Does taking clomid cause twins?

Does Taking Clomid (Clomphine) cause twins? I have Clomid 50Mg & I’m trying for Twins i have 3 kids but want 2 more so i was trying to find a way that causes twins not that i know of, I’ve googled it & it says it does but i wanted to know if anybody had actually ever tried it & ended up with twins? Or any other way that causes twins??


It can but it isnt guaranteed

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It can. But not always.

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I was on it. You have a higher chances

It can, but the % is lower than you’d expect.

I was on it. Had a single pregnancy then second try had twins without clomid :woman_shrugging:

It increases the chance slightly. Still isn’t a high percentage. I ovulated three eggs two different times and both pregnancies were singletons. Having twins really is a crap shoot

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They have a vitamin you can buy to highten your changes of twins

I got pregnant with it first try, 1 baby :blush:

I was on clomid and had twins. But twins also run in my family so I don’t know if that helped too

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I think the chances of having twins may lean more towards genetics than medication. That is, natural twins, anyway.


It can because it promotes ovulation of multiple eggs in one cycle, but doesn’t happen for everyone, every cycle. I did 7-8 cycles and only once did the RE mention a higher chance of multiples on one of the cycles based upon how many follicles became active that cycle

There’s different kinds. Just look up twin fertility supplements


There are simple facts that make you at a higher risk of having twins. 1 is if there are twins in the family already. And other factors such as if you’re tall, if you’re overweight, etc. You should do some research into it xxx

Twins runs deep in my father’s side of the family. They say it skips a generation, however that isn’t true. My Dad’s brother had twins. I have twins. My great grandmother had 2 sets of twins. And it goes back farther than that. I just can’t remember what I was told from that far back.

I got pregnant [1 baby] on the second round! But it does increase your chances tho! I was told only like 13% though

I was on it and got pregnant with twins. Sadly lost one at 9 weeks.


My best friend used clomid for both of her pregnancies and didn’t have twins.

Twins are more likely if there are twins on the maternal side of the woman. My grandmother was a twin, my mother had three children, 2 girls and 1 boy. I had twins so in my case, it did skip a generation. It is not an exact science. There is no way to “try and have twins”.


It’s only a 7-8% chance of twins with Clomid, 2-3% wihout Clomid… so still pretty unlikely. Genetics play a bigger part in having twins. You shouldn’t try to have twins as it can hyperstimulate your ovaries and in result you could have to have them removed then you could never have another baby at all. Hcg injections are what cause high chances of multiples, but due to octo mom and the Kate lady who had sextuplets, doctors a very cautious with hcg injections.


My sister only got one baby

I was on it for 6 months was about to see consultant again and discovered I was pregnant. Only 1 baby though . They do say it ups your chance of having twins especially if they run in the family .x there are twins in my family but was glad there was only one baby she was my third .x

Twins are usually in a family line. Except for IVF pregnancies


Yes it does help multiple births sometimes 2-3-4-5 so be careful? I had twins used clinic one was tubal n other uterine at same time yes 1% of 30 thousand was told that happens to -complicated took my tubal out n six months had uterine baby c section due to scar n surgery at three months!

I was having twins but lost one… I also wasn’t on this and twins do not run in either of our families…

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🤦🤦🤦🤦 is all i can say… Sorry you don’t try for twins at all they just happen… Unless you or partner has them in the family or doing implantation…

I was on clomid 100mg. I’m 35 wks 4 days with a single baby thank Jesus lol

It only increases your chances 5-8 times. But the doctor that prescribed it would have more information for you. If you’re buying it online without a prescription I highly suggest you research the potential side effects. It can be dangerous.

I took Clomid. Got me pregnant my first month. Only with one…(thank God! :sweat_smile:)