Do you think my friend can fix her relationship?

My friend asked me to ask on here… she cheated on him before they had kids, now they fight constantly about the time… now he’s doing sneaky stuff to her… she wants to be a family and move on from the past(they have two kids under 2), but he still calls her down about the time… do you think it could work out.? Remind you he’s doing it now to her while they have a family of their own.


He obviously can’t move past what she did to him and if he can’t than it’s not going to work.


Nope they need to end it if they can’t sort it out both are bad as each other and it’s toxic and unhealthy for the kids and both adults


If you can’t let go of the past and there’s no trust between them, and I’d say no reason to continue.

There is no difference between cheating before or after kids…Maybe after the score board is tied they won’t have anything to fight about…


This sounds like me and my ex and that’s gonna be a no. Too toxic


Did she just tell him now? After marriage and kids? Because if its new information, of course hes going to need time to process it all. Hes been believing in a lie about the woman he married.
Of course, its never good to cheat in or out of marriage so don’t think I think what he’s doing is right. But he’s obviously going to need time to process this bomb.
There’s no way to tell, but to give it more time. If they can both live with it now.


Nope. If someone can’t 100% get over the cheating, things will never work. Trust is a huge part of the foundation of a healthy relationship.


Probably won’t work. Because of what she did he’s always going to keep that in his head that’s why he keeps bringing it up. He lost her trust. I’m the same way it’s hard to get over it and move on so you just stay together and keep throwing it at her what she did

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He has not and doesn’t seem to want to forgive her. This is super toxic and the kids deserve better.


They can try counseling…but if he can’t look past the past…nothing will get better.

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If he didn’t ‘get over it’ before, he isn’t now. He’s only staying for the kids. He’s not happy whatsoever.


Why put yourself through the stress? The way he is acting, he will never get over it. She should move on.


If he can’t let it go and keeps bringing it up then the chances are is no it won’t work out. He has to be willing to forgive and move past it. She broke his trust as well.

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Nope. He won’t let it go. Co parent amicably and move on, hopefully with a lesson learned. Cant fault him for being damaged because of her bad choice


They both have a lot to work on if it is going to work. Either you guys trust eachother or you don’t, can’t have a decent relationship without jt

Have they tried marriage counseling? They both seem childish, immature, impulsive and poor communicators. Maybe if they could learn how to think more before they act and how to talk things out sensibly things could change, but they’d both have to be open to listening and both would have to put in the hard work.

Even if they split up, it’d be worth learning how to discuss things like adults instead of fighting.


He obviously can’t. They should serperate. It only gets worse.

No. Sounds like nothing moved forward besides having children.

Keeping score and holding grudges will not help in any way… Thay need to both want the relationship with each other and counseling will help but kiss or not if they aren’t both in and want it work out it’s just not going to and there isn’t anything to be done. They have to both put in the work and get what they want.


They should not have had kids together.


If he can’t get over it and was told at least a few months or more ago, then it is toxic and no hope. They could maybe try therapy as a last resortxbut him doing it back to her…nope. Will never work. He has to forgive and let it go or else could move on to worse…

The only way this is going to work, is if he can find a way to heal.

A cheater is always a cheater. He has right to be angry. If he were my son I’d tell him to leave. Not stoop to her level but leave & fight for custody.


2 wrongs don’t make it right. They need counseling and if that doesn’t work, best call it quits and move on

Move on life is too short to be treated like shit

they need to seperate

Nope, she ruined the trust and the relationship. He’s only staying for the kids. He should move on and work out a custody agreement in court.


I’m a firm believer that if you TRULY love someone you couldn’t even stomach cheating on them. With that being said , go ahead and separate while the children are little and learn to Co-Parent correctly . Cheating from both sides should prove that the relationship isn’t meant to be anyways . When u love someone , you don’t intentionally hurt them. And children deserve to see there parents loved correctly .


The respect is gone.
Once that happens, it’s over.
Sorry about it.

No. He clearly wants to make her feel the way about him he feels about her


NO. been there done that. the trust was gone. you can forgive but never forget.

It probably won’t work out. Maybe he thought he could forgive her, but it doesn’t seem like he can. They should probably both just try to move on.

Only if both parties are willing

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this happened to a friend of mine but she had kids and is married she did cheat on him he did her as well i knew about i told her to stop or i was gonna tell her husband she did stop and yes are still together some people might work out again and some may not.