Do you wipe down counters after doing dishes?

When doing the dishes, do you JUST do the dishes, or is wiping down the counters afterward part of doing the dishes?


I always wipe down the counters.

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Um why wouldn’t you wipe down the counters.

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Counters,stove, fridge ,sweep floors :woman_shrugging:

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i always clean my sink with antibacterial cleaner before and after i do the dishes then do the same with the counter tops after the dishes are done

I wipe down the whole kitchen everything we touched

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I wipe down the oven counters and every thing right in that area after I do the dishes

Wipe down counters and sweep the floor.

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Yup I wipe down absolutely everything and sweep the floor lol

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Wipe down the counters lol

Counters, stove and table every time

Dishes. And counter and sweep! And get trash together if its full.

I wipe the counters. However, if I ask someone to do the dishes, I would never expect them to assume that I also want them to wipe the counters.


Depends on how over the day I am :rofl: I’m normally constantly wiping down my counters throughout the day anyways

Wipe down all the counters, stove top and clean the sink when done

Always wipe down the counter, its part of doing the dishes


Counters, stove top, and table

Wipe down the counters cause water splashes when doing dishes

I wipe it all down…counters stove…all of it

Wipe down the whole kitchen basically. Stove, counters, sink, handles if there are any (especially on the fridge) then sweep up

Wipe everything down religiously. Fabuloso for days!

Always wipe down after brekki lunch and dinner. Hubby doesn’t bother though lol

Its all part of doing dishes

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I wipe down counter and stove after dishes

Wipe down benches/ stove

I wipe the counters/stove/microwave/outside of fridge and dishwasher as need be and the coffee maker every night. I wipe down counters as needed throughout the day. My husband, on the other hand, does not. :roll_eyes:

Ok so just had this talk with 14 yo she dose dishes and refuse to wipe the counters and stove off…I have to call her back and make her do it. Its her only chore like 3 days a week.

The whole kitchen gets clean or nothing.

Growing up it was always a part of ‘dish duty’ for our family.

Wipe down all the counters after

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I wash and wipe down the sink and counters


Wipe down everything

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I clean the whole kitchen…

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Wipe down counters appliances, light switches, cabinet handles, door knobs. Yuck. If you Don’t…

Wipe down all counters, sink, stove, and sweep the floor

It’s part of doing the dishes.


That’s part of cleaning the kitchen​:woman_facepalming:t2::woman_shrugging:t2:

My husband just does dishes (yup, it irritates me)
I wipe down the counters

Hold up people don’t? I always do x

Depends on my mood lol

The whole kitchen is part of “doing the dishes”

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Wipe counters stove microwave everything

I wipe the stove and counters and sometimes the frig

I always wipe down the cabinets too. Excess water gets on them.

It’s part of doing the dishes

I thought that was part of doing dishes? As well as cleaning the stove and floor

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I do it before and after. It bothers me.


Wipe down…? People dont do that?

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I do the dishes, wipe the counters, clean the stove top, then disinfect the sink with comet last!

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Hope to God you’re young and never been taught anything from your parents. If you’re not, you are bloody stupid

I do the dishes, then wipe down the counters, stove, and table

The counters the stove everything

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Anything I can see lol. I clean up the messy, the soap and water, and then I wipe down the stove. I also rinse out the sink lol.
If I’m gonna clean, imma clean :stuck_out_tongue:


I clear counters, do dishes then clean everything including stove and microwave and then do the floors at the end

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The counters and stovetop, and then clean the sink

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I thought wiping counters was the finishing touch of doing the dishes? :joy: The TA-DA of a job well done.


Do the dishes then disinfect the counter, stove, and table


Definitely need to be done. No questioned ask. Should be common sense

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Of course as well as the stove and the dining table

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Of course counters are wiped down

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I was taught, that doing the dishes meant, cleaning the dishes, cleaning the sink, the counters around them, drying them, amd putting them away. My brother and I would split the work becahse there were 2 of us. If i washed, he rinsed, both dried etc.

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Entire kitchen is part of “doing the dishes”.


I wipe the counters and stove but my hubby will just do dishes. Annoying AF


Counters & floor gets swept. Common sense ?


The counters, stovetop and table along with the sink

I clean the counter and stove then do dishes then wipe everything down again.

Always wipe down countes and stove after dishes and usually check out the kitchen cabinets as well with kids the doors get grungy from their fingers lol

Any thing I see needs done.

Wiping the whole kitchen if I can :rofl:

Wipe down counters, stove, and table.

I don’t it’s a child chore
Unload the dishes reload and wipe everything in the kitchen including stove and fridge island behind the sink and food out of the drains.
Is this a legit question?

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Counters, stove (completely including the hood if u have one), sweep, mop,and then wash the sink and toss the sponge.

All of it gets done.

I feel like this is a husband vs wife argument lol :joy:


Dishes include the whole kitchen. Wiping down counters, cleaning up spills from cooking, putting everything away etc etc

This is totally a “mom vrs the rest of the house” argument. lol

Dishes, counter, stove


Don’t forget to wipe off the stove and to sweep the kitchen floor


Dishes, countertops, everything on counters, microwave, wipe down fridge, sweep and light mop, trash. Wipe down cabinets. Dirty kitchens are gross


Wipe down the counters, stovetop and sweep the floor.

Wipe all counters, faucets, range hood & stove top!

Have to water everywhere

You always wipe down the counters in the stove and kitchen cabinets and sweep the floor

Clean the whole thing, all of it

Yes I do , also table, stove and refrigerator.

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Wipe down everything in the kitchen. Not just dishes.

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Dishes, wipe down counters (and table if we just ate), and sweep the kitchen floor.

Dishes counter top stove table sweep floors put dishes up where they belong, clean the whole kitchen and dining room


I wipe counters, stove, refrigerator handles, table…

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I wipe down the counters a few times a day

Yes. Always wipe down the counters. Thought everybody done that lol

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I do kitchen table , dishes, counters, stove,and last the floor

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Counter, stove, and microwave.

Well considering I have anxiety and depressive tendencies, it’s a fight to just get the dishes done. So sometimes I wipe the counters off, sometimes I don’t, and that’s ok :grin:

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I wipe down the counter and the stove and mop every night after dinner.

Sink counter and even stove top

I wipe down everything after the dishes have been washed.

Don’t forget to clean the sink to.

If its dirty clean it no point making dishes all clean when benches/kitchen still dirty looking :woman_shrugging::crazy_face:

I’m gonna say nope. Because “doing the dishes” usually is just putting the soap in the cup and Turing the dishwasher on.

Of course you wipe down the counters. I wipe mine down several times a day.