Does your spouse kiss you goodbye?

Almost always kiss and I love yous

Yes!! What if they leave and don’t make it back home. If I left and didn’t make it home I would want my last words to my husband and kids to be I love you. Never know when it’ll be the last time seeing someone

Everytime even if I’m asleep

No. He says goodbye if I’m awake and says, I love you. He only kissed me goodbye if he’s going on a trip.

Always kiss goodbye never know when the last one will be. Don’t leave without I love you becareful an then kiss.

Yes and goodnight as well S saying I love you before bed. Even when I angry with him lol

When he worked outside the house yes he works from home now and doesn’t drive so he doesn’t go anywhere…when I leave the house I kiss him bye though even if I’m just running to get ice at the gas station.

My husband kisses me and then all the dogs goodbye. He tells us all he loves us. He texts me when he gets to work that he made it. He knows I can’t get to sleep unless I know he’s safe.

Didn’t even know my ex was gone have the time for work already :rofl:

Absolutely 40 years now.

Depends if I’m up or not or if I’m close by.

Yes several times lol

Yup every time he leaves even if he is coming right back.

Everyday! even when one of us sleeping or we’re mad or in a rush

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Yes :kissing_heart: every morning and as soon as he gets home

Yep. Now not if we are in the bathroom as either of us leave. Lol

Yeah mine does.
But normal is relative. I don’t kiss him goodbye :woman_shrugging:t4: Depends on a person’s love language too. I wouldn’t take it personally because I know many people who don’t kiss goodbye and they have a great relationship/life.

Uh yeah and if either of us forget it’s a fight, unless someone is asleep

I leave before my hubby wakes up(he works from home), but i also get the kids ready and to daycare. I do not say goodbye to him because i do not have time and it isnt our thing i guess.

Anytime my husband leaves the house, work, groceries, etc. He give me a kiss, says goodbye and that he loves me. I’m a stay at home mom but when I leave the house, for whatever reason, I do the same. Been together 11.5 years.


Yep, for 15yrs and counting. Always say goodbye with a kiss and love you.


Yes my husband kisses me when he leaves and when he comes home so yes it’s normal

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Every-time even if for only 2 seconds.
No matter what kids, goodbye and a I love you
From both

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Been with my man 13 years, we always say goodbye and “I love you” and kiss (usually 2 kisses) before we part ways at any point; but yes, every single day before he leaves for work, too. We also say “love you” to each other at night, before we fall asleep.


Anytime we are not together. Our love language is like the first month of one another being together. Been together for over 3 years now :heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Kiss and I love you. Always.

Yes everytime. :heart: kisses the babies too.

He used to when we were dating. Mf don’t now :unamused:

Everyday even if we are mad or sleeping same when I leave for work

Yes. Even when we are fighting we still kiss goodbye and say we love each other.

Always … I’d be offended if he didn’t lol

My husband leaves at 545-6am and every morning he wakes me up and kisses me goodbye.

He does it’s one of the things I love about him. He always makes it a point to kiss me and the kids

Yep. When he leaves our child and I both get a hug and kiss.

Every morning… he leaves at like 4am so he kisses me on the head if I’m asleep so not to wake me

My hubby never leaves without kissing me be for going to work he wakes me up every morning and kisses me and tells me he loves me…

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Yep!! Even when I was still sleeping :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: he always says love you honey & :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

Every morning even if I’m asleep. Unless I’m sick :joy:And always says I love you before he leaves. Even if just to the shop.


Everyday and he leaves way before sunrise but still comes into our bedroom before he goes and kisses me goodbye.

Chris Burmis Jr. does :kissing_heart::heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Yes, everyday! And he will also kiss my pregnant belly too!

It depends. If I’m asleep, sick, or he’s running late then no. Any other time, yes

Yeah, usually. Mostly when he’s mad. Always when he’s happy. But if he hates me right then says “Fuk you” lmao don’t get kisses that day :rofl:

Yes every morning…I sometimes get a hug and kiss when my other half comes home

Yes, every single day. Even if he is just taking a walk around the neighborhood.

Always and I love you and a kiss goodbye no matter where he or I leave to. You never know what could happen.

Yep! Mine always kisses me goodbye unless I’m still asleep :kissing_heart::two_hearts:

I wake my husband every night as I leave for work to say bye and goodnight (I work overnight). Every morning he stops by my job for a few minutes to get a kiss on his way to work.

It’s important to me. I’m single rn but in a relationship I always wanted a kiss goodbye, what if that was the chance you ever had.

Nah not for years, think it would be more weird for us if he actually did these days :woman_shrugging:t2:

Every morning he will wake me up kissing my face, I wake up because his scraggly beard tickles me​:roll_eyes::joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

Yes wen he comes and he leaves it’s a must for him

Don’t kiss everytime but we do say bye love you when he leaves for work and everytime on the phone. Never know the last time you’ll see someone always tell them you love them. :heart:

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If we are up the kids and myself he will kiss and hug everyone if not he calls the kids on a break… but if those 2 things don’t happen he makes a really big deal of coming home for the kids! They love it

Hes in trouble if he doesnt!! Its a hard yes for me!!

Even after 40 years of marriage my husband still kisses me goodbye and says I love you .

When he wakes up, before he leave, and when he gets home. 22 yrs happily married

I get morning good bye kiss, I love you, and hug then a few I love you texts after he leaves for work

It’s normal in my house to kiss my partner before work same with him it’s normal and with my kids lol they kiss me before they go across the road to play for 30 minutes my 17 year old son still kisses me before bed aswell he’s done this since he was born and not a night goes by where he forgets it’s a normal routine

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Walks me out to my car every night when I leave for work kiss, I love you, have a good night

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Nope we don’t kiss each other when one of us leaves.

I get a kiss goodbye no matter how far he’s going, and if we start talking after and he leaves a few minutes after I demand another kiss. Maybe it sounds childish but the next kiss is never guaranteed.

When he wakes up, before he leaves, when he gets back and when we say goodnight. And in between too.

No, as my Husband starts work pretty early and has a 45 minute drive both ways, plus I use a cpap, so he would have to wake me up. Our children are older now, the youngest is 12, and I don’t work mornings, so in the summer I don’t get up early.

Sometimes he does but not always

Its normal in our house for each of us to kiss each other bye for work

Always even going to the shops if one of us is staying home.

Always. Unless like one of us is sleeping then we kiss on the forehead or cheek

Yes we do, kiss and an I love you… never know what might happen so we always do

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Mine does but you cannot judge a man for not doing so. It is how they are. Each have a different method of showing love.

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Personally my man leaves way too early and we have three going on four kids, if I’m sleeping he better not wake me up just to say bye and give me a kiss :woman_shrugging:t2:

Every single morning​:kiss: even if I’m :sleeping: asleep​:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:31 years happily married :two_hearts:
If it’s something you need tell him. He isn’t a mind reader.

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My boyfriend doesn’t even say bye. He just leaves.

Idk, if he wants to he will. Seems super weird to try to force that…

If you don’t then you marries the wrong person :tipping_hand_woman:t2:

Yep, always. He always says ‘what if you get in a crash or something on your way’. Always wants I LOVE YOU to be the last things said


Yes, just about always, Anytime one of us leaves

I wake up at 4 am to kiss my man goodbye before work every day and then I go back to sleep

My husband always does, even when I’m still asleep, he’ll kiss my forehead before he leaves (even though it wakes me up)

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Sometimes we don’t even say bye :woman_shrugging:t3:

We both work for the ambulance service but all kinds of shifts and often not the same shifts so if one of us is asleep then we don’t. If that happens though we always text to say “I’m at work I love you”

My hubs does every time he leaves for work. If it’s a gas station trip or grocery store not always but always before he leaves for work.

Yup and it’s annoying LOL

Yep shoot I gotta give myn a kiss and say I love you before I get in the shower what if I drowned myself while I’m in the shower I mean I about die like 4 times a day from my own spit so it’s not impossible! :rofl:


We never leave the house without a kiss goodbye, in the morning when I leave, my spouse is asleep, I lean over and kiss him goodbye. When he comes home from work, I’m always in bed already, (he works 2nd shift.) It wakes me up every night (not intentionally) when he gets in bed and kisses me and whispers “goodnight, I love you sweetheart…”

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Always!! Not only for work but anytime we part. Even for a 20 min errand. He always makes sure he does and our kids.

Yes!! Always! Even if I’m asleep he comes and kisses me and tells me he loves me! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I always get 3 kisses. He kisses me once then before leaving the room come and gives me another one. Get to the door to leave and will come back and give me another one then says bye love you. I always tell him drive safe and love you to. We always do it no matter where we r heading.

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My hubby does this all the time​:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::hugs:

Every morning a kiss & an I love you 21 years & counting

Always give a kiss goodbye and most of the time she is asleep and I’ll give her a few hours then text her good morning and to have a good day :heart:

I head to work at 430 I always give 3 kisses and a soft I love you.

Never leave without a kiss and a goodbye. That may be the last time you leave

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Doesn’t he want to kiss you anymore?

Every morning even if im sleeping

Absolutely every time one of us leaves we kiss goodbye and say we love eachother we’ve been married 25 years. Anything can happen and what if that is the last time you see each other?

Most of the time. Sometimes we are both busy and caught with the kids doing stuff so we just say love you bye but most days we kiss. We’ve been together 26 years

Always a kiss good bye, love you and be safe. But perhaps that isn’t how he grew up?

My husband is still in the bed when I leave for work but I do kiss his cheek or forehead before I leave and tell him I love him

Yes. Kiss goodbye, goodnight and bunch in between. 19.5 years married and counting. :blush::heart_eyes:

My husband says bye and kisses me every morning before leaving. Even if i’m still sleeping, he wakes me to say bye. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: