Does tummy time help with back muscles?

I’m looking for ways to help my 2 month old play and strengthen his back and arm muscles at the same time, any tips?


Put him on is back on the bed let him hold on to one of your fingers on each hand .Then he will try to pull up ,don’t you pull let him do the pulling in time he will be able to pull up good .That will help with the arms and back. :smiley: :heart:

If he hates tummy time on the floor put him on your chest or shoulder and they seem to enjoy it more. Or use a boppy at first! Move his legs in a riding a bicycle motion and lift his arms up down and side to side slowly! It helps them build muscle! Also my son was 2 months when he really started trying to hit the toys/ shakers above his rocker chair! Now I’ll set him on my lap and he’ll go to town kicking my boobs! Also talk to him and smile at him a lot. It engages them to want to do the same!