be Friday & Saturday nights, well I forgot to leave my youngest’s carseat with my mom so Saturday morning I went to drop it off and as I was leaving my daughter flipped out and wanted to come home so I told her to get her stuff and I brought her home with me. I wanted it to be a whole weekend with just me and my boyfriend but shit happens :woman_shrugging:t2:. I also don’t even force them to go to their father’s house if they don’t want to.

We would send our kids to their grandparents during the summer… they live on a ranch… so it was almost like camp

Why would you want to force your child to be alone with anyone? Obviously she isn’t comfortable. You need to listen to what your child needs and wants.

Why would you want to force your child to be alone with anyone? Obviously she isn’t comfortable. You need to listen to what your child needs and wants.

My children’s grandparents don’t want my children so🤷🏼‍♀️ only one that’s willing to take one of my kids is my grandmother. So no I don’t force them they ask and I have to break their hearts and tell them they can’t. Even though I want them too.

My grandkids come over to visit with their parents. We’re happy to take them on their own, but there are 4 of them, do it’s a house full of energy when they visit. When the oldest was little, she would frequently spend the weekend with us.

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My grandkids usually want to come, occasionally they do the screaming crying fit till the parents are out of the driveway but then they’re great. Age and power struggles contribute a lot.

That’s weird because grandparents are fun I loved my grandparents my kids don’t have any grandparents and there 3 and 5 always ask me where my grandma and grandpa I guess they see other grandparents

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Force? Absolutely not. If they don’t want to then they don’t go. I spent summers with my grandparents and i will always cherish that. But if my girls say no they don’t want to then that’s it.

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My 2 youngest stay at grandmas atleast 1x a week. It was alnost 4x a week but I also worked 3rd shift so they would stay there and I would get them in the morning. Now I am on 1st so the only time they are there is when the hubby is on 1st or 3rd shift depending on the days since he works swing shift. Otherwise they are not forced to stay anywhere they dont want to. But with them only being 7 and 2 they cant stay here with my oldest kids who are 14 and 12

My mom watched my kids while I worked, given my mom passed away 5 yrs ago, I wouldn’t have changed it for the world! They have amazing memories! And yes we’d randomly drop our kids off for date nights, grocery shopping, a lunch date with my sister, and yes my mom loved it! All my mom wanted was to be a grandma and the kids loved her


Grandparents do things and spoil there grandkids something that the parents don’t do so being with grandparents is fun I experienced it and there gone I’m grown now so I still remember them my grandma amd I have the same birthday 1 day apart Jan 20 and mine Jan 21 so we went out and celebrated our birthdays together

My son never did get to go to his dad’s but whenever he was one month old and then they died his grandma had already died now my mom and dad he went there every time he was at school they even gave him an allowance of $20 I didn’t have to make him do nothing I wasn’t married to my daughter’s dad my daughter was the same way when she is out of school she was at my mom and dad’s and getting that allowance $20 every month didn’t have to force her into nothing now her dad’s side of the family they denied her for the first year of her life then when she did start seeing them after they found out she was his heater straight takes her and drives her off at her his girlfriend and every time him his mom his dad his brothers his sister any of them came by because my mom’s house was right beside the road with the only way to go to their house my daughter would run out to see them and they would speed up just to get by before she can stop them I never forced her on nothing now then these days her dad is in prison for life her Grandma’s passed away her granddad’s passed away the only one around is his sister and she took my daughter to see him once in prison and then my daughter got to remembering how she was done when she was little and so now she wants nothing to do with them my mom and dad passed away too and my grandkids they don’t get forced to come see me either my granddaughter she loves me my other granddaughter she loves me my grandson loves me my two granddaughters loves me and my grandson loves me but I don’t force them to come over here unless I want to

My son sees my parents 2x a week unless my mom goes to town with us. They keep him overnight maybe once every 3 months. The only time they keep him more is if my husband & I have to go out of town & it’s best if he stays.

I would NEVER force my kids to go to anyones house if they wouldn’t want to. My son LOVES both his gmas, my mom and his dads mom. He’s always wanting to go down to his gmas house (dads mom) because my boyfriend has 5 younger siblings all under 17 years old. And they always play with him and enjoy him being around. So yes on weekends they will ask if he wants to spend the night and ill ask him he always says yes… But that’s it… If for some reason he doesn’t wanna go then he don’t have to.

This past weekend he stayed with his dads mom for 3 days… Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Only because his gma and aunty will be moving so he won’t be able to see them until they come to visit. My son is 5 and if hes been a good boy all week then we let him stay the night with his gma and aunties/uncles if they ask for him. I would never withhold my kids from any of their family members, on both sides. No one has ever given me a reason to not let him go visit or spend the night.

My son spends alot of time with both his gmas… Which I love because they’re good to him. Nothing better than knowing your child is loved.

Wished my kid had grandparents lol
I have a mom in law but she has 2 of her grand kids every day while their parents work and she lives with them too…
So a baby sitter is out of the question for me​:disappointed_relieved::rofl:

We don’t force our 2 kids, just like we don’t force my 3 bonus kids. Now my mil forces the kids to go visit with her because if they don’t she has a hissy fit and cries to make the kids feel bad. But the only time when my mil wants to get them is when someone else is getting the kids for the weekend or when school comes around but any other time she doesn’t even bother to get the kids.

Now my family doesn’t force the kids at all because the kids love going with my family due to other kids being around and they love going to my hometown.

But we do not believe in forcing our kids to do anything that they don’t want to do.

I spent time alone with my grandparents when I was old enough to tend to myself. Do everything but cook, basically before that it was slim very very slim. Maybe for hour or two but thats it. When I tended to myself I often stayed there cause I had friends in same community.
My son asks to see his nanny and poppy if they are off we video call. If he visits them and asks to stay all night and it’s possible on there end sure. Do I ask them to babysit no, well I no probably not, could I yes with one set especially. I gave birth to my child he is my responsibility, a break is fine which I get rarely but thays life.

Maybe you should invite the grandparents over on a regular basis. I grew up without grandparents out was hard listening to my friends talk about theirs. Any time my kids wanted to see their grandparents I let them. Sadly they ended up losing 3 of their grandparents in 3 years, oldest was 11, 12 ave 13, my youngest was 6, 7, and 8. You never know when a death will happen I would encourage as much time with the grandparents a possible.

My kids love going to their grandparents, they always ask when they can go and when we’re there they ask when I’m leaving. I’ve been working full time hours and when I work they are either with their Papa or Aunt. When school starts I’ll be working when they are in school and home with them the rest of the time. And within the first week they will be asking to go see Papa or Aunt.
For years when I was younger I spent most of my time with my grandma, and when I was with my dad I usually spent half of it with my other grandma.

We don’t force our kids no but we do make time for grandparents like all of us going to visit every other week or few weeks, my in-laws take my oldest over night every couple months but only if they ask to have him (my youngest is only four months old so he doesn’t stay over night yet)

I feel bad to force my daughter to go. But then again, they wont always be here so she should spend time with them.

My kids never saw my mother growing up but with me and my grandchildren they love to come to my house cause I feed them different things than the parents. I run after them let them play longer in the bathtub or pool than their parents. I can’t wait till I can make cookies with them like I did with their mom.

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I wouldn’t force her to do anything. My daughter is 2 and loves spending time with her grandparents. Whether we’re there with her or even by herself.

No, my son is 3 and he’s stayed at his grandparents homes at most 10 times since he was born and never more than like 4 hours at a time, and I always asked if it was ok first, never just show up, here you go, see you later.

Nope. It’s their choice I support them. I’m not going to force them to have relationships or go see someone because it will make them feel bad if they don’t. However if I’m going they have to go because they aren’t old enough to stay home alone. But we don’t make them give hugs and kisses. And no kissing on the mouth at all period

Force no but my kids love their grandparents and love being there…they took over my ex husbands visitation when he cared less about our kids…I cant stand them because they tried to take my kids from me when my ex husband left us…but they love my kids spoil them rotten lol

I have never forced my daughter to go to her grandparents. She has always wanted to go on her own free will. My grandparents and parents will welcome her anytime no matter what. My grandfather has traveled to be with us when I didn’t have anyone else. Now that I have a baby my mom is able to stay home and help me with both my babies. She does so willingly and I know she does it because she has missed out on so much with my siblings and I. I don’t trust day cares or I home baby sitters but I will do them. My kids decide who is in their life.

If we’re going for a family visit, than yes, they are coming with us. If they said they didn’t want to be there without my husband or I, than I’d wonder why, and obviously not leave them. My kids are home the vast majority of the time. My in laws are about an hour away and my mother is over an hour away. Between work, getting things done around the house and such, we don’t visit anyone very often. When the opportunity arises, my kids are excited to sleep over their grandparents houses.

I think it depends how you grew up and what family thinks is acceptable. I stayed with my grandparents often as a child. My Mom watched my kids one weekend a month and took them on a one week vacation each summer. My grandkids are welcome to come and stay whenever they wish on a weekend. We are a close family that does monthly family meals and outings too.


When my boys were growing up, the oldest stayed with my parents every weekend. It started when he was just 2 weeks old and I got the flu. I didn’t want to give it to him, so I called my parents to come get him. Then when my youngest was born, I didn’t let him out of my sight if possible. We almost lost him before he was even born. He eventually stayed with his grandparents, but he was about 7 or 8 before it happened.
As for my grandkids, my oldest granddaughter lives with me. We haven’t seen her cousins in 3 years, and I now have another grand that was born in July.

No. If my son ever did not want to go to his grandparents house he wouldn’t go. If she doesn’t want to be left alone there don’t leave her.


Depends on your relationship with the family.

I spent a lot of time with family as a kid if my parents were busy.

And we love being able to have the kids go with family instead of daycare if we can.

But that’s just how both our families have always operated.

My boy is nearly 3 and never been to with his grandparents alone, he’s been looked after at my place for a short time by my mum, when I sat my licence, but never been dropped off at their house purely for them to watch, me and his dad are the only ones that look after him.

I wouldn’t force. My son is only ever allowed to be watched by my parents or my husbands parents because I love and trust them all deeply and know they love our boy and would protect him with he their lives too. He has sleepovers with his grandparents and loves them so I can’t help there but if he ever said he didn’t want to go in the future I’d try and encourage it to be positive again for him and try to find ways to make him happy to be there again (because I know it would break his grandparents heart, and because I want him to have a strong relationship with family) but if he was upset I wouldn’t be able to just leave him either. Hopefully you figure it out :two_hearts:


I’m a SAHM and I don’t drop him off with grandparents on the weekend. If he wants to see them, we make time for it but I don’t leave him with anyone ever unless I have no choice (think emergency dentist appt). He also doesn’t ask to be left alone anywhere so it’s mutual. I definitely wouldn’t leave him alone with anyone if he didn’t want me to.

Nobody has to force my gkids to visit their Lala. We have a hard time with them not wanting to go home!


My son stays at his nanas every second weekend. Goes to daycare 4 days a week. Of his days off he begs for nanas but she still works so he has to suck it up and stay with me😂 yes we have fun together and no I’m not jealous. I love how he loves his nan

Start off small. Have the grands meet you and kiddo somewhere for memories and experiences to start being made. Then do something at their house where you stay but try to be busy or talking to someone else so kiddo has a chance to explore the gands house. Then go over together but plan on running to the store just for a short while (come back with a reward). Slowly introducing that your child can fully trust, love, and make memories with them will make it better and she will want to see them. Grandparents are important in a kids life (unless they are toxic humans) I grew up with separation anxiety and my parents like only way of leaving me with any family or sitter was waiting til I had to go to the bathroom to leave or wait til I was down for a nap to leave because I would not let go and would scream for hours. I had to go to therapy and work on the issue of not being around my parents. But now that I’m older out of all of my cousins on both sides of my family I have the healthiest communicative relationship with my grandparents, aunts and uncles. Also tell awesome stories from when you were a kid and the things you did with your parents or cool things about your in laws past to have your kiddos get curious and want to ask them questions.

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I’ve never forced my kids to see people they didn’t want to.


Nope. I do not force my kids to stay anywhere. My two oldest stay at their one set of grandparents house every other Friday but there have been times where one of them chooses to stay home and that is just fine too :blush:


My son is two, has only ever had one sleep over and it was a mess. He enjoys being with my mom. Other than that nope. We rarely ever leave him.

My dad see my daughter whenever he wants, sometimes I’m there sometimes I’m not. Her father’s side is a totally different story. Since he does not have good relationships with them, they dont see our daughter often. His father has seen her twice since birth, and his mother used to babysit every once in a blue moon up until 2 years ago. I wont force her to have a relationship with them if they cant even call and ask about her.

I don’t, but our kids and my mil always ask if they can come over. I’m lucky to be a sahm, so I get to be with our kids all the time. They are allowed to visit her more during the Summer, if they ask. However, I don’t let them visit her as much during school. I feel guilty because she loves them so much, but I want to spend time with them, too.

I never forced my mother to be a grandmother. I am a only child. She has 3 grandchildren that she has barley seen. If your family wants to be apart of their life then go for it. If not then do what is best

We were lucky, both sets of Grandparents live hundreds of miles away - so it was a special treat for our children to see them. We did not leave them with the grandparents but just had fun together.

Nope. If they don’t want to go I don’t make them. Never have and never will.

Every Friday night our babies stay with my husband’s parents (next door lol). Nobody else is allowed to keep them. We all have a similar work/school schedule and everyone is home on the weekends and in the evening time during the week. The Friday thing is something the grandparents asked for and even though they are only next door, they FaceTime us or text us before they go to bed. If our children ever told us they did not want to spend the night or go to someone’s house, or even hug someone, they don’t have to.

My kiddo has a sleepover twice a month or so at my parents (he’s 6)
When he was younger and getting use to it, it was a bit tougher and he wouldn’t want me to leave but as soon as I was gone he was fine (and that only happened a time or two) now that’s he’s older, he asks to go often. I use to feel guilty but came around and realized my parents LOVE having him and it is such a great bonding experience for them.

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I don’t force it, my parents either ask for them and then I ask the kids or the kids ask and I ask my parents. My oldest son would live over there if I let him lol, I have to make him stay home sometimes. My daughter loves going sometimes and others she doesn’t want to so she stays home. :woman_shrugging:t2: I don’t force anything on them they don’t want except a diaper lol. :rofl:

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I am a grandma and have adopted grandbabies I watch them quite often and I enjoy my time with them. When my kids were young they spent alot of time with my parents. My dad and step mom would take them over night and help out when I was sick. My mom would take them and give me a break when I was stressed or sick. I was a single mom still am their dad wasn’t around much so my dad was the father figure for them when he was able to be there. My brothers are close to my children even now that they are grown they have a good relationship. My grandchildren with know that we are their for them and if they need us that can count on us to support them.


My grandma would find me and kill me if I didn’t leave my kids with her at least sometimes :upside_down_face: but she’s a grandma grandma that old fashion kind, she loves them like they are her own kids. I don’t see it as “someone else watching my kids” but rather them being able to spend time with her. Unfortunately at the end of the day I will have more time with them than she will due to of course age so I let her soak up what she can as well.


My child always with me. If I’m not at work, she’s with me. Especially since I’m working from home, now. If I do have to go to work, she’s with her dad or her Nani. Since Covid she got clingy, so it’s a fight/scene if I have to leave her anywhere. If she’s going anywhere, she asks if I’m going with her.

i think the kids need to know there grandparents i never got that chance . i never forced my child she wanted to go . how about you set up a lunch date with the granparents so they could start bonding with them then you can let them decide

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My daughter asks to see her grandparents. They often go on adventures with her and spoil her lol. She loves them a lot and I can’t complain.


I kinda forced my kids on my parents because I wanted them to have a relationship with them. There is nothing greater than a grandparents love. At the same time though if they aren’t asking then I’m not sure what your issue is. I think where you might be messing up is not creating the environment where she’d want to stay if they were open to it.

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My daughter is 15 and only had one sleepover with her grandmother and it was when grandmother’s brother came to visit. She was 5 at the time and enjoyed his company so he invited her spend the night and that they’d get donuts in the morning for breakfast. She had the best night. My MIL’s excuse is that “Emily would rather spend time with her friends.” Whatever, her loss. She’ll be dead soon enough.


No. Of my three children…

  1. His only grandparent is long long away and not even worth it.
  2. Well off granparents ssend him checks on his birthday and Chritmas. They live far off as well.
  3. Her granparents are dead.
    My mother however is too selfish to even bother except when it benefits her.
    So yeah No!

My mom and I have always been close. So when I was working alot she kept my daughter. Then I had my son and when I did I moved in with my mom. My kids absolutely love my mom. We now live her again and I love the relationship they have with each other. And I love making these memories with my mom and my kids.

If they’re not asking and she doesn’t care to go, I sure wouldn’t feel any guilt. I’d just enjoy her


Nope. My kids are ate little people with real feelings, emotions, likes and dislikes—how am I going to build a trusting open communication relationship with them if I don’t take their little voices into account? Granted I’m super lucky because all their grandparents are amazing and my kids love them very much.

If you’re ok with it, maybe let the grandparents pick her up one or two days a week from daycare, and they can spend time with her then. And it won’t take away from your weekends. I think it’s important to let them have their time, especially if they are trying to make an effort to spend time with her


I have my son 24/7, 7 days a week and take him to work with me, we sometimes go to grandmas and grandpas but not as much. They still talk to him and he knows who they’re!

My 5 year old son goes to his grandparents every weekend some times he doesn’t want to but i do encourage him to go. My reason behind it is, my son lost his father at the beginning of the year and his grandparents lost there son so we aranged to keep the same routine for my son with my exs parents that he had with his father so they get to see him offten and that my sons routine isnt changed all of a sudden on him as loseing his father was a massive change in itself. Its been grate for my son to heal and also for his grandparents as in a way they still feel like they have apart of there son with them x


I definitely wouldn’t force her if it’s not something she wants to do and grandparents aren’t pushing it, unless you are going to need the grandparents help from time to time. Then I would maybe try it. Think into the future too. You may not be able to leave your job one day when she is sick and needs picked up from school, but grandparents may be able to help there. And if your kid isn’t comfortable being alone with them, that may be an issue. If you do hope for them to have that type of relationship, I would do it in small steps. Like you both go to their house but you go to a different room leaving her with grandparents. Then say you need to make a trip to the store and she’s going to stay there, but you won’t be gone long. Something to that extent where she isn’t just thrown into being somewhere without you.

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Personally I want my son to have a relationship with all his grandparents. Right now he’s to young to go overnight by himself but I do take him to see his grandparents and they come to visit him as well. If my son expressed to me he didn’t want to go alone I’d either go with him or have them over. I’d start with getting him more comfortable and used to them so that he can start going solo. I’d start out with a hour or two at a time visit wise then go from there. If you’re child has loving caring grandparents then I think it’s important to have them form some type of bond. Not force them to do anything they don’t want to do though but baby steps like I said. Now I understand not everyone has stellar grandparents or parents and in that case they are better off not having a serious relationship with them.

My my watched my son while I worked he is 13 now and goes over almost every weekend while in school and spend most his summer and breaks there.his dad’s side doesn’t bother.4 years ago my mom took in my nephew and niece so she has her hands full with them I have twins girls who are turning 3 so they’ve never gotten to stay they night without me there but she calls them daily on FaceTime and does breakfast/lunch dates spoils them when she can their father and I are still together he is much older so are his parents but they dont even bother with my girl’s besides showing up once a year for birthday its sad I always remembered being at my Grandma’s

As of now my son only has one grandmother left and she leaves with us. But there could be days that she won’t talk to any of us. Which I am fine with. But speaking as a child who was forced to go to my mom’s parents house I completely hated it. But then again they wasn’t the warn cuddle type of people. So I don’t feel that you should make your kids see them or anybody else in the family for that matter.

My boys grandparents look after him when I’m at work, they don’t have him when I’m at home unless I have a hair appointment etc. If they’re not asking and she’s happier with you then don’t feel guilty. I wouldn’t xx


I think it really depends on you, your kid, and the grandparents. I’m in a fair number of mom groups that have me thinking most kids only see grandparents 4-10x a year. Usually only 1ish sleepover (if even) a year or the gparents, parents, and kids all live together.

I take my daughter to see my mum and dad twice a week and my husband’s granny once a week for a couple of hours each time. They always ask about her buy her things etc and she enjoys spending time with them does them pictures and she asks about them as well. They used to babysit her as well as daycare before she started primary school so she’s happy to be with them on her own as well

I’m blessed I get to watch my 3 grandsons while my daughter works ages 12, 7 an 10 months. I’m the only babysitter they’ve known since day one :heart: it’s God’s way of blessing me because I missed so much working 3 jobs . They are the light of my life !

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I will take my grandbabies whenever I can get them. My grandbabies and children are my life.


My grandson has got me and his other gran and papa we all take turns about in having him for a few days. It’s our time with him. It gives mum and dad a well earned break. He will be two in November. It has always been like that. We all love having him . Xx

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That’s what Sunday dinners are for. My mom used to cook a big dinner . Grandma cooks the besr… spend day with them , bring leftovers home for week . .they always got eaten.
That said make sure they get chance to visit or know about things if they live close by. Maybe you and your daughter could visit together or have them come visit. Its different for every family.

Mine always want to and are always excited coming back to me. Best of both world’s. The day they tell me they don’t want to go, they won’t.

Our kids are with us 24/7 other than school/daycare/after-school care time. Weekends they rarely go there and that’s if it’s for something important. Not just drop and roll. Oldest son is 14 and he went there all the time only because he has a 15yr old uncle which is only 10 months older than him. Our other 3 were put on the back burner but it’s Allgood. They want to be with us anyway.

My children 10/7/4 go to there grandparents in the holidays for example in the 6 weeks they go for 2-3 weeks.
Do I force them no do they want to, mostly.
They live over 200 miles away so they all hate the trip however when they are there they love it see all their extended family and have plenty of stories to tell.
Family is good for children, new experiences are good for children and a break is good for everyone

Mine see their grandparents occasionally with us included. We’ve left them alone twice for babysitting. I don’t think everyone lives near them so much anymore and mine was always a little bit worried about being just them for any length of time. Do what works for you.

I think it all depends on your family. Growing up I was always close to my grandparents on my moms side and spent a lot of time with them. Now my mom lives in my basement and is super close to with my kids. Also my in-laws live up the street and we do Sunday dinner together every week and lots of other visits. I love that my children are close to their grandparents.