Do you let your kids watch this youtube show?

You control what you want them to watch. Doesn’t matter who else is doing what. You are the adult. Watch it yourself if you need to.

Youtube isn’t allowed in the house anymore. Lol

Absolutely not Jeffy my 10 year old used watch that until
I saw what jeffy was I told him he couldn’t watch that anymore he continued without me knowing but he got caught n grounded for that so now I’m always looking at his phone to make sure he’s not watching jeffy

My kid is only allowed on YouTube kids

When my son started watching this I will admit some of it was funny. Yes I’m a adult and I said that and it’s mostly bc its aimed for adult humor. But the more I watched the more I was like Wait What? He started repeating Jeff. And mimicking him as well. And not the funny portions the grotesque portions. The slapping of the diaper. The inappropriate behavior. That’s when I said OK thats enough. I placed a child lock on his youtube as well. If its older than 13 he can’t watch it. I’d strongly suggest not allowing your children to watch it even though it’s geared towards kids by using Mario and so forth but like someone else stated Would you let your kid watch Adult Swim just bc its animation?

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Dashes off to check out Jeffy.

Is this on YouTube or YouTube kids?

Absolutely NOT! My older 2 (10&7) tried watching it and I QUICKLY put a stop to it. Extremely inappropriate for kids.

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No, they said the F word in the first 5 secs

I let my son (13) at the time, watch sausage party. I have been very open about different things with my son.

Jeffy is definitelyyy not appropriate at all!!

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Jeffy is not for children.
You’re a parent, its not being controlling, its parenting.


Jamie L Lane. Lonnie Douglas

My daughter tried to but when i caught on to what it was about I made it where she couldn’t watch it anymore. She now knows she isn’t allowed to watch it at all .

My kid does not watch YouTube Videos without me being there or logging them into my computer.
Even on YouTube kids there’s some sketchy stuff and some not always kid friendly.

Definitely don’t let your kid watch it. My kids get in trouble for turning it on. It is VERY inappropriate and has them thinking things are funny that are sooo wrong


Eh. Maybe I’m different but my 5 year old watches Mario and Jeffy. Her dad and I watch it too. It’s funny to us :woman_shrugging: we even got her all the characters and she recreates the scenes.


Nope my son is 4 and on his tablet he doesn’t have access to YouTube only Netflix and Disney plus. We watch YouTube on the TV where I can control it.

Not for kids…mine came across it one day thinking he was hilarious. Just no.

My son was watching Jeffy and no! I put a stop to that!

Who cares if they get upset. You are the parent you make the rules, it’s not being controlling.


My 7 yo watches it I watch it to it’s hilarious I’m cracking up meanwhile he has no idea why I’m laughing my son also know not to repeat what he hears

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I usually let my 2 watch whatever but Jeffy was a bit wayyy too much. They watched it for a little bit but it got worse and worse now if I catch them watching it they get their tablets took.


yes and i let my kids (9&6) watch jojo and 5 nights at freddys, but my kids also know how to act like they are suppose to and know they have restrictions on certain stuff
but my kids also love family guy and the simpsons🤷‍♀️


Jayme Hart Jeffy!!! :joy::joy::joy:

It started out kid oriented but it was moving towards more adult oriented. When I had to explain the jokes to the kids, it was time for them to stop watching it.

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Jeffy is not something I’d let my kids watch!

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No YouTube is banned in my home period. Too many things slip through. Even on kids. If you watch them, actually sit and watch each one, you’ll see. Its disturbing. I noticed my son when I would pick him up from babysitter, she was letting them watch youtube, the kids videos and needless to say really, there was some creepy imagery and language I dont approve of.


My kids would sneak it all the time thank God they don’t like it any more. Absolutely terrible I’ve tried over and over to block thier page but I couldn’t

Just watch it for two minutes. I promise you, you’ll never allow your children to watch it!

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Horrible for kids. I didn’t realize that until I sat down and realized the crap that was on it. We had to pull youtube usage completely for a very long time to keep them from getting on it.

No definitely not. My son showed me a video because he said it was inappropriate and he wanted me to know. It’s not for kids at all. Theres cussing and inappropriate gestures. One was about him jerking off. Kids can be mad all they want…

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If that’s controlling I must be psycho :joy::joy: I don’t let my 6 year old on YouTube at all. It’s all your preference!


Nope! When I walk in and it’s on I turn it off and tel them that they’re not supposed to be watching that. I hate that show!!

I let my kids watch it… I also let them watch other things family guy Simpson’s etc… maybe not age appropriate… but I’ve also explained and brought my kids up to know that sometimes “naughty acting” may be funny but we shouldn’t do it in real life…
Honestly think it’s how you bring your kids up n show n tell them what’s right, wrong and funny but acting and real…mine who watch are nearly 11 and 8… xx


Looks like an awful show

They don’t watch YouTube. I may find one funny video every now and then like epic fail compilations or scare pranks and watch it with them, but they do NOT have access to it themselves.


My daughter was watching it one day because she watched it at her dad’s and I lost it. It is a very inappropriate show for kids

I HATE JEFFY, my kids know we do not watch him. I’m not a controlling parent by any means but omggg he just makes me so angry lol

NO! My son was watching it once. I heard the inappropriate things they were saying and made him shut it off! We do not watch that in my house.

It’s so bad!! Horrible show !

Jeffy is f*ng awesome! :joy: there is always something that we are quoting from that… Maybe I’m not Mom of the year… And maybe some of the episodes are really stupid… But there are others that are absolutely hilarious to me… like fat Jeffy I about peed myself laughing when he got pushed down the stairs and we’re always smacking the couch beside us and imitating jeffy’s voice “DAHDNY… and I need another Twinkie”
we don’t watch the show all the time, but I don’t think there’s a single day in this house where we don’t say Daddy the way he does at some point… “wUt doing, dahndy”… “hehn… dahndy… wanna see my pencil?”
which for the record I think episode of smart Jeffy it’s also hilarious and we often speak about “butt excoriation” … I mean it’s really Juvenile and Stupid humor… but when I was in my teens I was watching Beavis and Butt-head and then South Park… It’s not nearly as bad as South Park War some of the stuff they show on Adult Swim although… Jeffy does say a lot of bad words and some of the episodes. Like I said it’s just stupid juvenile humor my kids and I reference it but it’s not something we watch on the regular.

Definitely no to jeffy

Whilst you’re paying the bills and providing for your children they can watch what you deem is alright. Other kids are other parents problems

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No way bad bad show!

YouTube is only for music in my household!

Jeffy is disgusting,rude and swears a lot…I dont know y YouTube allows it to be put on ther for kids!! HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE!!!

Side note… to the parent that is asking if they are being too controlling, (The person who posed the question)… Absolutely not… They are your children. You decide what is best for your children… I have a best friend who absolutely abhors SpongeBob and will not let her children see SpongeBob. I didn’t understand that… But she thought it was completely asinine and she didn’t want her kid to be exposed to it… her child her rules. Doesn’t matter what anybody else thinks

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Hell no my kids don’t watch jeffy. It’s very inappropriate

I told my kids they can’t watch it.

No! Jeff is all BAD!!! Just BAD!

Yes it’s stupid funny

My daughter didnt know who jeffy was…
She watches YouTube but it’s mostly lankybox

I don’t allow my kids to watch Jeffy at all!!

All three of my kids watch Jeffy. They know how to behave. They get that from parenting. Their entertainment isn’t there to teach them it’s there to entertain. I dont censor my kids. They are free to Express themselves. They know what acceptable ad far and language and behavior and know that what they see and hear on TV is not what they are to do and say at the end of the day.

But again that’s up to you as a parent. If you don’t want them to watch it then that is 100 percent your choice.


No definitely no jeffu

I say no to Jeffy also

I am a pretty relaxed mom and they are not allowed to watch Jeffy, I think that’s the only banned “kids” show in my house actually.

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No. Luckily ive not seen my child (6) watching it but I just went to check it out first 30 seconds was talking bout eating booty and slapping booty. So its a big NO for me.

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I’m also one of the more relaxed moms and that one is a big no in my house. I even hear that stupid crap come on I turn it off. That one is pretty bad :confused:

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We didn’t think anything of it at first,until we started hearing it ourselves. Now it is a big no.

I don’t let my kids watch it. It’s extremely inappropriate. My son used to do the same thing and get upset but oh well :woman_shrugging:t2: I would just let them be mad. Definitely not kid friendly.

I have never heard of him until I looked him up. So far my kids have not watched him but right now they are stuck on Blippi and Morphle. :woman_shrugging:

My son is 10 years old and watches him . He even bought the jeffy puppet . I curse like crazy and my son has never shown any type of disrespect or any type of behavior that shows my cursing or any type of character would influence him to be like anyone but himself. He is a gentleman and as long as he continues down a positive path I see no problem in restricting him on what he should watch. I don’t shelter my kids so he asks questions and I answer. It’s less awkward when a character says it and you can laugh then explain :woman_shrugging:t4:


Nooooo. Jeffy is ridiculous.

Nope, I refuse to let him watch it. Granted, he’s only 2, but his 9 y/o cousin watches it, it’s horrible!!!

omg my son whos 5 was was watching this the other day and it looked like a kid thing until i heard what he was saying!! however i didnt know it was jeffy until i just searched it up just now

Omgosh I HATE that show!!! I’m constantly getting on my kids about watching that… it’s so inappropriate and disgusting in my opinion

My son did until I actually watched what it was and now it’s a big NO. The part where He touches girls bums enraged me, and it’s creepy gross. I ended up completely banning YouTube and tik tok aswell.

I do not let my do son watch it

NO WAY ! my daughter showed me something that jeffy does and it was HIGHLY INAPPROPRIATE!


Well once my nephew got hooked on that show then my niece did and we would sit with them and watch it but then the videos just went way to far but eventually he grew out of it and it’s been a few years.

I’m glad my kids hasn’t seen that yet. I never heard of it till now. I thought blippi was stupid he’s just super annoying I know kids learn from watching him.

Nope Jeffys a idiot hes banned in my house

Nope definitely not I found my son watching it one day its a big no no from me

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Nope, my child does not get to go on YouTube. She’s young now tho.

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No I refuse to let my children watch jeffy

I let my kids watch YouTube but not Jeffy.

That “show” is horrible. The puppet is making fun of special needs and very inappropriate :confused:

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I JUST banned him in my house. This guy jokes about around about rape and murder etc. If you sit through a couple episodes do your children need to be exposed to that?! Any parent that pays attention is not going to want w
Their child watching it

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Jeffy is banned in this house. Far too inappropriate for young kids

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Jeffy is banned in my house! That show is not appropriate for children at all!

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No my son is not allowed to watch him and he knows it. He’s also not allowed to watch the talking fruit I’ve never caught the name of it but they are also very inappropriate.

Jeffy is super inappropriate but it’s funny

I guess I’m a different kinda parent bc I let my child watch it, I mean certain ones aren’t allowed but honestly it’s not much different then what is heard now a days in tv and movies

My son talks about Jeffy a lot but I’ve blocked him for the simple reason my 3 year old son runs up and says mom jeffy said what the hell or other things my son knows not to say.

If you want your kid repeating inappropriate words/phrases/ comments then go for it🤷🏻‍♀️ i learned too late, don’t be like me🤦🏻‍♀️


I don’t even know who that is lol

I dont know who that is, but thanks for the heads up. Hes already banned in my house


No Jeffy
This is how children learn. I don’t care how you parent

Yup, I let my kids watch it …

I don’t allow you tube kids at all. I’m the mean mom. They also get one hour of tablet time a day. To be fair the tv is usually on but they play while it’s on.

It’s been my experience that all those shows have so many ads and my kids want all the useless toys (especially Ryan toys :roll_eyes:) so we stick to ad free steaming shows that probably aren’t much better educational wise.

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Your the parent not them

Can’t be any more brainless than the episode of Ryan’s world I’ve had on repeat almost two weeks :sweat_smile:

That is a terrible show ! My kids are adults but if they were young absolutely not!

Hell no to Jeffy!!! And they are only allowed to watch YouTube videos if it has kids in it. Or if I pick the video. 99% of the time, I’ll watching too

My 5 and 6 yr old have been watching Jeffy for over a yr I also let them play GTH vice city to. They know how to act they know it’s just a show and just a game that in actual like it’s not right to do or act like jeffy or GTH :woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging: long as they follow rules everything good

I have Jeffy blocked. I feel its inappropriate for children. It’s more adult humor. They make sexual jokes in some. Sure, some of its funny, but its definitely NOT for kids!

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No way…the dogs name is pee pee suck. The jerk who films it should be shut down for good. Of course kids think its funny but it is so inappropriate. Everytime they ban him he changes his name and open a new account.