Does any one else have a irresponsible husband?

I love my husband very much but he can be very irresponsible, and more then usual lately. He’s been dealing with headaches, and trouble sleeping but won’t go to the doctor like I’ve asked him to. He went once and they gave him medicine but the medicine makes it hard for him to wake up in the morning to get our kids to school so he stopped taking them, which is fine but I’ve asked him to go back and he’s putting it off. He’s in school a couple hours a few days a week and he procrastinates on his homework, getting stuff done around the house and basically everything to where it won’t get done til last minute or I’m just fed up and snap and then he gets upset with me for being upset. I work 50 hours a week and feel like I’m doing so much after work because he doesn’t get it done. Instead of doing things after class he goes home and takes a nap because he’s so tired from not going to bed late because he was up on the phone playing a game with his friend. I’m at my breaking point, he has so much stuff during the week that he gets to do for himself and I feel like after work I don’t get that time for myself to do anything I would like to do because I’m catching up on stuff that he didn’t get done. Am I overreacting? I’m going to talk with him and put my foot down because I can’t do this anymore. I feel like I’m losing myself, and I’m tired!! Any advice on what to do?