Do you wipe down counters after doing dishes?

Wipe down everything.

Typically counter too. If not with spray I just use the water that splashed out from doing dishes lol

Yes and also all the appliances

I wipe down the whole damn kitchen :grimacing: I annoy myself

The counters, the stove, the table and sweeping the floor.

Dishes= Dishes, counters, and stove

For a woman, dishes means cleaning the WHOLE kitchen.

For a man, dishes means dishes and nothing else.

Wtf of course u wipe down or do you just leave a puddle of water and crumbs lying everywhere :joy::joy::joy:

I wipe down everything. My mom used to get mad at me if I didn’t clean the dining room too when told to ‘clean the kitchen’ :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

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If you do the dishes you also wipe down the counters and the table!

Wash dishes, Wipe the counters, stove, wipe kitchen table and sweep the floor.


Everything gets wiped down… Sink, countertops, stovetop

I wipe the counters stove and after finished dishes i dry the sink out

Wiping all counters, stove and table is part of doi g dishes in my house

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Yep, and the stove. Its a package deal in our household.


Counters, stove, sink, and table.


Yes I wipe the counters and stove after the dishes


Wiping down counters and table is part of doing dishes


We were taught to clean the kitchen not wash dishes. We wipe every thing especially now

If you’re my husband, then no. If you’re anyone else, then yes. :rofl::weary::rofl:


What a dumbfuck question :joy:

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Did a man ask this cause a woman would do it on instinct lol :laughing:


Absolutely wipe down after !

Table, counters, stove and sink

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I wipe everything but the floor (unless it needs wiped too).

Plus sweeping after dishes, counters, stove and table

I always wipe down all counters, inside the sink and around faucets when I do dishes.

I wipe down all the counters, stove and table. Then I sweep the floor. That’s what we did growing up so I adapted that into my adulthood lol

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In my home growing up you did dishes, counters, stove &refrigerator then swept the floor . Done .
My kids didn’t have to do floor but everything else.

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Wipe down the counters, table and the sink

Uhg is this how we know we’ve officially became an adult :woozy_face: i wipe down everything :tired_face:

absolutly…i always wipe down after…

Lol uh cleaning kitchen is dishes, counters and sweeping I guess saying dishes someone could take it literal and just do the dishes :roll_eyes:

Maybe this person wanted to prove a point to their child lol I know I would definitely show my niece since she only washes the cups, plates and some spoons and forks…everything else she leaves in the sink or on top of the stove

You are so right Kristian

Dishes, counters,stove and table.

Of course!!
Always do counters.

I literally wipe down everything once dishes are done. Counters, the stove, cabinets, the faucet, the sink, appliances that have gotten dusty or splashed with coffee or sauce (like the toaster if it has crumbs, air fryer, keurig etc) , the wall beside the stove, the microwave, the garbage can even gets a wipe down and then i finish off with a quick sweep… i don’t leave that kitchen until everything is shining :sweat_smile: my boyfriend on the other hand will only do dishes :woozy_face:


Idk but I usually wash the dishes, then clean the microwave, then wipe down the stove and counters etc

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I always wipe the counters after the dishes it just feels like its what should be done

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If you don’t wipe the counters when you do dishes, or if it’s even optional…you probably should be re-evaluating everything you’ve been taught about life.

Lol I always clean the sink and counters/stove when I do the dishes. It’s like all one task in my mind

Weeping down the counters, table and stove are all a part of doing the dishes

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I always wipe down my counters and stove top and tables after doing dishes.

The whole kitchen is included in ‘doing the dishes’
I sweep, mop, wipe counters, all of it!

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I live in a shitty apartment in which every building has roaches. The dishes get done. The sinks get plugged. Counters get wiped. Stove top and dials get lysol wiped. Table top. Chairs. Floors swept. I need a mop otherwise I’d be mopping

Counters, sink and stove if used.


Doing the dishes is also putting away clean dishes if needed, wiping down counters, cleaning the sink, taking dirty rags to the wash and cleaning any water that got on the floor.

Actually whole kitchen.

I always wipe off the counters

Wipe everything down and sweep floor afterwards

Wipe down counters and stove

Literally the whole kitchen. Dishes, counters, stove top, take rags to wash, sweep, mop, wipe tables, put clean dishes away, put any left over spices or anything back where they go, etc.

Whole kitchen including washing the floor

Whole kitchen is included in “doing dishes” :rofl: Wiping down stove and all!

Wiping down the counter and cleaning the range top


Wipe those counters down! My husband, on the other hand, just does the dishes.

I clean my entire kitchen after I cook and do the dishes. I’m ocd and hate a dirty kitchen


I think she is trying to show someone that everybody does the dishes, cleans counter, washes table and the rest of the kitchen. Not just dishes.


If I’m lazy that night then I just throw dishes in the dishwasher and leave the rest lol but on a not lazy night, I usually do counters, stove, floors!

Wipe the counters and stove down

Wipe off counters too

It’s part of doing dishes

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Wipe counters after doing dishes

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Wiping everything down is a part of the dishes process

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Wash out sink before and wipe down counter & stove after

Don’t they go hand in hand? Hahaha, I couldn’t leave a yucky counter when everything else is clean. Our teenage boys, 7 and 3 year old all know its just what you do.

Why is this even a question? Do you just wash the dishes and leave the counters dirty?

Everything gets wiped down, especially if I have used flour.

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Counters stove. Fridge handles and clean out the sink after and sweep. Mop as needed.


Is this for real? Just when you think noone is that dense but then … here we are :eyes:.

Always before ( cause the water is clean) and afterwards too, any that got left

Yes n the stove n table

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I wipe everything!!! No dishwasher do by hand.

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Nah f’ck if you haven’t wiped ima lose my shit.

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And dont forget to sweep the floor also

Stove fridge handles hood and counters

Counters ,stoves & swiping the floors

Counters, stove, around the sink, floors get swept too

Counters, stove, microwave, table.

I wipe everything down

Wipe them down table stove fridge and floor

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Common sense to wipe after dirty stuff has been sitting there. Hot water and dishwashing liquid goes far. No need to be extreme and bleach everything unless you have a cleaning disorder. The odd bench spray once and a while will prevent you from getting sick.

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Honestly if I’m doing all of the dishes at once I just clean the kitchen. By the time I clean counters & sick I might as well sweep the floor too.


It just makes sense to wipe everything down. Do the dishes, wipe the counters, table, sweep the floors and generally tidy up. I honestly thought thats what everyone did after doing the washing up. :sweat_smile:


Wipe down also stove, fridge and microwave

Yes, and washing the sink.

Doing dishes means wiping all counters and stove too


Wipe down stove and countertop

Someone actually asked this??? Ummm…yeah you wipe the counters down. You wipe the fridge, clean the stove top. Please tell me y’all joking with this question

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Boil water in the tea pot and wipe everything down
If I’ve prepped meat bleach counters

Counters, table and scrub the sink. Then sweep the floors then take out the trash. It’s all done together.


I clean what is dirty. I wash dishes with a dishwasher. Counters get bleached.

I just got done washing the dishes. Afterwards I wiped the cabinets, swept the floor and started laundry…all part of washing the dishes :laughing:

Washing dishes means cleaning up your kitchen


Always wipe it all down after dishes

I put away dishes that are already dry and clean then I wash my daughters bottles then dirty dishes. I risen and sterilise the bottles then I wipe down all the sides including the fridge, sink ,cooker with bleach and detol sometimes the bin too depends if its dirty then I just sweep the floor or hoover it. That’s everyday lol

My dad always told me “if you don’t wipe the counters and stove after the dishes are done it’s a half ass job”


Yes wiping down counters is part of doing dishes

Yes, wash, wipe, sweep, that’s what cleaning the kitchen is all about​:+1::white_check_mark:

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