Ever have a week where everything is just messy?

Ever had a week where everything is just a mess? The house, car, kids, schedules, work, feelings, and relationships. How do you manage it? Do you fight or flight? This week I’m certainly not fighting anything but to get my pillow more comfortable. Which obviously makes my mental health worse because, let’s face it, mom is the glue to all those things. What do you do to feel better about just NEEDING to have a break and let complete disorganization unfold for a couple days?!


Let it go let it go. Need inspiration just listen to this song lol . But seriously . It’s one to take it day by day sometimes . The fear of it getting out of control is real. But again it’s Covid

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I’ve been that mom to step out for a good 10 minutes. As long as I get a bit of time to myself to recollect, I’m good. Music during a quick shower does wonders. Getting some outdoor air works too. Just simple things that make you look at life in a better way. Messy days are hard, but you don’t have to be hard on yourself. <3


I do self care. Like walk hot bath

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