Easter ideas for toddlers?

What are some good easter egg fillers for toddlers besides the obvious candy :candy: :candy: :candy:


We used temporary tattoos, coins for piggy bank, stickers, little dollar store toys.


Coins and yogurt melts

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Goldfish. Fruit snacks


Animal crackers, I found sidewalk chalk egg shaped at the dollar store, fruit, and my kid LOVES stickers!

Goldfish, yogurt melts amd raisins

Quarter, then add em all up and they can save or buy their own toy

Puffs yogurt melts goldfish

Puffs, goldfish, yogurt melts,

Bubbles. Clothes and sandals. Bathing suits.

Quarter, then add em all up and they can save or buy their own toy

Books of any kind, bubbles, side walk chalk, stuffed animals

Not money. They’re a choking hazard.


this is when my son was almost 2

Stickers, tattoos, money

Stickers, coins, tattoos

Playdough and pretzels for snsck

I order profiled eggs on amazon with little toys in it


Fruit snacks, stickers, temporary tattoos, balloons, bubbles, and we always do one small toy and an outfit

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Not an idea for stuffing eggs, but I saw a cute idea somewhere that said to let the kids plant jelly beans in some dirt and water them, then before they go outside the next day for easter egg hunt, stick cute lollipops in the dirt where u planted the jelly beans. Itll look like they grew for easter


Goldfish, raisins, ink stampers, stickers.

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Stickers, temporary tattoos, finger puppets

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Coins, little dollar store toys, bubbles, stickers, tattoos, eraser

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Stickers, stamps, snacks, tattoos

My daughter loves stickers and stick on tattoos

Easter egg fillers?
Finger puppets?

For eggs: stickers or tattoos, change, little spin tops or other small toys you can normally buy assorted packs of things like that at Walmart in the party section.

Toys, sometimes just the eggs themselves are fun

When I was young my parents would put numbered peices of paper in the eggs and the numbers would correlate with items that don’t fit in eggs such as books, stuffed animals etc


We’re doing a couple animal crackers or cheese its in each egg…those are his two favorite things

Rain boots play doh new swim gear or summer outfit, new sandals, sunglasses or sun hat , sand toys, beach towel, hair bows for girls new toothbrushes!! Bubbles, kids umbrella, pjs

Bubbles, stickers, chalk, crayons, coloring books, fruit snacks, raisins, goldfish, play dough

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My family did confetti an got to break it over peoples heads!

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I sent my grands books, silly string, stickers, fun band aids, bath tub crayons.

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Books, bubbles, small water guns, cars, crayons and coloring books, chalk, umbrella and rain boots, goldfish crackers, fruit snacks, hairbows, barbies, baby dolls, nerf guns, action figures, sunglasses, pool toys, bathing suit and beach towel, goggles, themed baskets like Paw patrol, Unicorns, etc. Go to the dollar store! :blush:

You gotta have bubbles, squirt guns, Color books and crayons, playdough… Pretty much just go down the Easter/ toy aisle at the dollar store

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Yogurt drops , puffs,

Hot wheels, stickers, small dinosaurs

Coins, rings, play dough, summer items, chalk,movies, coloring book and crayons, stuffed animal, bubbles,toys, books

I got my son a cute pastel piggy bank for his basket and I’ll be putting coins in most of his eggs. I bought a few larger plastic eggs that I’m putting toy cars and lego people in.

Idk about egg fillers but if ur looking for alternatives in baskets… I made “spring” baskets with things for their ages… little ones got beach/sand castle stuff/swimmies etc… older ones got bathing suit/sunglasses/sunscreen etc…

If you get larger eggs you can do small toys like matchbox cars, bubbles, stickers or tattoos or even money if they have a piggy bank.

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Cheese balls or puffs, crackers, cereal, little cookies.

Stickers, bouncy balls, tiny bubbles, a small stuffed animal