Do you go into labor earlier with your second?

I know everyone is different but i am just curious! How many mommas went into labor earlier with their 2nd baby? If your a c section mama, did you go in labor before your scheduled c section date?


I ended up being induced at 39wks with #2 and #3. With #1 i went into labor 3 days before my due date.

My son would never come. I had my daughter at 37 weeks. With my son, i had to be induced on my due date because he just wouldnt come

1st kid, went into labor without my knowing (I had menstrual type cramps). Wasn’t dialated, so was told I could get induced or go home. I was hungry, so we left, after a bag of fluids to slow contractions. Back again the next day, find out I can’t dialate, they decide c- section at 6am the following morning.
2nd baby I went into labor the first time on March 17th and 2 more times after that. Each time, they stopped my labor. He was born c- section April 9th.
3rd was due ge day I went into labor
4th I went into labor at 38 wks 6 days and they stopped labor because I wasn’t 39 wks. She was born 4 days later

My second baby came two weeks before due date. Good thing though because he was over 9lbs!

Just an FYI, it is perfectly healthy to go to 42 weeks & 6days

I was one day early with my first. About a week early with my second. And three weeks early with my third

I went early with my 2nd.

I was supposed to give birth on 16th september but i landed up on 24th august… csesction

First came 3 weeks “early”, second came 3 days early. Both by Csection. They had my due date wrong with second. They were off by 10 days because of a typo and hadn’t even scheduled my second yet.

Nope never went into labor withmy second thought was gonna way i was feeling at the end. But first time i was induced but it didn’t work n ended in emergency c-section due to baby heartrate dropped n i wasn’t progressing.

My first child was a week early and natural birth labor 16 hours my second child was emergency C-section and two and a half weeks early

My first was born on his due date and I just had my second 11 days early

My 1st was born on due date 6lbs 12 oz 2nd was 12 days early weighed 7 lbs, 3rd was 3 days early emergency csection 8 lbs 3oz, and 4th was scheduled csection days prior to due date no labor 8lbs 2oz.

I had my second at 33 weeks and 4 days . I was 9 and half centimeters when I got to the hospital. He just didnt want to wait any more lol he was 6lbs 7oz

3 days early with my second lol 5 days over with my first.

I was induced with my first and then went into labor naturally with my second at 38 weeks

Was scheduled for May 11th at 11:00am and my water broke at like three in the morning on the 11th ended up having him at eight in the morning c cection so a couple hours early

4 days past with my first.
13 days early with my second.

I was induced at 42 weeks with my first and I was going in to be induced with my second at 41 weeks but ended up going into labor the same day as my induction. So I guess I did go into labor earlier with my second. :slight_smile: Lol still both of them were slowww. Lol

My first 2 I was induced at 39 weeks and this one my water broke while I was watching tv home alone at 37weeks and 2days…

My second was a week late and I was induced. The second pregnancy was much harder on my body. My first was born 4 weeks early.

1st and 2nd were 9 days early. Third was 11 days early

My first was induced on her due date and had her two days later. My second had tons of amniotic fluid so she was induced two weeks early and was almost 8lbs. My fourth was a c-section and I was lucky to get an apt on his due date, and he was breach. My fourth came two weeks early all on her own.

My second baby was a section my due date was like the 17th of Decmeber but I had a scheduled c section for the 12th
. Went in in the 12th and starting having some uncomfortable back contractions but that was just my body starting the laboring process…

First ana born 3 days early, second was born on her due date and third was a week early

1st I was induced after my due date, 2nd I was due 1-2, scheduled for a c section 12-29 and went into labor on 12-25 and had him 12-26

Nope 5 days later but still was early at 38,2

I had to have a c-section for my 1st (8lbs6oz) had a repeat c-section for 2nd (8lbs15oz). First was an emergency and l was cut up and down (not bikini cut). Since l was cut that way they said l had to have another c-section. Had a test done to see if the lungs were developed and they weren’t. Had to wait another week and they did another test and I went to the hospital and next morning had my baby. Oldest will be 50 and youngest will be 41.

I didn’t go into labor naturally with my first or my second baby! I went into labor with my third at 38 weeks.

1st was an emergency c section, second was a planned and the little stinker decided to come 5 days early :joy: Still had a c section but only after 5 hrs of contractions, which I was hoping to avoid all together with the planned haha

I was scheduled for a c section for October 9th of last year, started having contractions on September 28th and he was born via c section at 1053 that night. So I was almost 2 weeks early.

My first was a day early and my second was nine days late

I got induced with my first right ag 40 weeks because my blood pressure was high. Wound up with a csection. Second one, I made it to my scheduled csection at 39 weeks 2 days.

Yup I was 36 weeks 5 days with my 2nd one.

My first c section I went into labor on October 2nd and had him the next day. I had an appointment anyways and from there I went to have my baby. He was scheduled for October 14th. His bday is October 3rd :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. My youngest I went into labor a month earlier than I was supposed to so he was an emergency c section

1st one was a c-section, was due April 13th but had her on April 4th (she was breech). And my 2nd was a natural birth. I was due Sept.18th, but had her on the 17th. My water broke on Sept.16th and I had a long 24hr labour before she made her appearance

My youngest came a day early

1st had to be induced so he was 4 days late. 2nd went into labor 4 days early (from my due date)

My first was 22 days early, second 15 days late, third 2 days early, fourth right in time, and fifth was 5 weeks and 3 days early. All born naturally

I have been lucky… all 4 of my babies are c sections and I have never gone into labor before my surgery date… going into labor after your 2nd csection is super dangerous… now I’m on baby num 5 due in October…

Induced with my first. Due nov12- born nov 20th. Second came on her own due nov 20th-born nov22