Does he have no respect for my best friend?

So I will cut a long story short.

My best friend has had a bad two years, she lost her parents in an accident and it effected her and her son badly. Anyway, her husband doesn’t exactly show her the support he should, he found it hard as never had a relationship with his own parents yet she was very close to hers. He’s a great dad to their son but he shows her no real love or support. I think he genuinely adores her but he takes her for granted as he’s not the best with emotions. I think the pandemic has made things worse. Both forced to change work hours and working from home a lot of the time. It’s played it’s toll.

The problem is, she’s gone from being so happy and bubbly, making loads of effort in her appearance to feeling unloved and unsupported. She is still stunning but stopped making an effort in her looks and tried to put all her love and effort into her husband and son but he’s started ‘liking’ other women’s photos. They have a lot of mutual friends but he never acknowledges my best friends FB posts or social media images, even when she’s felt really down and we’ve had a girls day and she’s looked amazing, I’ve encouraged her to upload a pic and he doesn’t react. I post beautiful photos and tag her and he sees them and doesn’t react. Yet their mutual friends (female friends) he will like every single post and I’m not the only one to notice, she’s noticed too. She confided in me that he’s been sending jokes and memes to three of their female mutual friends (one is engaged and the other two are single all three younger and good looking) and it’s really made her depressed. She brought it up with him and he told her she’s stupid and not to look into things that aren’t there. He still continues to do it and it’s made her start thinking she’s not good enough.

Now, I’ve tried to remain impartial as I love my best friend to bits but I think he’s taking the … He has a stunning wife that feels alone and he’s liking other women’s photos (friends or not) and spending hours messaging back and forth memes to these women…this isn’t right surely. He’s a married man with a lovely wife and an adoring son. Feel like giving him a mouthful but don’t want to make it worse. I know if the roles were reversed he would go ballistic if she was liking guys pics and messaging make friends.

Am I right to be angry at the situation for her? I don’t want her to be hurt, she’s been my best friend since we were in kindergarten.