Does your spouse kiss you goodbye?

Does your spouse kiss you before he leaves for work? Trying to prove to him that saying goodbye and kissing your spouse before you leave the house is normal…he just says bye and leaves


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Does your spouse kiss you goodbye?

Even if I’m asleep my husband kisses me and tells me bye I love you then when he gets to work he will text me “I love you”


Yep we always do. You never know when it’s the last time.


Literally the ONLY time we kiss. It’s aggravating

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Always even if I’m sleeping

We kiss each other and the baby goodbye. We always have, but now it feels more important because we’re parents; we’re our child’s role model for how relationships look, and I want to model healthy affection.


Always! Even when I’m asleep he will kiss my forehead and tell me “I love you babe”

We kiss each other every time we leave

Yes. Every day unless I’m sleeping :sleeping:

My spouse will wake me up to kiss me good bye and he will tell our new puppy good bye in the morning.

Nope and I don’t do it either
We know we love each other

Always even when I’m sleeping.

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Every time and first thing when he comes home

Yes because with this wicked world it may be the last time.

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Sometimes we kiss and sometimes we don’t. But we always say “I love you”

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Everytime he or I leave we kiss and say I love you

Always he wakes me and if I don’t wake up he still kisses me

No, it’s too early for both of us :joy:

Always!! Sleeping or awake!

Mine does. He leaves for work very early, so I wake up to his kiss goodbye (and promptly fall back asleep lol). :blush:

I get 3 kisses goodbye, hello and whenever we walk into the same room at home… Very normal…

We kiss before we leave out the door to go somewhere and kiss when we return home from somewhere. Also, a kiss before bed every night.

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My boyfriend hasn’t said bye to me in years. He knows not to wake me up. We normally don’t tell each other bye when leaving our house.

Always even if I’m sleeping :sleeping:

yes every morning. when i was pregnant it was both me and my belly that would get kissed. even if he leaves at 7 AM

Mine kisses me every single time I’m leaving, he’s leaving even just to run to the petrol station and back, even if we are going to the same destination in separate cars :roll_eyes: annoying asf when I’m running late for things :rofl:

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I had to verbalize to my other half that I wanted this. He’s not an affectionate person and he’s that way towards his own family so I just put it all out there for him that it was something I needed in a relationship. Sometimes he’ll slack off and things will be dry for a couple weeks at a time but when things aren’t hectic and he remembers he usually does.

Yes, you never know when your last chance for a kiss is so we take every chance. (Together 8 years)

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Every single time. And sometimes he will even come back in the house to kiss me one more time❤️

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Mine sure does
,3 kisses in the morning
,a holler good-bye before the door shuts
and a. I love you text at seven after his ten min break…

I’d be really upset if all I got was a “bye”. You “bye” your friends. You wanna be my friend you can go live in your own house. “Bye” tho :joy:

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We always kiss and say love you when leaving even if it’s just to go to the shops because you never know what could happen so we’ve always done it

Kisses me even when I’m asleep :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Before kids he used to kiss me on the head (I was still asleep). Since kids it’s pretty much stopped. That’s ok though because I probably wouldn’t kiss him if I were leaving first.


Several times before he goes. He even runs back in sometimes for one last cheeky one :kiss: lol

My husband never kisses me he just leaves

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Nope I get a kiss everyday, even if he goes to the store

Yes all the time. Even when he’s just going outside, or to the store.

Every time he leaves. You never know if it will be the last time


Yes always and we been together for 12 years and counting.

Never……but I don’t either……we know we love each other. 25 years and counting

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50/50 and it bugs me when he doesn’t and just up and leaves

My partner always gives me a kiss, in the morning, after lunch, when we get home, before bed. He even gives his step kids a kiss on the forehead before he leaves

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Uh yes and if not then he’s a straight up ass💁‍♀️ we kiss 5 times at the door then tell each other at least 5 more times that we love each other

Yes every single morning before he leaves for work and when he comes home from work. I do the same before I leave for work and when I get in from work.

I haven’t got a kiss for months. Since retirement we’re always togeather . So guess he has forgot what he’s to do. Guess just takes everything forgranted. I tell him thank you please and it doesn’t soak in. Guess that’s his demicia causing it.


Before we leave the house in the morning we kiss and say I love you. Then a txt when whichever one of us gets to work. Then at lunch time to say have a good afternoon. Then a kiss when we get home. But everyone is different :purple_heart:


Yes! And before we fall asleep. We’ve been together 10 years

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Every time he leaves the house

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Yup. We both give each other a kiss whenever either of us leaves for work or wherever and when we get home.

My husband leaves for work at 3:45am while I’m still sleeping. He always kisses me goodbye and tells me he loves me before he goes and I roll over to go back to sleep


My boyfriend and I kiss every morning AND every time one of us is leaving the house

Yup. Hasn’t failed in over 7 years. Every single day. Kiss on the lips and one on the forehead. Whether I’m leaving or he is leaving. And before bed.

Hubs kisses me goodbye even when I’m asleep.

Mine don’t even say bye. He just ups and leaves

Mine still does after 23 years :woman_shrugging::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Nah. If he tries to wake me up he will be in big trouble. :woman_shrugging:t2:

My husband always gives me a kiss and says goodbye before he leaves, even if I sleep through his kiss some days, he still does it regardless.

This breaks my heart. Keep telling him.

Ummm yes I thought that was normal for everyone. If something were to happen to u or ur spouse after they leave than u won’t get that chance again

Yes! Hello and goodbye

When my husband leaves in the morning he kisses me while I’m asleep and text me he loves me when he gets there. I kiss him before I leave for work. Before either of us leaves the house for any reason or goes to bed. Same with the kids.

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My husband and I never part without kissing and saying I love you. It’s working pretty good…40yrs and counting!!!

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Without fail every morning :relaxed:


Yup! Kiss and hug everytime. Even before we go to sleep !

Sometimes but we are both usually running out the door working opposite shifts. Sometimes I don’t even say bye.


Um yes every time. And as soon as we see each other after work.

If he stops by my job. Kiss hello. Kiss good bye

We say I love you every time we leave each other. Or get off the phone with each other

Yes anytime one of us leaves the house, I normally kiss him two or three times, and tell him I love him before I actually make it out the door.

Yes, but it also depends on the person. If he’s not doing it because he’s busy trying to rush out the door then you initiate. If he’s for some reason uncomfortable (yes you can be fine kissing someone in other instances and be uncomfortable before leaving or doing certain activities) then you shouldn’t force it. I knew someone who wouldn’t kiss their husband if he was about to drive. Never knew why until a therapist unlocked that she wouldn’t because the last thing she remembers before her grandpa passing was giving him a kiss on the cheek and he drove off. Her brain unknowingly connected the kiss she gave grandpa before he drove away and him dying even though they weren’t really linked.

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Yes every day, even if I’m asleep. We also tell each other to have a good day every day.

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I get mad af if my man doesn’t

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Yes My Husband Kisses All Our Kids Then Me.


Yes and no… I mean I guess it depends how you guys are… if that’s something you’ve normally done. Me and mine have been together for over 7 yrs now and tbh he usually always kisses me goodbye. I honestly forget and jus go bc I have a million things on my mind lol but when I do think about it I also kiss him goodbye. There for awhile it seemed like we made it normal to not do it … While the first few yrs of our relationship, we wouldn’t skip a beat on it. Relationships change… Ppl change.

If it’s something that you two usually do, like it had always been normal to kiss goodbye… then it should proly still be normal. But if you guys have never been that way, then that is your normal…

I would say… Couples usually kiss goodbye is generally normal tho


Yasss mine leaves at 4:30am a kiss :kiss: is a must :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

He kisses my forehead because I’m usually still sleeping lol.

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Yes most of the time

My husband kisses, hugs me, and tells me he loves me before he goes to work or anywhere else. Not everyone is the same though, some men and women are different when it comes to certain situations.

The majority of the time. If we are seriously in the midst of an argument he’ll say bye I love your evil a** lol. He usually tries to kiss me everytime but we do have some times that it unfortunately doesn’t happen for whatever reason.

I get pissed if he don’t wake me up and give me a kiss :woman_shrugging:


He’d regret if something happened to you and he didn’t give you a kiss the last time he saw you.

Every morning, he kisses and hugs me before he leaves, even if I’m asleep. And he kisses and hugs me when we both see each other after work.

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My fiancé and I work for the same company just different departments. He goes into work a little bit after me so I let him get his sleep and wake him up as I’m leaving the house with kisses :kissing_heart: Our relationship is very different from most :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

13 years together and yes! Every morning! Even if I’m half asleep and don’t remember lol

I’ll be honest. I don’t need that, but I’m lucky enough to have it. My husband ALWAYS does that which is so sweet. He’s always good about kissing me goodbye and hello when he comes and goes. I need attention in totally different ways and could do without that however, I’m aware of the importance and appreciate it as long as he’s putting effort into giving me the attention that I receive better like, seeing something that needs to be fixed and just fixing it, or taking the garbage out, or spending evening time with me talking, being thoughtful and romantic when it really counts. I understand why women want that, but I would soooo much rather bypass the everyday small sentiment and have him do something truly romantic and thoughtful because he misses me and l wants to make me feel like the only woman in the world.


Absolutely I wouldn’t know what to do if he didn’t kiss me goodbye before leaving to go anywhere!

No we didn’t kiss. I’d say have a good day & He’d say love you. It was 4am & all he really needed was his lunch

Yes every day! Usually at least 2 kisses, he will get mad if I leave without one :joy::pleading_face:

My husband kisses me if he’s leaving to go in the next ROOM.

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My guys isn’t allowed to leave unless I get a kiss and huh I’ll chase him down

My husband kisses me all the time even when he walks outta the room

Every time
Our last interaction is always I love you and a kiss. You never know if that’ll be last time you see your partner.

Oh yes he does! And if he forgets, I remind him. Even if he’s already in the car lol

Yes if he’s awake, I don’t bother him if he’s sleeping :slightly_smiling_face:

When i leave the House my Hubby insists i hive him a kiss and tells me he loves me no matter the how long or where im going he says you never know when thats the last time you will see each other life could be gone in a second hope your hubby could understand it that way

Yes, there’s been times where we haven’t… Generally we ALWAYS do.

Yes he always kissed me goodbye (even if I were asleep) and kissed me first thing upon getting home! He is still kissing me everyday even after being together since 1980. 42 years and still kissing.


My bf always did. He’s not big on PDA or affection in general but this he does.

My husband always does and if I don’t he says kiss? And he always tells me he loves me.

Always does but does it every time he leaves the room aslo :woman_shrugging:t2::heart_eyes::joy: