Does the IUD make your periods irregular?

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TMI warning:
I just had the copper IUD put in my uterus on June 19th. They did an ultrasound to make sure it was in the right place. My Gyno told me that i would still have periods with this IUD. I’m still cramping and bleeding off and on daily. Is this normal two weeks after insertion? Do any of you ladies have the copper IUD? If so, are your periods regular? Are they bad or are they pretty light? Before this I had pretty regular periods but the cramping and bleeding was really bad. Just wondering what to expect…

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I bled for an entire year NON STOP with that thing. Worst thing I ever tried. My doctor made me wait 6 months to see if the bleeding would stop or not.


I got pregnant twice on it lol :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Regular periods here. Just cramping starts 10 days before period😭

I’ve heard the copper one you get worse periods and bleed a ton. I have the mirena and I’ve had no side effects. But I’ve heard of women bleeding on both for 6 months plus


I had mine removed because I bled heavily everyday for 6 mos

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i have two sons i
put copper iud for a year than took it out and got pregnant with my second. it worked out great for me normal periods no cramping . i think it all depends on a person everyone’s body is different some are good on that iud some not!

I just got mine last month at my 6 week postpartum check up. Slightly bled for 1 day and havnt bled since. Have not had a period yet but I’m exclusively breastfeeding. I had no pain or cramping whatsoever.

I have no issues with mine bleed for a few days after but everything regular after that

I bled for 7 weeks straight. That was enough for me to have it removed!

I also got pregnant on it lol but for the 10 months before that regular periods… just a little bloodier and crampier than normal

Your hormones might just be fluctuating?? Mine came half way out on it’s own :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I would not exclusively use this for birth control

I had mine for a little over a month after a miscarriage. Worst mistake ever. When the dr removed it she said she has never seen clots the size of mine from it.

I had one, periods remained about the same… and I cramped
For roughly 3 weeks after having it put in. I can’t use hormonal birth control so it worked for me

I pulled mine out! The cramping and bleeding lasted for months. I couldn’t do it anymore.

I bleed for awhile after it was inserted. Also had cramping then after awhile I stopped having periods. Got it taken out and got pregnant that day or within a few days prior getting it out. I loved it. Everyone’s different so don’t think you’ll have an experience like everyone else. Your going to bleed for awhile because it’s implanting that’s what my doctor told me.

I just got my second one done a month or so again and I’m still spotting. I had this one a few years ago and don’t remember spotting this long before. It definitely made my periods lighter after a while and I liked having it so just hoping the spotting goes away soon. According to the website and drug info sheet, it can take a few months.

I had heavy periods and then had Mirena put in for 7yrs I had it. It took awhile for my periods to lighten up. When they finally did. They lasted 14 days and were light enough to be annoying but I didn’t want another pregnancy after my daughter. I got it removed in 2017. For the 1st time ever the flow was normal and my cycle only lasted about 5 days. I am now 2 weeks away from my 42nd bday and 33 wks pregnant. Due to insurance issues I wasn’t able to have another put in after I had it removed. Hang in there it will get better, your body has to get used to it.

Take it out! Mine penetrated my uterus. Drs thought I had an ectopic pregnancy so performed surgery for that but much to their surprise it wasn’t.

I didn’t bleed afterward but had worse periods for the first nine months or so. The cramping was worse but only lasted two days. Without the IUD I bleed for 4 days. With it I bled for 7-10 days. I had it for three years.

They say with all birth control that it takes your body 3 months to get used it.

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I had the liletta IUD and I bled for 7 months straight before I was finally able to have it removed

My periods were irregular and heavy bad cramping after intercourse. I removed it after a year. When time to remove it was jammed so took some pulling the doctors and i believe this caused scarring which in turn when I got pregnant right away I miscarried at 7 weeks. I would never do an IUD again

I had the Cooper iud years ago after I had a miscarriage and got into a relationship. I had it for a year,
I would spot for a week before my period have my period then spot for another week. It started giving me pregnancy systems so I had it removed!

I now have Kyleena I got it in April, they say you’re suppose to spot in between periods with it, but I have a period heavier and light it’s more like a heavy spotting that lasts 14 days then nothing till my next period (if you want to call it that)

You just have to give your body time to adjust to it!

I could have sworn copper iuds warband years before I was born.

I had really bad cramps beforehand & for about 2-3 weeks afterwards. I will have had it 2yrs im october & have no period cramps now, but i bleed heavier than i used to. Other than that, no issues & love not having to think about it. I spot the day before my period starts & the day after it stops & have regular cycles that come right on time

I spotted off and on for the first 4 months

I had my first copper IUD for 10 years and just got another one last year. Best birth control method for me. It did seem to make my periods longer, and often with spotting beforehand. Never had an ultrasound to see if it was properly placed, and I wasn’t worried