Does your spouse time you when you do something?

Does anyone else’s spouse time you when you guys go somewhere? From getting the kids ready and strapped in there carseat to shopping in the stores and even when you cook. Than they proceed to tell you that you need to go faster.


That is insanely controlling!!! I don’t even want to think of what else this man does that is completely unacceptable and uncalled for.
It’s only going to get worse over time though.


I would have a few choices words for him

Tell your spouse to bugger off. If they want it done faster tell them to do it!

He should do it himself!! That there is some serious BS!!!

Time him during sex and then say he needs to last longer :woman_shrugging:t3::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Ummm… absolutely fucking not.

I’ve delt with this, they could also be timing you so they can cover up what they are doing, not saying this is the case, but he could be either cheating or something and timing you so he can do that but than blaming you for not being fast enough. Definitely red flag either way it’s wrong!

My EX husband used to do this. Not with anything I was doing around the house, but every single time I left the house, he would time me. Going to the store. Going to my moms. Even going to or from work. If I took longer than he thought I should take, I was accused of having an affair. Turned out he was the one cheating and was just deflecting.

Tell your partner that if he doesn’t like how you do things, he’s welcome to do them himself. If he doesn’t wanna do that then he can sit down and shut up!

And that’s when I would go slower. Tell them they can do everything if they think they can do it faster.

Next time he wants some one on one time, get out the old stopwatch!:wink:

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Um… what? No that is not a healthy way to live. You deserve better. Talk about anxiety.

Absolutely abusive behavior. If not stopped now it will only get worse. Please reach out for help.

Ain’t no way I’d ever put up with my man doing this. Major red flags, controlling and insecure

Next time you are critiqued tell them if they helped that would probably speed up the process. :woman_shrugging:t2:

Tell him you have slowed down in life in order to assure that you are putting more into what you are doing. Explain to him that you obviously jumped into marriage with him far too fast to only discover that he is a total jerk that times everything you do. Tell him you have learned to put more thought into your actions now.


tell him to do it himself or shut up or you’ll start timing him in the bedroom

My boyfriend does something like that mainly if I go to the store by myself so I can get away from my kids for like 20 minutes. The only reason my boyfriend does that is cuz he don’t want to get after our kids. I’m with my kids 24/7 no break. If I don’t answer his calls he will text me then call he will do that non stop till I answer.

Other than making comment that something was faster/slower than expected or racing against the time on the gps or the amount of time I said something would take, no

Tell him to give it a shot and you time him

His watch would be up his azzzzz…and that would be done faster than he could ever imagine I could move…shazaaaam