Does anyone have a partner that is work obsessed?

Does anyone else have a partner that is work obsessed? We’ve been together for 5 years and have 2 young kids and I thought he would change having kids but he honestly picks work over his family no matter what. It’s getting to the point I don’t know what to do about him. Has anyone been in a similar situation?


Trust me. Fix it now. Other wise it will never get any better. I lived like. Tht for 28 yrs. Tht. His job. Comes first. And couldn’t change him

Maybe he wants to guarantee y’all don’t go without.


I wish I had a hard working man. Jeez :roll_eyes:


R u fucking kidding me :joy::joy:

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May be he’s trying to make life a little better… it all depends on the situation… if there’s one… or maybe he’s just use to working alot…

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Super hard to give words of wisdom without knowing the full situation but I will say any person that is willing to work their butts of to make sure they can provide for their family gets a golden star. Some people have a mindset if they don’t bend over backwards and give their all to their company that they may never achieve their full career potential. Perhaps he has the mindset if he sacrifices the time with you and your children now that there will be better opportunities later or maybe that’s how he knows how to show that he loves and cares. So maybe he isn’t choosing work over family, maybe he is choosing security and love in a way that seems like he is dismissing you and the kiddos.


Well if the money adds up to the amount of time he puts in and your family isn’t going without :woman_shrugging:t2: I wouldn’t complain. If you think you can afford it, ask him to take some days off to spend as a family or together alone

Ya i did , but he was using it to cheat .


It depends on the situation. Is your partner trying to better your lives so you can have what you need with no worry or does their job always come first and they would always rather be working? It’s hard to give advice without knowing the full situation.


Mine is the same way and we’re middle aged. You won’t change him. But I make him take one day off a week to spend time with me and his family. Work and money is great but it’s not everything. And if he doesn’t spend quality time as a family or together then there’ll be tension.

We need a little bit more information. Is he an essential worker and can’t have the leisure of a 9-5 job?
Ask if he’s willing to go to couples counseling if it’s negatively impacting your relationship.
Do you work? If you don’t then you have to consider that he’s taking on the responsibility of trying to take care of his family with one income.

Being “that partner” that seems to choose work first - I do it because I am the sole breadwinner. My husband struggled with that at first, but he also understands that his role right now is to make sure the kids aren’t burning the house down. He quit his job when the pandemic hit because one of us needed to be at home and I made more money and had a career vs. a job.
He understands I’m not picking one over the other, but we also had a conversation about it.
You need to have an open dialog. Maybe he is doing it because he is the sole provider - I don’t know because there isn’t a lot of info here. Show an interest in what he’s doing, ask what is going on at work so he feels more open to talking to you about it.

He may feel like he needs to provide & if the option to make more money is there then he doesn’t want to turn it down. My husband worked out of town with over time a lot. I worked full time with two young children. After our 2nd child he continued with more over time. Looking at finances and really asking each other what our goals were helped. I also stressed the fact that yes we might not have every materialistic thing but we only have 18 years with these children. Job change, shared parenting duties (big eye opener😂) and more family time really helped all aspects of our family. Talk about it and communicate your feelings. Whatever you two do, I hope it works out got the best!

Reading this makes me think of myself :thinking: double sleeps, pick up hours on my AL, always covering shortage of staff etc but from my point of view it’s gotta be done and I don’t have kids (not a choice I would make) but if I did I wouldn’t be able to just drop work. We live in a world where nothing is free not even kindness it seems :woman_facepalming:t2: but knowing I’m leaving my other half for days/nights going home just to sleep ready for next day is hard and I’ve cried, felt guilty & thought about changing jobs or lowering my hours then never do - So maybe put yourself in his shoes and how he must feel about it?

He’s doing it for you and your babies. Men like to provide. If you are struggling with this, have a word with him and make sure to have date night’s.

Marry a farmer. Then you can really complain cause all those ladies in the barn take priority over YOU, THE KIDS, PLANS, HOLIDAYS, FAMILY GATHERINGS, DATE NITES, SEX, ROMANCE, MEALS…YOU NAME IT. PASSWORD IS WAIT, WAIT, WAIT.

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Biggest misconception I see women hold is that a man will have a shiny new personality as soon as you pop out a baby. Doesn’t happen​:woman_facepalming:t2::rofl:

Make every single moment count. Support him. He’s working.
And yes…I practice what I preach

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This IS my situation. :frowning:

If you want to live a good life work must be done. It’s part of growing


I wouldn’t complain it’s better then being stuck with a dirtbag with no work ethic !! Everyone has to work !


First husband was like this then found out he had women on the side.

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My dad was like this growing up. But, he’s my hero! He was my escape! Since he was never home, he was never the bad guy! As an adult, I appreciate how hard my mom worked with being a parent while my dad worked his ass off to make sure we were comfortable, and well taken care of. Now that I’m grown with my own baby, my dad says he has regrets for how much he worked, but he loves the time he gets to spend with his grandkids.

Yes my SO is, he runs his own business. He is home more now but he is always on his phone talking so it’s like hes not here

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I was with someone like this. Its a hard situation because bills have to be paid. But if he’s not giving you attention or spending time with you its emotionally draining. You feel so alone and its not right.

Now I’m with a man that is a semi truck driver I only see him on the weekends, mind you i work alot of the weekends. And this man gives me so much attention.
He goes out of his way to spend time with me and the kids.
He makes it his job to show me love and make me feel wanted. There are times where his work comes before me but I never feel unwanted.
There’s a big difference between working alot and picking work over your family.


Not work obsessed but he wanted everything. There’s a difference between needing and wanting and he didn’t understand. Didn’t even go with me to one ob appt when I was pregnant because according to him “I have to work” I got sick of it after a while and was working also. Mind you I was with him after almost 10 yrs. After my divorce i still worked and got my alone time when she was with him to do what I wanted. Everyone’s different and that life style didn’t work for me especially because we had FOUR incomes between us both. Talk with him, communicate with him. If nothing changes you’ll have to make changes and stick with it

There’s a lot missing from this for us to make an informed decision. Is the only one who works? If so does he throw it in your face that you don’t make money?
Does he go out with friends after work all the time?
Does he take extra shifts even though your family is financially secure?
Is he working so much to try and prove himself to the bosses so he may be considered for a raise or promotion when it comes up?

My husband has only had 6 weekends off this entire year so far, I and his boss have finally convinced him to take some vacation time. He’s not only the breadwinner at home but he makes his company the most money. He’ll take on any side job he can get which I don’t mind because in just 2 days he’ll make just as much as he does working all week for his boss. His boss has put him through school so he feels obligated to do beyond his best for him. I have had to ask him to dial it down a bit but honestly there’s bigger problems than “my husband works too much to provide for us”.
I only ask him to chill when I know he’s tired of it. After a day or 2 he’s right back at it. That’s just how he is.
He still spends time with us after he gets home for the night.

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Same, hubby and I both work full time he is dying to leave the house to go to work early for any and all excuses and trying to work on weekends too. It’s not about money for us for him it’s about validation. It’s frustrating but I get it. Some people just have a burning desire to be the best.


I wish mine was, he can’t keep a damn job and is lazy around the house. I guess count the blessing of having a provider instead of a bum?

If he is definitely working, then appreciate what he is doing for his family. My fiance is a self employed handyman and there’s days when he leaves at 9 am and doesn’t get home for the night until 10:30. Tonight he plans to stay until 1. But yes, if you don’t know for sure, it could be someone else. My sister’s ex was constantly choosing work over family but would come home late smelling of beer after hanging out with female coworkers. Just have to know the signs to look for. After 13 years, my man acts differently when a lady has been in his inbox.

Workaholic is not good
Its incredibly lonely
But so is having a man who work go to work even when Bill’s are piling up
It’s sad
Emotional discount can ruin a beautiful thing
I’m sorry ur going through this
It may be u need to initiate family time book trips. Or even dinner outings as a scheduled thing put in his calendar

Be thankful some men dont like to work

Lol i wish my husband was work obsessed!!!

I am in a similar situation right now. My man is even self employed, so it is even worse. He cant say No to an opportunity to earn money, and it is almost like pulling teeth to get him to take a day to just spend with the family and do nothing. I have tried changing.his behavior but it does no good. Finally i just had to admit that i was powerless to change him. Its been 24 years. He is a good provider so i had to just look at the positive even when it truly breaks my heart.


Yes, but he is the sole provider so he has to work. He is a roofer from sun up to sun down and then after work he and his boss man opened a restaurant so after work he has to clean the restaurant when it closes. So sundays are our family day, but he plays soccer every sunday too. I cant complain because he does come home everynight and we arent struggling. There will be days your husband will have with you. I look forward to rainy days haha or when it storms bad so he doesn’t work.

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Yes, my bf runs his own business, often times is working 6-7 days/week…irregular hours and then even when he is home he’s on his phone constantly…incoming estimate requests for new jobs…checking in with clients on current jobs…Even when we’re out on dinner dates, he can’t leave his phone down

I truly respect and appreciate his work ethic and the life that it allows us to live…At the same time I feel like the relationship suffers😕


My fiancé works in the oilfield and he’s gone two weeks and comes home a week he works 18 hour days,…he’s a provider men have to do what they have to do to take care of their families perhaps a date night once in a while for just you two would help or even a vacation,…

over working is not a valid excuse to be away from your family. Its a hard thing to judge because some people over work because they enjoy it others because they have to and still others do it because it is a respite from home of sorts. You have to figure out which one it is for him. If you want the work to change, but it will dramatically alter the family’s likellfestyle, you have to decide if that is a battle worth having. My S.O. works as a scientist for a non profit and the work is CONSTANT. It takes her away and has def taken a toll since she has brought that atmosphere into the house because of the pandemic. Whatever it is, work should never come at the expense of being with your family, within reason. Maybe the balance is just right for him but not for you. People are calibrated differently. Dont agitate. Just tell him at the end, hes going to want more memories of him with his family, than being at work.

Personally I kinda feel where your coming from. My husband does blacktopping/ sealing and tucking for a company hes been with for 9 years. Hes normally on over time on Wednesday mornings. He usually starts working at around 4am and I dont see him till about midnightish because he also works on anything that may break down, which happens a lot. So during the summer, I am kinda like a single parent raising 4 kids plus working. I’m thankful he works and has a damn good work ethic but it does get lonely sometimes and my depression sometimes gets the best of me. But I know for the most part hes always a phone call away or a text away. Plus during the winter hes laid off and stays home while i work more hours.

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My ex husband was like this right before I found out he had a mistress.

you thought he’d change that was your mistake, you know how to fix it.

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Idk I cant speak for him, but I myself would work alot of overtime just because I didn’t want to go home to be with my bf. I wasn’t happy and being at home with him was just worse so I’d rather just stay at work. Not saying that’s what he’s doing but it’s one perspective. Then there are some men who are just natural born providers who just want to provide a good life for their family because the equate love and quality time with money and financial stability. Or he can maybe just have a very important job that when they call or need him he’s there and committed to his job or loves his job just that much. Have you sat down to talk to him to ask him why he works so much? Seems like you need to sit down and communicate with him what’s going on instead of us always best to hear it straight from the horses mouth is what my mother has always said.

My husband works all the time. He works for a natural gas pipeline. Is on call a lot and before the pandemic was on the road a lot. He works a lot of overtime because he has too. For a long time I felt the same as you, but he’s not choosing work over us, he’s working to provide for us. He has a really good job and in order to keep it he has to make sacrifices. A “normal” work day is 7-3:30. I can count on both hands the amount of times he’s gotten off at that time in the last 10 years. He’s good at his job, he makes great money, and he cherishes the time he has at home with us.


Me. My husband has two jobs. He only needs one to make ends meet but works two so he can have extra money. It’s totally frustrating because he uses him being gone all the time as an excuse like, “ Well if you wanna go to Disney and go out to eat, I gotta work”. It’s not true, we made plenty of money last year without his additional income because he broke his femur. It’s very frustrating and we’ve talked about it. Seems to be getting a little better.

This is an ongoing thing with us, and it’s SO hard when you have kids. My husband used to work 7 days a week, until I said OK, THAT’S IT, no Sundays anymore, and he’s been much better about being home earlier during the week, NOW, that being said, we own our own company and it’s hard to always do that, but it took MANY CONVERSATIONS, and still does when it comes to ME wanting to go and do something. It’s a battle to get him home ON TIME for ME TO LEAVE. I don’t think it’s fair. My husband is the hardest working person I know, and we now have our forever, beautiful home we are in, that he remodeled the whole inside for 1/2 of a year! But, I feel you. It got to the point I was showing him poems written from the view of a child that missed his dad, or played songs for him to get it through his head.


I guess it depends on the situation… I have been with my husband for 23 years… I was 17 when I met him. He has always since day one thought it was his job to provide. When we had kids it intensified that feeling. He always goes up and beyond to make it happen. Yes, that comes with a lot of time at work. Honestly I know it can truly suck sometimes but just think if he had no job. It would be a completely different conversation. Again, depends on the actual situation… so many variables.

Your husband is a provider, you should support him. He does this for your family. Je has a strong urge to provide for you. You are very fortunate that he has that drive. My husband was the same way, still is, weve been married for 40 years now. He has been a wonderful Husband and Father and always makes time for his family. Sometimes he needs reminding, and thats your job. Support your husband and be thankful you have him.


I’m one of those workaholics. My husband calls me a Clydesdale (strong horse that plows the field). I acknowledge / accept that I’m wired like this and that’s half the battle. I can work long hours but I make myself do certain things such as must leave work at 2:30 pm to do school pick up at 3 pm otherwise kids are standing on the side of a busy road. Once the kids go to bed at 8 pm I’m working again until I go to sleep. If you put some pressured boundaries around your husband, that he agrees to, then he must step off the work pedal. It doesn’t have to be a consistent activity - it could be that he goes to swimming lessons once a week, or soccer match on Saturdays etc. If he doesn’t do these things then the kids won’t have a memory of him being involved or sharing with him their most inner feelings / secrets.

I work more than my husband, so I guess I would be the “work obsessed” partner. Sometimes that’s what responsibility means, you have to make some time sacrifices for future goals. On the other hand if my kid is sick or needs me, he becomes my priority.
Not sure if you’re saying “he honestly picks work over his family no matter what” is in regards to non-emergency events, if it is. Well, talk with him if it’s bothering you. I have adjusted my schedule some since it bothered my husband, but he also doesn’t complain if I have to work from home on a Sunday, because it’s my responsibility


My husband works long hours and often is away from his family, and sometimes when he is home he is not present. I honestly feel like you have to advocate for your needs, and the needs of the family. Asking him to strike a balance might be taking a day off once n a while to give you a break, or maybe plan more family outings. Part of being a father is being present. He may find it hard to parent, or feel trapped in a sense. See what’s going on for him, maybe he will open up.


My hubby was like that and still is but I just started working again to try and help him so he can take some time off and spend it with the kids and myself. He felt like he had to work like that and he likes his job.
Now that I’m working I’m hoping to help lift some of that burden off of him.

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This is me. I work a lot and if I was not in office would work from home. However now that we are only working from home, my husband finally has first hand knowledge of why I work so much. It may not be easy to take off. This was a constant discussion until my husband went back to work (he was a sahd) I am now working from home with my kids alone.

Men often feel the need to provide. To him that is showing love most likely. Instead why not he grateful. Let him know how much you appreciate all he does for you guys. And look at it as a loving action. If you change how you see it then it may change how you feel about it. Also talk with him about taking one weekend a month or a day or two a week to just be with you all bc the kids miss him. There are a lot worse things in relationships than a spouse who shows love through providing.

My ex husband’s priority was always work, ( yes in the long run it was for the family) but he missed so much because he would always choose work. We ended up splitting cuz I figured if I was already doing it alone I mine as well be alone :pensive: and even separated he still chooses his job over his kids ( not his choice he’ll tell you) but here we are, I’m happy and so are my kids and that’s all that matters to me

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My husband works all the time. He works for a major communications company and his account is the biggest biller in the company. He works from home, which is great. But the downside to all that, is that there is basically no time off. An email comes in, it needs to be answered, there’s an issue, it needs to be solved. And if something should go down…there goes the day…days off mean nothing, vacations mean nothing. But, as is uncle says, be happy they need you and want you, because you don’t want to be the guy nobody needs, or wants.

My husband is a workaholic as well… but he learned that from his dad who supported him his mom and his 3 siblings plus his grandma and 3 aunts… so my father in law cared for and worked to support 10 people… he has slowed down some since our boys started sports…

In our relationship, I am the workaholic, it actually rubbed off on my husband. I feel like you’re being a little ungrateful. I work so my family doesn’t ever go without. Yes, it does sometimes keep me away from home or on my phone but it shows my kids you have to work hard to get ahead and have nice things in life and you can’t just sit on your butt and have nice things. Trust me, if you decide you leave, the first thing you’ll be after is that money he’s making. I think you need appreciate that you have a hard working husband.


Just make the time he does spend with your family special quality time. Sounds like he’s a good provider and is taking care of his family. Quality over quantity would be best for all of you. And show him a lot of appreciation and love.


Well mine is gone for 24-48 ours at a time. Depending on whether he’s on the fire truck or ambulance. He has to miss school functions, plays, Cub Scout meetings, games, birthdays, holidays, etc. it sucks but it’s life. If it’s to the point where you can’t stand it any longer, then maybe you shouldn’t be together anymore. Have you tried talking to him about it? It could actually help

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My husband! Been together 15 yrs…he doesn’t have a very good relationship with his kids. It’s tough feeling like I have to be mom & dad when dad is here!

Look into how his parents were when he was a child. My father always worked & my Mom was the one with us everywhere. He did join us on our many vacations every summer, that weren’t cheap bc were a family of 6. But his Dad had the same work ethic & in their eyes they believed working & providing their family with anything & everything we needed was their way of showing love. We kids have no doubt he loved us but now that my Dad’s retired he regrets his choices & has apologized repeatedly. My Mom still holds some resentment but they are still married & travel together all over the world at 61 & are enjoying the life & savings they worked & built together.


My husband was a workaholic until he became disabled…and then he became very depressed…we were married 44 years when he died…He told me, If you want you a man that don’t work you can get you one…there’s plenty of them out there.I just learned to do things with my friends after the kids were grown and it helped when he died because I wasn’t use to having him around…


Yup my so and I have been together 8 years and we’ve been through it! 2 years ago I lost my dad so I’ve stayed in our family home before the job he has now he was with us every day he could now after a family friend lived with me and tried to ruin our relationship we haven’t been together in any type of way for over 16 months and the messed up part is our son is autistic and a full time job and all my so cares about is getting his cdl and his “B” class license so he can make more money he works 6 days a week we facetime and that’s it my suggestion is to show him the movie "acrimony " by Tyler Perry tell him you don’t care about how much money he makes because at he end of the day when we die you can’t take it with you I miss my dad every day and he was the same way all about making money that was it and when he past suddenly he had nothing to show for it

My ex husband was like this! He worked constantly, and out of town most times. I had 2 little girls at the time, I personally felt like I was single! I took vacations with my family, pretty much did everything without him. He grew up having nothing, so he worked very hard for everything he had. It just wasn’t the life for me, we divorced 10 years later. It comes down to a personal decision, and no one can tell you what’s best for you

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Lol how old are you?!?! Do you know what it takes to pay for a house and home these days?!? You need to step back and look at your man and tell him how grateful you are for what he does for his family! And then afterwards cook him a bad ass meal put his ass to bed so he can rest because being out in the work force is really hard! Say th you to God right now that you have a good man that works hard for yall


I mean… If hes working and you have a crazy amount of money. Like he doesn’t need to work. But if hes working to provide the lifestyle that he thinks you guys want or he himself wants. Its kinda on you as a family.
My husband works all the time. Taking side jobs almost every weekend. It sucks cuz i want to spend time with him and our kids, but i am so glad and thankful for all his hard work.


In my 20s when my 3 oldest were very young,he did that…so i saved and told him that there was someone who watched us all thetime and felt like he could take care of us better… wasn’t true…but it got him bad… kids are adults now and he regrets it…but my point is TALK TO HIM…GET IT STRAIGHT ON BOTH ENDS. DON’T LOOK FOR ADVICE FROM PEOPLE NOT LIVING WITH YOU HONEY…TALK

Husband used to do the same until the company he worked for fired him for knowing too much about insurance (really short story of it all). Lawyers kept saying business is business that’s when his attitude changed - salary is 40 hours not until your work is done business is business - he regrets missing so much time from when the kids where little and that he spent all that “extra” time at work because he thought he was “doing” what he needed to. 60 hours a week on a salary company kept saying salary meant you worked until it was done whether it was 40,50 or 60 hours a week - learned the lesson too late to make up the time. When they become mobile teenagers they don’t want to hang with mom and dad anymore.

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My husband tells me that all the time it’s hard when u need money to survive and make ur kids have a better life. I am doing it cause I had a hard life and dont want my kids to go through what I went through. Maybe hes doing the same


Yall sorry for leaving good ass men, who were doing exactly what society has told them they are supposed to do. Nobody teaches them they have to have a work/life balance, the way they do us.


My husband is the same way he works up to 7 days a week if I allow it we both work and have 4 kids so I constantly tell him and remind him that he already provides everything to his kids but that they also need of his time at least 1 day a week dedicated to them and it’s not always that way but he’s slowly coming around and we take them hiking it’s their favorite activity so just talk to him

He is just trying to make sure his family is fine financially. Appreciate him


My husband works in college athletics and is regularly gone 60-80 hour weeks during basketball/ volleyball season. He knows how much I miss and need him at home during those times, but I know he is providing for our family and he truly enjoys his time at home with us. It takes a lot of honesty, communication, and maturity to not resent a spouse for being gone at work all the time. Communicate your thoughts and feelings to him. Even if nothing changes, it’ll help you feel better to say it out loud.

This is not a fair assessment. Most of these post are from the viewpoint of a woman.


I know what it’s like to want more for your family and to work all day everyday to give them that. At some point though you have to sit back and wonder to yourself,“What am I missing out on?” Its not worth it to give everything if you arent there to enjoy it. I am a single mom and work dominated me for several years but I missed out on bonding with my kids and I missed so many milestones and opportunities to teach and learn from them. That was hard and it motivated me to take a step back and reduce my work hours. We all want the good life but how good is it of you can’t enjoy it with those that you are providing it for??? Good luck with this. I really hope it all works out.

Husband works all 24hrs and 7 days. I work too, but when I am out of work and I know he is still working I go home and change. Then I meet him at a job site and bring him snacks and cold water and help him along. We spend time together and he then knows I appreciate him. But he is self employed so he has only 9 months to make his money as for me I am on payroll. Indeed we plan date night atleast once a month so that we talk and eat dinner together. I appreciate his work as he appreciates mine, even with 4 teenagers we manage.

My husband was like that, until he had his chest cracked open for surgery then they had to use the paddles on him twice. Last year we took 6 vacations :laughing:

People rarely change - even for children. I guess you need to decide if you can make peace with this and organise child care for yourself

All I can say is NEVER go into a relationship on the hope that the things you don’t like will change. It doesnt usually work that way.

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Over 30 years 5 kids and 7 grandkids and he is still a workaholic. We own a business and he would go into work 7 days a week if it was not for the fact that I use to get upset about it. Workaholic’s generally do not change as long as he is there for the important stuff I would not sweat the small stuff. Yes I do understand you probably feel like a single parent a lot but that is who he is either accept it or leave. Find hobbies, go do things with the kids try and see things long term

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It’s hard when you have kids find the balance of work/ family life. I myself work 7days a week and have had to make a conscious effort to set aside a couple days a month for family outings.
Maybe just starting conversation stating need for family time one day a week

My ex is work obsessed. That, my fibromyalgia and 2 special needs children made him run for the hills.

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Yes. He got a huge ego! Then life smacked him down by giving him a traumatic brain injury. Hasnt worked since 2005, he is miserable and regrets it all.

My husband use to do this… he owns the business and was working 6 days from 7 am to around 9pm… once my job ended due to the contract ended, our sons and I joined him. We now work 5 days from 7am to about 5 or 6… depending on the day… my husband did it so I didn’t have to work long hours and could be home with our family

Um yeah. My hubby and o have been married 25 years. And he is a self employed workaholic. I wouldnt say he PICKS work over family (we have 6 kids) but it is his dna to provide, and his work ethic doesnt let him slow down. Appreciate him, rather than put him down

I have to make mine take a day off so we can have a family day. It’s not that he’s choosing work over you. He knows it’s his job to provide therefor he does. Please be thankful. I know I am. It’s nice to finally be at a point and in a relationship where I wasn’t the only provider due to laziness.

My husband works all the time. Hes in construction and a farmer. This is how he was before we started dating, while we dated and same way nowl. Hes a good husband, father. While i do complain some. Its who he is and i love him.
If your husband just started working like this after your kid was born, talk with him.

Isnt it better that the kids know hes at work, working hard to provide for you and the kids. Hitting goals and has drive? Rather than some dads that just skip out on them or out doing drugs? You can’t have your cake and eat it too. Be grateful and do your part in that relationship. Because you Could have the latter part of what I said n that sucks. My dad chose to do drugs n bail. It could be a lot worse than working js

My husband and I have been married 25 years. The first 10 were like this because we were self employed. We went to therapy. We got on the same page about how he needs to be around, but for me to understand and be respectful of how he’s providing for me and the children.
Talk and communicate. It does change your relationship.

This was m. Honestly I was so worried about being able to afford living day to day with kids that I forgot to slow down for them. I eventually went to part time and got help because I missed so much.

I am a job obsessed woman. My job makes sure my family eats, and has the life they want. Think about the lifestyle you all lead. Are you willing to sacrifice a lot of it so he can relax?

Yeap I also have this problem! There are times I get mad that he is always working and there are also times I feel so blessed that I have such a hard working man that does what he has to do to give us a comfortable life!! We been together 12 years and just had our firat baby 3 months ago! He promised he would take a week off when she was born and he still hasn’t took one day off and when he is home he sleeps on the couch watching TV lol!! I just try to remember what he works so hard for and try to make sure he spends alittlw time with us every night even if it’s 20mins!

Yes mine. 5 yrs of marriage and 2 young kids. I love it because he’s giving us luxurious and comfortable life

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I left my ex husband for this very reason. I felt like a single parent… at that time I had 5 kids 13 and under and I worked full time… My ex is still the same to this day… 10 years later.

My boyfriend isnt even my daughters father but works 6 days a week and I usually just see him before I goto bed. Hes gone before I even get up in the morning. I dont think you understand how lucky you are to have a hard working man. Do you work, also? If no, than ask yourself how else the bills are going to get paid and how food will get on the table. It isnt cheap to raise a family.

Be grateful .at least he works .some have no work ethic at all

Be greatful he works and provides. If he didn’t go to work then you’d have something to complain about

My dad. Worked 6 days a week from 7am-10pm pretty much everyday. Sunday’s were for busting your ass cleaning the garage or mowing and weedeating or pulling fence rows or any other miserable job he could find for everyone. It’s the way he was raised…farm kid and life was always work. It’s hard but I am glad he was that way rather than a bum with no job. There has to be a balance in there somewhere but he hs never found it…even with cancer he works all the time.