Do you give your kids multivitamins?

I’m looking for some info from those of you that give your kids multivitamins or don’t! If you do: what brands have you found reliable with quality ingredients? I’m looking for something that doesn’t have a bunch of unnecessary ingredients. I have a one year old and 3 year old and would prefer something that is either liquid or a powder as I don’t trust gummies and chewable tablets just yet! If you don’t: May I please ask why? I want to hear everyone’s opinions! Please no arguing or bashing. We’re all doing what we think is best for our kiddos!!

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Do you give your kids multivitamins?

My 3yr old take chewy viatamins. When she was one she was prescribed liquid ones from her doctor

My son took flinstones vitamins growing up

I don’t give a multi vitamin because of 2 reasons. 1- the pediatrician told me it’s unnecessary. 2- my 6 year old eats a great variety of foods, including vegetables.
I don’t bash those that give vitamins, some kids need them. I’d just ask the pediatrician which one they think would be good.


i get abig tub of nature bounty at walmart its 13 dollers

There is a American company called celebrate they will work with you vit. Are fresh

I give mine Flinestones chewables. I didn’t start until age 3. My vitamin levels are always off & we wanted to avoid that with the kids. Both always ate great but it gave an added safety net.

If my kid was fussy and barely ate veggies or a lot of pre-packaged snack foods I would. But they eat tons of veggies/fruit and have a well varied diet.

No we don’t. Give them well balanced meals.

My 3 year old takes chewable vitamins. I started them last year because his iron was low and this year it was good. He’s always been a picky eater.

My son just gets Flintstone vitamins

My kids doctor said mine dont need it… they eat a well balanced diet. Before you stare something like that always ask their doctor as well.

Yes, i give them gummy vitamins from costco. And a elderberry one because they are school age and always get sick… i took thise nast Flintstones ones as a kid lol

I do not give my kids multi vitamins…a lot of the vitamins in multivitamin supplements aren’t digestible/ absorbable to the human body in that specific form… if a child has a healthy balanced diet they will get the vitamins and minerals their bodies require thru their foods

I am a bariatric patient so he son watched me take vitamins every day so he asked to take some too. I got flintstone gummies for him about age 5. I don’t force it but when he asks for one I give him one. (He’s almost 8 now) it’s almost daily.

Talk to your doctor first and see what they say before giving your kids any vitamins. I don’t give my kids vitamins they never needed them. They got what they needed thru food

Vitamins < balanced nutritious meals.

If your kids eat fortified foods at all unless they have a medical deficiency or known absorption issue like common with autism and EDS there’s no point in taking them.

I know you said no gummies but at least look into them… there’s also a vegetable option as well… also they are expensive but there a better multi vitamin in my opinion then regular multi vitamins

I wouldn’t until my child is tested for the MTHFR mutated gene which 40% of the population has and doesn’t know it. It interferes with the absorption of certain vitamins and interferes with the body to detox properly. Folic acid is to be avoided and most multi vitamins as well as processed food contains folic acid. The gene predisposes us to many health issues. Cutting edge medicine but will become more mainstream as Drs are educated.

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