Do you get up before your kids get up?

Do you guys get up before your kids wake up in the morning, or do you let them wake you up?? My boyfriends says im weird for getting up before them


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Do you get up before your kids get up?

I get up first. I get a break till they’re up.


I’m up first, I need coffee before he wakes up lol


I usually sleep until they wake up, but I definitely enjoy the mornings I wake up before them a little extra because I get that “me time” to start the day off

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Yup most definitely and I’m the last one to sleep. Quiet time is peaceful


Most of the time I was up before them

Oh I have got to be up and halfway through my first cup of coffee, before any interractions

I love when I wake up before my 3 year old, because it’s the only time I ever have to myself, so even just 15-20 minutes alone is so nice.

Some mornings I’m so exhausted though, he wakes me up lol. It just depends!

But I do love my little alone time when I get it.

I’m always awake before them

I get up first and have my coffee i need to wake up properly before I can deal with there noise.

I get up first I need time for myself & to mentally prepare for the day

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Week days I wake up before them weekends id be damned if I get up before them. With that being said my room is really dark so if no one opens or keeps the door open( hubs leaves it open when he leaves for work at 6am) and I could sleep till 11am cause my kids knows if I’m up im going to give them a chore to do.

Every household is different. That doesn’t make you weird or different in my opinion. School time - I usually wake up and wake them up. Summer time - they definitely wake me :smirk:


I used to get up before her because she slept in. She’s 10 and now usually she’s up before me

Usually I get up first… not weird at all!

I get up at 5 to get me and my day started

9x out of 10 I sleep until the kid wakes me

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My partner gets up at 5am for work so I get up too. I rather enjoy having 1-2 hours to myself before the kids start waking.

no, i wish :smile: he wakes earlier than me most morning and if i do manage to wake earlier, getting out of bed disturbs him. it would be lovely to sit and have a hot drink while he slept

I’m up at 5am for work and my youngest is usually up by 7am.

I always got up first, to have that first cup of coffee in peace.

I go to bed after them and up before them.

It depends on the day. I like waking up first though. I like my alone time

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I used to. My kids are older now though so I’m sleeping until they wake me up cuz their hungry.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I used to, they’re older now it depends when I’m working or when theyre working.

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I sleep until I hear crying

When my kids were young, it depended on what day it was. If it was a school/work day, I was usually up first. If it was a weekend/off day, they were usually up first.

I’m up making lunches and getting sorted a good hr before I start trying to drag the wee gremlins out of bed.

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I get up before everyone about 45 minutes early. I love doing my hair and makeup in the morning, it’s how I wake up nicely and feel a little confident throughout the day. I get everyones outfits ready for the day and sort breakfast out ready for them to wake up.

It depends on school mornings I get up first I need my tea before the house gets busy :joy::joy: on mornings when there is no school or activities it will depend who wakes first although all 4 of my kiddos love a good lay in

I do because I like the time alone in the morning


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Are they his kids or just yours? If they’re just yours, he clearly doesn’t realize how precious our personal time is, in the mornings our anytime without our children lol

I usually get up before them, except on weekends. I like that first bit of the morning before chaos breaks loose :joy:


I get up before anyone. Am I trying to? Nope. Just wake up. And I can’t just lay in bed while I am awake unless I am trying to get my son asleep.

I do just so I can get a few hours of peace and quiet until their bad selves start​:joy::joy:

mine get up n watch 2 movies before i get my ass up lol baby sleeps till 9. 7yr n 4yr ild watch tv till i get up. tney get up 630 sometimes.

I’m always up before my daughter and husband.

…my son wakes me up at the butt crack of dawn most mornings.:sweat_smile: he doesn’t sleep. My daughter however will and has always slept til I went and got her up.

I get up before my kids because that is my quiet time to enjoy my coffee before the Noise begins :laughing:

I get up about an hr, hr and a half before. That way I can enjoy my coffee without having to hear “ma! Ma! Mom! Mama! Hey babe have you see the (insert random object) anywhere? Ma! Mama! Can I have a snack?”

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School days i was up first, weekends they got me up

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I would get up before them. Its amazing how much you get done in the morning while the kids are still asleep.

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I have to get up before everyone lol. I need that time. Since schools been out, I slept in a few times and let the kids wake me up and I’m never doing that again lol

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My alarm is set for 8. Sometimes my daughter wakes up before, sometimes after. Normally we’re both waking up at the same time though.

I always got up before my kids did. It was the only quiet sane time of the day I had to myself. I’m more interested in why your boyfriend is calling it “weird.”


My kids get up at 6:30am or before. So no lol, I get up when they do. But I don’t think it’s weird that you do. If I had the energy I would probably too!

I get up when they get up because they’re exhausting and I take every second of sleep I can get :joy:

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Nope my 7 & 8 year old get up too early so they just grab their tablets until I get up and feed them breakfast

I’m up before everyone most days. I don’t set an alarm or anything, I just wake up. Some days it’s the kids waking me up but we’re talking like a handful of times maybe a year.

I’m a quadriplegic and get up at least 2 hours before my boys every morning to sort myself before getting them up. It’s not always easy but I wouldn’t have it any other way


Depends on the day and how I slept the night before

All 3 of my boys are up by 530 usually. So …whats sleepin in? :joy:

Before , I need 10 minutes to have coffee in peace

Depends on the morning for me. Some days it feels so nice to get up and get the kids breakfast and backpacks ready, myself dressed before they get up. Others I definitely sleep in until they’re up and yelling at me :sweat_smile: my 3 year old woke me up one morning yelling at me to shut my alarm off so he could go back to sleep too-I was sleeping through it :rofl: just depends on the day lol

On days I work I get up before my son. On my off days I get up when he gets up.

Truthfully I think everyone is different.
I value getting some quiet time to enjoy my coffee and wake up at my own pace before I start getting “mommed” so I make sure I get out of bed before they do.
It honestly helps set my mood and my day in the “right” direction.

Some people waking up in chaos doesn’t bother them and they’d rather have the extra sleep.
It really comes down to personal preference.

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During the week I wake up before my son to get ready for work and make lunches, then I wake him to get ready for school . But on weekends he’s always up before me lol

Lol my kids are 2 and 5 and are early ass risers. It’s awful. I set my alarm to hopefully wake up before them so I have just enough time to get dressed and brush my teeth before my youngest starts crying. I definitely prefer getting up before them so I’m not running around trying to deal with kids in a t shirt and underwear. At least let me put on a bra. :joy:

Hi Maria you will never cease to surprise me. I will always admirer you. Lots off love and hugs to you. take care and stay safe

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Most of the time I get up before them. Just out of habit. I am also a morning person. I don’t see what’s weird about waking up before your kids, if anything it’s better because you get some time to yourself but to each their own.

I always get up before kids
You need you time
And if your not in hurry getting ready you can oversee kids to make sure they have everything they need and to do .
If they are taught chaos in the morning they will be chaos in the morning .
It’s nice when everyone can go off for their day smiling not mad.
Who wants to come home to a mad mom or dad.

I let my toddler wake me up. I work 24 hour shifts so I never sleep through the night. I need every minute I can get when I’m off work.

After, but I also fall asleep long after my daughter too.

Most of the time I get up before them because it has become my quiet time.

My kids wake me up unless its school time

Honestly I have to get up before he does cause i pack my husbands lunch but then I’ll go back to sleep and then he wakes up and just says mom wake up wake up

Mine wake me up my son wakes up at the crack of dawn lol

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My son wakes me up x

I got up befor them until they were like 10 or so I think

I’m always up before my kids

Get up before them. Might be the only cup of tea I get in peace all day lol


I work midnights. my kids are 8 and 11…they wake me up

I get up before my daughter so I can drink my coffee and relax quietly before I wake her up.


Schooltime I get up an hour before them. I need time before they get up. School breaks I don’t. But they’re old enough to take care of themselves. When they were small I did.

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So proud off you Maria Marais :clap:

I’m usually up before my children that’s me time to wake up and drink my Dr pepper and smoke a cigarette. So by that time there up ready for breakfast

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Depends if I have work or they have school. If we do then yes I’m up before them, but the rare days I don’t are only maybe Sundays. There is no right or wrong answers. Some people like the quiet in the morning, I get them in bed then have my quiet time. Depends on you and your schedule.

My kids wake me up unless it’s a school week. Lol.

I used to get up before mine did when they were younger. I would enjoy a hour or two every morning just to myself. It was the perfect time to shower, do laundry or whatever else without worrying about the little ones.

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School before them other than that they can wake me up but it also depends on their age.

I get up before my kids unless it’s my day off on a weekend. It’s my quiet coffee time and enjoy an episode of a show or listen to a podcast in peace

They wake me up. Unless my alarm goes off for me to work that day

Usually get up around the same time generally. My day begins when their eyes open