Does birth control cause irregular periods?

My birth control is making my period out of whack. Anyone else experienced this before? I started taking the pill around July of last year. I bleed about every three months and bleed for weeks at a time; in my last period, I finally went to the doctor after bleeding non-stop for four weeks, and she prescribed me Medroxyprogesterone (5mg) for five days. After that, I stopped bleeding and didn’t bleed for another 3- 3 1/2 months. I started bleeding again about three weeks ago but not a normal period (withdrawal bleeding, I believe). It goes from a red to brownish color and just repeats doing so. I went back to the doctor, had blood drawn and ultrasound with my OB, and everything came back okay. I asked to be put back on the same medicine as last time and hoping it stops it again. I’m on day 2 out of 5, and the bleeding is heavier and cramping, of course. I go on vacation next week, and I really wished this medicine would have worked again. I guess what I’m asking is, has anyone else been on this medication and experienced something like my situation? How long did it take for you to quit bleeding after taking this medication? I know everyone’s body is different, and I know birth control can make your period whacky.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Does birth control cause irregular periods?

Birth control is supposed to help regulate but it depends on what your on. The iud threw mine off.

No advice but I’m going through the same thing at the moment. Blood tests were normal. I take Setlakin which is the every 3 month I get a period then will bleed randomly for weeks at a time sometimes before I start my fake pills. I’m just done with everything so getting a hysterectomy.

I don’t take birth control anymore cuz my system is already messed up and I some times for a whole ur with out getting mine at all and sometimes every 3-6 months I’m very irregular and I know when I get it cuz I would be is so much pain that I can’t even get out of bed for a week

I had iud & it buggered up my insides & had to have surgery & i suffered a stroke from heavy periods …dont ever get iuds or nothing to prevent pregnancies…not good .

It depends on the type of pill. I however refuse to take birth control because of the side effects.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Does birth control cause irregular periods?

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Does birth control cause irregular periods?

Birth control can really fuck you up sometimes. I know for me I can’t use it as I get cramps and bleed heavier and longer.

But I’m still regular… depending on the brand.

My dr put me on a birth control pill that was supposed to stop my period and I bled continuously for 4 months. It didn’t stop until I stopped taking the pill completely

I had the nexplanon bleed everyday for 4 months then I got a period every two weeks for a year and now I haven’t had a period in months

Yes it can and very often does. Even non-hormonal options like the copper IUD can as well if your body has a negative reaction to it.

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You might have to change birth control. Some birth controls don’t always agree with your body chemistry.

I have gone through so many weird period problems. Took the Depo shot for like 3 years. Didn’t have a period the whole time. Stopped taking it and had a period that lasted 6 solid months. Finally stopped and became a normal monthly cycle. Stayed off of BC for a while. Tried having a kid with the guy I was with but was unable to conceive. Thought I made myself infertile from taking the shot too long. Turned out it was just the guy because we ended up splitting up and I got knocked up by someone else. I was in the Army at this point. And the “rule” after childbirth in the Army was to immediately start BC. So I chose the shot again because I liked having no period and was terrible at remembering pills. Worst decision ever. I didn’t stop postpartum bleeding at all. The drs said it may be the BC so after the 3m cycle is up, come back and they’ll give me bc pills. So I did. Went through the entire month and still no stop in the bleeding (4m postpartum at this point). They decided to try q different type of pill. Again, no change (5m now). They then gave me this cycle of 10 pills that are supposed to stop a period. Still didn’t work. They then tried yet another type of BC pill. After the full month supply was done, I FINALLY stopped. 6m+1week total bleeding. All because the hormones in my body were fighting everything they threw at me. After that I again decided to stop taking BC. It finally made me feel normal again and I never again had a bleeding issue, periods were regular, etc. I have discovered that some other forms of medication have a huge effect on my cycle too. Like I can’t take a certain thing or it may make me 2 weeks-1 month late. Our bodies are so bizarre! So basically if im in a lot of pain and decide to take my pain med, I have to be prepared for my cycle to completely change on me and be unpredictable.

I suggest a doctor not Facebook lol

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I take seasoneque( please excuse the spelling i cant spell it correctly to save my life lol) i take mine all the time. I have the option every 3 months to have a period and i dont. I skip the last week and move onto the next active pills. It seems to me you Need to take the active pills all the time and skip your period week like i do every 3 months. Ive not had a period in 6 years. And im thankful i dont have to worry as long as i take the pills

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I have coil and not had a period for 3 years, no blood or nothing

I have nexplanon implant & it stopped my monthly cycle i haven’t had a period for almost 4 years cause the implant

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Yes. I was having periods twice a month very heavy. I got put on a double hormonal BC and it made me regular for 4 months. Then I went 4 months without one.

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I bleed every 2 weeks for a week at a time :persevere: had this for 7 years now x

The nexplanon def does ! It took me almost a year to get my normal period back & on schedule!

I’d suggest trying a different form of birth control… I had bleeding everyday for nearly 2 years on pill and then depo shot until I got the mirena coil which finally stopped it… it can take awhile to find what suits your body best

Yes they can. I had depo and didn’t have periods or weight gain. When I stopped my periods went back to normal and I was able to get pregnant right away. Each person is diff though

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its different for everyone i took apri for 11years and it madey periods 4days light and no cramps lol i loved it :woman_shrugging:t2:

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Does birth control cause irregular periods?

I am on the mirena and it took like 4 months to stop the irregular bleeding, and I havent had a period since late 2017.

Yes. At first my period went away for like 6 months and now it’s back once a month after all that time. Wish it hadn’t come back lol