Does your C-section scar hurt when wearing certain things?

So I’m curious, mamas that have had a c-section, does your scar hurt when you wear certain things like jeans or leggings? Since my c-section the only thing I’m really comfortable wearing is sweat pants and I had it 5 months ago, I feel like a bum wearing sweats all the time, but it just feels irritated if I try to wear jeans or leggings :disappointed: any tips?

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I had one 6 months ago and I’m experiencing the same thing. I can wear jeans and leggings but it does still feel numb and irritated sometimes. I honestly have no advice but just wanted to let you know you’re not alone!

Yes. It’s gotten better now, it has been 9 months. It gets better. My first c-section was was worse for healing wise. I do get pain every once in a while on my scare at random times.
But yes and it will get better. :blush:.

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I had my c-section almost 9 months ago and the recovery for me was horrible. I basically lived in my robe and dress night gowns. It still feels a bit tender if i wear tight pants or take a hot shower but other than that it feels almost like nothing happened. It will get better momma!

I’ve had 2 c sections and dealt with that both times. It will go away. Once in a while I still get a weird sensation around the scar. I dont think there’s much you can do for it. At least I didnt know.

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5 months pp and nothing like that at all from mine. I forget it’s there most of the time. 🤷

I’ve had five c sections it gets better in time… :two_hearts::two_hearts:

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I avoid wearing jeans for the first few months cuz it can irritate your scar

18 momths pp of a c-section and i have the issue of it itching since im losomg weight now its totally normal

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I’ve had 3. 10 years, 6 and 2 years. I still have numb feelings and from time to time it still aches. Especially when they weather changes. It’s something I’ve gotten used to.

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It will get better. But most people will tell you that it can flare up and will always feel funny. There isn’t much you can do about nerve damage. I had one 7 months ago and avoid wearing underwear or pants that rest on it. Im now that mom that I used to make fun of for “hiking” their pants up like Steve Urkle. But it gets pretty comfortable lol.

Try after thirty years ago I’m numb and if I lay or sit in a certain way I get server pain and once fainted when ever I get an ultrasound done and they go over my scar it burns

My last section was 8 years ago and if anything touches my scar it hurts so much. I guess that’s one good thing about having a scar tissue pouch above my scar, it covers it unless I wear undies right on it but I don’t wear stuff that sits directly on my scar.

I’m 7 months pp and its still hard for me to wear normal underwear it hurts like crazy

Only issue I have is no feeling around my scar which I have had two csections so I’m sure it caused some nerve damage but no pain ! Give it some time !

Had csection 18 months ago. Still cant wear tight pants that sit directly on my scar. I can wear leggings if they are high waisted, but Jean’s are a nope

Try high wasted jeans and pants.

I would continue to wear the belly belt underneath over my cut so i wouldnt feel it when i would wear jeans or anything else that would irritate my cut.

I had two emergency c sections 12 and 11 years ago and was left with an over hang as my girls were big babies. I can’t wear any trousers with zips and it still hurts if I knock the scar.

I had mine 4 years ago and it doesn’t hurt but you can’t stretch it or press on it hard. It also itches sometimes. It will get better with time!

No by 5 months it felt fine

No it doesn’t hurt but sometimes it can take over a year to fully feel back to normal.

It’s been a year and a half for mine and it still gets a weird tingly feeling and itchy when I wear certain cloths.


I’ve not buttoned jeans in almost 2 years