Does placenta previa really go away?

Any mamas told they had placenta previa and then said that you no longer have it because the placenta moved out of the way? How was giving birth? Did you still have a baby naturally or by c-section? Any complications? I was told I had it at 20 weeks, and when I went back the following month, I was told I no longer have it. I’m so skeptical now about having a natural birth as I did with my first. Am I overthinking things, or should I ask to have a c-section? Of course, I can’t control when the baby comes, but I want to avoid an emergency situation if possible.


It does! Mine went away around 21 weeks

I was diagnosed with placenta previa at 15 weeks with my first and it didn’t move till I was 30 weeks. I ended up having her naturally with no complications!

The placenta is out of the way because the uterus has stretched, the danger of PP is the placenta rupturing because it’s blocking the way or trying to deliver first.

I had partial placenta Previa. By 34 weeks it had completely moved and had a vaginal birth with no complications

Diagnosed at 18 weeks. It moved by 30 weeks. Delivered vaginally. No problems.

I had it at one of my ultrasounds, I’m not sure what week, then at my 30ish week ultrasound it was gone. I was able to have a vaginal birth, no complications or the priva.

I had it at 20 weeks as baby grew my placenta shifted out of the way making it possible to have a natural birth no complications

I was told I had it and it moved on its own. Gave birth naturally and no complications.

It starts going away at 24 weeks as the uterus grows, unless you have a full, then it wont go away.

I had it with my 3rd didn’t move and had a planned c-sec had it with my 4th said would be unlikely to move because of previous c-sec scare but did and had a natural Labour

I had it with my first and it moved on it’s own before 34 weeks when I delivered her naturally

I had it with my son he tried to come early and that’s when I learned what we had. If it has moved out of the way your in the clear. I had a c-section with this one an was able to give birth again naturally. It was very scary hang in there

It is possible for it to “float” away! Unfortunately mine was a complete previa virtually my entire pregnancy with my 2nd :frowning: which apparently is rare. I had a scary episode where I hemorrhaged at about 26 or 28 weeks and was placed on bed rest for the remainder of my pregnancy. My c-section was fine, but I have a high pain tolerance. If you’re worried take it easy until your next ultrasound! It’s a scary thing so no harm in being cautious mama.

I had it and was in pre-term labor at 28 weeks. I was on bed rest for the remainder of my pregnancy and we were planning on having a c-section and it moved the week before I delivered… she was 40 weeks and 1 day and delivered naturally.

I had it and bled a lot between 11-15 weeks then it stopped but I gave birth naturally they just had blood on stand by which I did lose a lot after birth but thankfully they got it to slow down after awhile without having to give blood.

I had it at 25 weeks then at 27 weeks it moved. I went on to have an emergency c section because of something unrelated.

It can go away. Why wouldn’t you trust your doctors?

My niece’s mom had it but it moved out of the way. She had my niece naturally and did just fine.

I had it… It moved. Natural birth n went well

Had it and it moved birthed my daughter with no issues… currently in the same situation going back in a few weeks to see if it moved

Your placenta moves as your uterus grows bigger. I had complete previa from 9 weeks to 20. Then as my uterus grew it started to move. Im now 24 and have what is considered a “low lying” placenta. Still want me on pelvic rest but a second opinion measured it and it was 2 and half cetemeters past my cervix and wasnt to concerned

I had it and it went away. I did go in to labor 3 weeks early and had placenta retention. But i don’t think it was related to the previa.

Had one with my first it moved on its own. 2 natural births .

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Mine did. I had it until like 32 weeks. I just delivered Sunday and everything was fine.

Mine went away :slight_smile: had a natural birth. They found it at 20 weeks and didnt go fully away until 30. I delivered at 37.

Yes it can go away. I had placenta previa up until 32 weeks. I had a c-section due to my baby being breech.

I had it on my 18 month old and it moved on its own and 8 was in the clear to have a vaginal delivery but if it didn’t move I would have had a section…

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Mine didn’t move till 8 months pregnant my son was born almsot premature they considered putting him in NICU because he wasn’t getting any of the nutrients when he was born he has 0 blood I his umbilical cord they said if indidnt get Induced when I did he would of died.

I had it with my oldest at 20 weeks & everything had moved by my 28 week ultrasound. She came naturally on her due date with no complications. My easiest birth by far of my 3 kids.

Yes I did and I delivered naturally didn’t need extra blood no complications no excessive bleeding

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It’s common to be there at 20 and move.


I had it at 30 weeks and it went away

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Get a balloon. Use a sharpie to draw a dot by the mouth of the balloon. Blow it up. The dot is your placenta and balloon your uterus. It’ll "move " the bigger you get.

I had it then it moved out the way 3 weeks before delivery. Natural delivery no issues. Did bleed during pregnancy for a few days and was given steriods for baby just in case he came early but he ended up being late

I had it with my second. It moved and I had a natural, unmedicated birth at 38 weeks!

If it was covering a little your placenta tends to move back as pregnancy progresses so it’s very possible

I had 3 in a row and they never moved.

I had it at my 20 weeks scan… If it’s out of the way, it’s out the way. Mine took forever to move. I still needed a c section though because of his size. It not moving for so long was torture though… you should be fine to have your baby vaginally now. If they were concerned the drs would tell you. Im sure its just your nerves. I know I was going crazy when I had it and then when it moved it was like a weight lifted off of me… Best of luck.

I did. I can’t remember when it moved but I went on to have my planned home birth x

Mine did i delivered natural but had help with forceps. However i did have complications with the removal of placenta and ended up having surgery at 6 weeks pp as they left half of it behind after birth and ended up hemorraging at home

Currently dealing with this exact thing. They told me at 20 weeks I had it. Checked at 26 and it’s moved. They should check you again at 32 weeks to be extra sure before birth to allow you to make a final decision. Complete previa won’t go away. But partial will in most cases.

I had it with my 2nd baby and it went away on its own. Had a perfectly normal, fast labour with no complications!

I had complete placenta previa at 16 weeks. Was partial by my 20 weeks and completely gone by 29

My mom had it 23 years ago, was on bed rest for four mo this and delivered naturally :relaxed:

Yup, even scheduled the c-section, they checked me at 36 weeks and it went away, I had a natural birth successfully

This happened with my last baby. I delivered naturally.

I had it with my 2nd baby and it went away on its own. Had a perfectly normal labour with no complications

At my 20 week ultrasound with my son my placenta was in the right place. I had spotting at 34 weeks so after a few days of spotting I went to get it checked. They did an ultrasound and my placenta had moved down. Which is extremely rare. 4 days later I gave birth to my beautiful boy via c section.

Mine went away on its own and I had my son natural no issues

Unfortunately with previa there is no telling sometimes it moves sometimes it doesn’t and sometimes it will move and then move back

Mine went away with my first, as the baby grows it moves up :slight_smile:
Had her naturally on her due date, with no problems x

It does, mine went away at about 28 weeks. There was a bit of bed rest here and there. I kept with the schedule c section bc I had previously had a c section and was higher risk for other reasons.

I had it with my second. It moved. He ended up as a c-section only because he never moved head down into position.

I had it at 20w and it went away. Had a vaginal birth with no issues.

Yes. I had it at 20 weeks but it moved by 36 weeks (no other ultrasound between then). I still had to have a csection but for another reason completely unrelated.

Mine never went away…

I had it and it went away .
Delivered natural and every thing went great

I was told I had it but my OB told me that it usually corrects itself… and it did. Try not to worry too much, mama.
I had a c section but it was because I wouldn’t dilate over 1 cm.

It’s way more likely that placenta previa corrects itself than not. I had a low lying placenta at my 20 week scan too and I’m 28 weeks now, placenta has moved up and everything is fine now.

My first pregnancy I had placenta prévia! I also had gestational diabetes! I went full term, and had him naturally! No drugs given, broke my water, labor and delivery was 5 hours total! A lot of back labor, but nothing I couldn’t handle! My 2nd child my bag of waters burst and I was told I was miscarrying at 16 weeks! After a week in hospital, I went home still pregnant! Lots of bed rest!!

Me! My first baby. I was considered high risk because I went to the Ed one night with bleeding. Thankfully it stopped and I saw an ob soon after. They told me I had placenta précis and considered me high risk. I think it was around 25-28 weeks when I went for an ultrasound and they said it had moved. I did end up having her early at a little before 35 weeks, but she spent no time in the nicu and was a happy, healthy baby. And now she’s a happy, healthy almost 5yr old.

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I had it with my first and it went away.

Mine moved back to normal as well. I had a normal vag birth.

I’m currently 27 weeks pregnant. I had full placenta previa, my most recent ultrasound 3 weeks ago showed it resolved itself. My perinatologist told me that once the placenta moves, it will stay where it moved to. Most cases of placenta previa resolve itself before due date. It was pretty terrifying thinking about it all before it resolved. Just start making plans incase you have to be hospitalized for the remainder of the pregnancy. I pray it resolves for you soon.

I had a low lying placenta and it moved. I delivered vaginally and my baby girl is perfectly fine.

It can go away based on how the uterus grows, and apparently happens quite often because of that. You will keep growing and the placenta will keep moving up. So as long as they can tell on the scan that it moved out of the way then you are fine

Yes. I had it with my 2nd. It corrected itself at like 32 weeks. Normal delivery!

The majority of the time it does go away in its own. I was to have complete previa with both pregnancies and had to have a c section of course, both were premature but they are healthy and happy

Yes actually :heart: I had a placenta prévia right up to 21 weeks, and when I went for my 22 week check up, it had fixed it self.

I was told that I had a “perfect pregnancy”. At 35 weeks, my placenta ruptured and my son was taken via emergency c-section. I lost so much blood that they had to give me transfusions before I could even hold my son because I was so weak.

Mine went away after 4-8 weeks. I had elective c-section anyway…natural isn’t really my thing- but the placenta previa did correct itself.

I had with a twin pregnancy and it did go away. As the uterus grows the placenta can shift. I delivered both twins vaginally and everything was fine with us​:blush::blue_heart:

Placenta moves higher the further long you are

I had one that went away, gave birth naturally with no complications at all.

I had placenta previa throughout my entire pregnancy with my second and then 2 weeks before I gave birth it moved and gave birth naturally luckily my little dude came late though

I had placenta previa with 3 pregnancies it moved out of the way later on with 2 of them the 3rd I had so many complications I just ended up having an early c-section

Yes. I had it with one of mine and it went away in 3rd trimester

Yup I had it at 20 weeks and by 24 weeks it was gone on it’s own I’m 38 weeks and scheduled a c section but I’m also doing a tubal ligation at the same time

It is possible but doesn’t happen for everyone. However if it has moved it should stay that way. Picture your uterus as a balloon. The end of the balloon (neck) would be your cervix. If you drew a dot on the balloon to represent the placenta and then blew it up to represent how the uterus grows in pregnancy you will see how it can move

:raising_hand_woman:It moved away around 23-24 weeks. Gave birth naturally. It was partial placenta previa